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  1. I always try to book a hotel with a gym! Some may think this is sad but since lifting is something I enjoy why not do it while away?
  2. Tren and other progestins make may temporarily lactose intolerant. I used to have the same problem but it was quickly solved by switching to whey isolate and by dropping dairy from my diet.
  3. Just over 5 years here.
  4. Stand the vial in a cup of boiling water for 10 min then mix. Should go back into solution.
  5. Clen no but Eph yes. It shows up as a false positive for methamphetamine. Just take the packet with you and say you have a cold on the day of the test.
  6. I completely stopped using Predator Nutrition a few years ago after a number of similar bad experiences. There are many more reliable companies out there with far better customer service.
  7. Tren and other progestins can cause lactose intolerance; one of the symptoms being the bloated full feeling. Try switching to whey isolate and cutting out dairy. Worked perfectly for me.
  8. How long does it take to have them done? Do they provide a spare set of wheels while they are working on yours?
  9. The difference between a gig and doing cardio is environmental temperature. It is not a good idea to take DNP in hot conditions (I am assuming the gig was inside and the venue warm) since this makes temperature regulation far harder for the body. Cardio can be done in a much cooler environment... There is nothing wrong with gaining weight, it is due to the usual water retention while on DNP as you state. When I run DNP I also run 3-5g Vitamin C which for me helps reduce water retention massively.
  10. I have two cats and they regularly disappear for a few days at a time. I wouldn't panic until he has been gone at least 3 days mate. I know that will be hard to do though...
  11. Watched this last night. Its both recent and pretty brutal. All in all a good watch.
  12. The Invitation is good, more thriller than horror though.
  13. Would probably have been under CCTV/Cam of some sort.
  14. Yep, still alive. Midas Touch turned out to be under-dosed rubbish. Tried a burn test like this ; Taylor made burned well and Midas Touch would not even ignite.
  15. Low dose Test with Deca. Deca is very mild on the hairline.
  16. Make your own?
  17. Yes, those are the ones. I have some older TM caps to use up first but will report once tested.
  18. So I bit the bullet and ordered some Midas touch... Will do a burn test soon to see how it compares to Taylor made.
  19. Would love to hear if anyone has used this yet. Interested in trying myself but would like to learn from others experiences.
  20. Planning a new cycle of Sustanon and Deca. What ratio of Sust:Deca do people recomend? I was thinking of running 625mg Sust: 500mg Deca.
  21. DNP is relatively stable but may be susceptible to decomposition by UV radiation. Store in a cool dark place.
  22. Me too for the adult lounge please
  23. This I did not know. However taking a copy of the UK guidelines back to the Dr may trigger a referral.
  24. The UK guidelines for TRT candidates state "Patients with a serum total testosterone level below 8 nmol/l will usually benefit from testosterone treatment" (taken from This would suggest you are indeed a candidate for TRT.