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  1. Me too for the adult lounge please
  2. This I did not know. However taking a copy of the UK guidelines back to the Dr may trigger a referral.
  3. The UK guidelines for TRT candidates state "Patients with a serum total testosterone level below 8 nmol/l will usually benefit from testosterone treatment" (taken from This would suggest you are indeed a candidate for TRT.
  4. Cabergoline - 0.5mg every 3 days for a few weeks should knock it right down.
  5. Did you run HCG during your cycle?
  6. I agree, this looks pretty normal.
  7. Save it for the bridge between your last jab and PCT. A test dose that high could take 3-4 weeks to clear (depending on the ester).
  8. Boiled eggs last for a week when stored in the fridge.
  9. Having a cheat day once a week where you eat whatever you like is a better option.
  10. Where did you go to get the test done?
  11. Dont force it, just leave the flap open and let them find their own way.
  12. HCG

    @Pscarb can probably give good advice here. Edit* how do I get a tag to work?
  13. Yes, pulling air out will normalise or negatively pressurise the vial. I personally would not do anything that could compromise sterility when in the long term it doesnt really matter.
  14. Its a good venue, in the city center. Only issue is car parks near the venue are really expensive and fill up early when a big gig is on. How far are you traveling? I personally dont drive into town these days, tend to park in Wilford and get the tram in. Its cheaper than car parking and usually quicker than driving.
  15. The opposite is true. By adding the dilutent you have positively pressurised the vial. This should not be a problem but will cause the effect you have seen.
  16. You would get much better results running 500mg Sust and 500mg Deca a week...
  17. Oh, I have to admit I only skim read this and misunderstood. Thanks for pointing that out.
  18. HCG when used without AAS will cause a spike in natural test. This results in an increase in oestrogen if no AI is used which can cause gyno. So he is half right - use of HGC can indirectly cause gyno due to the test spike.
  19. I have this and it works a treat. Cheap too.
  20. This could also be a sign of an enlarged or swollen prostate. I would suggest getting down the Dr sharpish.
  21. This... I use an EZbar and set it up on my bench for curling.
  22. Buy an ice cream maker and make your own using whey and milk.
  23. Mix your own - it's loads cheaper and you can blend to your own taste
  24. This.... Also many Uni students are on the summer break making it even quieter. Things will pick up in September
  25. The fish oil should be stored at low temperature or it degrades. B complex should be stored at 25oC or it degrades. The rest which I believe are dry powders, pills or dry capsules should be fine.