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  1. That fish looks great! Would love to get that in the oven for dinner.....lurrrrve fish....
  2. Sending best wishes and keeping all fingers crossed for you.
  3. It was rather lovely, unlike the way I looked coming out of the gym.....red sweaty face, and ummm...hehe...pretty much everything else! One big puddle of sweat squelching back to my car...very ladylike I'm sure. It reminds me of that famous quote from Shakespeare..."I stink, therefore I am". I mean, that was the quote wasn't it? Or maybe not.. I love to people watch when I have time, wondering what their stories are and thinking ..ummm...ummm...stuff... Anyhow, have a great weekend Sir, and mind those blimmin' alligators in your back yard!
  4. I did gym today and I had stop early as I was soooooooo hot I was literally swaying around like a drunk! When I got out of the shower I thought.."mmm nice and cool now" got my t shirt on and booom! Instant sweat....Phew....better a smaller workout than not all I think. 22.6km in 35 mins....prrrrrretttty good Ming. You must have felt kerrrnacked in this heat. Hope u get r plates. X
  5. Early morning trot along the seafront, coffee on a balcony watching the sea and mad dogs and owners running round, food shop, gym where I sweated my own body weight I think....pea and prawn risotto in the garden with a glass of Gavi. Very civilised dontchya know... tomorrow, another prom toddle early, luv the sea...the sound of the waves crashing in, the cormorants (not sure of spelling) winging across the waves...fab. Light gym session, professional massage afterwards, yayeeeee... general lounging about or the rest of the day. Work Monday, booooo, but the boss buys us all iced lollies on hot days, hurrr hurrr....
  6. I'm at the same gym, but I asked for a fitness test so I could gauge where I am. I did other stuff too. My strength is down massively but I can improve on that. One of the guys I used to train with has added me to his family gym membership so I can go and do sauna, steam room if I want, wahaaayyeeeeeeee......I've bought a mahooosive towel to wrap round me as I'm not a fan of getting my bod out, and it's a little larger than normal just now. Luckily, I have really small fingers and toes?...both of which I can poke out from the towel thereby confusing the locals into thinking I'm just wearing a padded towel? i....I....think that will work for a few weeks....ahem.........
  7. Hey there Quacks.....I am indeed alive...alas my six pack, which I never actually had to start with has died....gawwwwwn, gawwwwwwn, gawwwwwn......ETA to gym and proper job training? A couple of weeks....currently following the much applauded willy nilly stylie in the gym to ensure I don't face plant on the first day in. Have already chucked myself off the treadmill, a la the bouncing bomb with legs....ahem....luckily, I am fully padded and no permanent injury was done....althooooooooo.....I may have given a few people rib ache from laughing...humph.... see you around.
  8. You are welcome. I thought the redhead would add extra spice.
  9. Hey there BB, I might start one, not so sure at the mo. I've been back at the gym about a week and a bit. I'm on a slow burn for the next two weeks, then planning to start push pull legs routine, no big weights, but not tweeny ones. I guess I could do a weekly dribble on my gym visits....ya know....like last night when I had to do a fit test (snicker snicker) and threw myself backwards off the treadmill with great gusto....oh yes...''twas a beautiful thing, like a bouncing bomb with legs straight across the mats......... and.......and....Gummi bears don't work for you? I'm flubbergusted....(see what I did there?....yes it's true, I have my own language....cough....)....it's prolly a good thing as I would like to corner the gummi bear market myself.... ps...stick with the white locks, its distinguished....look at Gershwin, a right 'ainsome geezer if there ever was one, not to mention Lord Ming, I do think you are all three very lovely. If I don't answer you on anything it's cos I'm having trouble signing in theses days. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.... take care you and hope the fam are all well.
  10. Ooooooeeeeeerrrrrrr.........ouch.......I think a good supply of purple and red gummi bears would work wonders....works for me...but then I am special..?
  11. There you goooo......
  12. 30km not to be sniffed at.....I started back today, felt like I had never stepped foot in a gym...humph...ah well, it's a start. Estimated sight of my own feet again?....a while.....lol
  13. I like Jura, Laphraoig and I was recently given a balwinnie? Or Something like that, it was verrrry quaffable indeed.
  14. Pps.having huuuuuge problems logging in, so if u ask me a question and I don't answer for a while, it's cos I can't log in. X