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  1. I train when I'm on hols but the nature of my activity changes. More walking, swimming than weights and pushing sleds and tyres... although when I went to Cyprus last year the gym was magnificent and I rained every morning followed by a swim in berrrluddie gorgeous swimming pool followed by a sauna and steam until looked like a prune.....then mahoooosive brekkie and a snooze in the garden ....hehe....
  2. Hello there, thank you, hurrr hurr.... Hey Gershwin, thank you. I'm having terrible trouble signing in, every time I try to get it it says my password is wrong, I request a new one and it says I'm not waiting for one...ffs......I've emailed the contact thing to ask for help but no reply. It's a real pain in the butt. Takes me longer to get in than it does to type any messages. Don even know if this message will go in as I've been getting a message saying...problem your message..,blah blahhh......humph and bugger. if this does post, Gershwin and Uk2USA...hope you are both well and happy at the mo. I had some laughs in this thread when it used to run regularly, even though the meanies visited to, to...well to be mean really...haha....it was still fun at times...to all in this thread....we're down but not out right? Wahayeeeeeee.............?.
  3. Is that the new one? Gawwwwwwwgus......but I also lurrrrrv the sky blue one too.....beautiful design this one though. Great choice and good luck for the weekend.
  4. I'm still here too....vaguely.....Currently imbibing in my usual Friday night glass of something, tonight being a cold glass of Chablis. Yum...
  5. Thank you BB. Ive had a rough patch in some ways,but back at the gym, taking things slowly. I see you came second in the comp.....wahayeeeee....x Wishing you well keeks, looking forward to seeing how you do this weekend, goooooo gurrrrrrrrrrrrlllllll. X ps. Also sorry for hijack.
  6. Congratulations Keeks. Dedication paying off for you again. Well deserved and a beeeeaaauuuuuuutiful bikini. Noice.....noice...
  7. Hey flubs hope all is well with you x 

  8. Hey there Dirk, just checking in quickly. Great news for your mam, and for you too...as she is your mam. Hope you're settling in nicely to your new home now. Is us working out well for your daughter? Space and mobility etc? Hope so. Take care mister..x
  9. Hi Ming, just in to catch up on "my boys" ?.......brilliant news about the sm, what a fab lady.....and your training is looking good too. Hope you work out your plan, will look forward to seeing what you decide. Have a great weekend, take care. X
  10. Hey there BB. You've been having an interesting time haven't you? It's hard to suddenly change all you have been doing, but......better to do that and keep your health right? Take care mister....you will still look fab....x
  11. Hi Ian, just in to wish you well for your tests. Thinking of you and glad you had a lovely holiday. X O.
  12. Sorry to hear about your shoulder BB. Must be frustrating and painful, but don't push it too much. When my left shoulder got nobbled I couldn't train it for about 5 months....booooooo........would hate that for you. My journal went to journal heaven. I have a mahoosive curve ball to deal with. I'm still training but journaling will have to wait A bit. I'm still reading now and again etc. Will be back in a bit. Thanks for asking, much appreciated. and........don't give up on your training cos you look great. You/we just have to adjust when these things happen right? X
  13. .........cough...... Hurrr hurrr... i remember one time I was being caned on the back of my legs and the tutor said he wouldn't stop until I was sorry for being naughty, and being the person I was and still am, I just stood there, no crying, no apologising, just being slapped with the cane whilst I stared at him. He had to stop eventually. I did get the worst end clearly as I had huge weals on my legs, i did actually walk off to to the loos afterwards and cried myself into a puddle cos my legs hurt so much. I was small when I was a child and it hurt. Now of course I'm a MASSIVE 5'2"....... And I can floor a person twice my size if I wish, so you could say he fuelled my desire to learn how protect myself. thank you to that tutor. I hope we never meet cos you are an A class t**t and a bully. Excuse my language.
  14. I was caned on a regular basis when I was at school, and in detention too. I do not think caning is a good thing, or any other type of physical punishment for kids.