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  1. Hi, has anyone used proviron from Thailand? it's Bayer, so should be pharma but I normally use Bayer proviton from Greece and they come in boxes of 20 tabs. Not sure if there are any counterfeits but these Thai proviron come in boxes of 100 tabs which I've never seen from Bayer. Thanks, much appreciated.
  2. looks nothing like a bodybuilder? Jesus wept! He's 6ft6 btw. Only difference between him and most bodybuilders. His first fight he was 230lbs, fast forward a year, he was 250lbs. 20lbs muscle (not just weight) gain is a bit hard to believe to be natty
  3. 19-nors are progestins, I mentioned nothing about prolactin. Depression has never been proven to be universal side effect of elevated prolactin regardless, you can have high prolactin and not suffer from depression. sexual sides have been proven to be a universal side effect though in men
  4. remind me when to laugh mate.
  5. I'm guessing you're the exception to your race then? ....jk!
  6. To be fair mate, common sense should tell you that a fair study with minimal variables to determine this would be impossible to perform! not to mention unethical
  7. I wanted to ask you the same question but already knew the answer.
  8. How on earth would you know that without seeing his blood work or knowing of his usage history to rule out the issue being a physiological/hormonal one??
  9. a simple google search will tell you! but the deca hasn't cleared and likely the progesterone effects are lingering as a result. Having said that, the right Test to 19-nor ratio wouldn't have caused a problem to begin with. Increase your test for the time being and keep A.I use minimal (only enough to prevent gyno) or switch to an SERM instead. Most of the time, sexual probs come from overuse of A.I's and decreasing estrogen too much.
  10. People from the same race have different traits and genes also in case you didn't know! lol But race doesn't determine those traits, personality/upbringing does.
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=86AdGQk7OF4 Deluded.
  12. with the character's name being Motoko Kusanagi, it's a bit hard to hide the fact she's Japanese, regardless of your opinion of how the artists made her look for one of the animated movies. Anyone who isn't a fan of the manga series or Anime in general would probably not have heard of this, you're right. But it stands to reason that they therefore had more reason to stay true to its origin as many who would be queuing up for this are likely to be fans of the original manga.
  13. terrific.
  14. the people responsible for casting her should bear the brunt of the blame. Its a hugely iconic and legendary role, can't blame Scarlett Johannson for taking it. But with so many awesome Japanese and Korean actresses available, it's ridiculous that they chose to ignore them. Ghost in the shell is legendary, the movie would have done extremely well even with a lesser known name to the western public in the lead. Zoe Saldana playing Nina Simone is another slap in the face.