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  1. Tonight's fun...nothing special as battered from a long weekend and lack of proper food.
  2. No worries bro, apriciate the concern.
  3. Many many years ago. That was my first time on a bag in 16 years haha. I've got my client Paul Taylor who was the UCMMA heavyweight champ coming in later to do some pad work with me so we can see how robotic I really am haha.
  4. It's okay....I used to box and the bag is light as fook.
  5. It's actually my pecs that felt it the most. With the narrower grip with a long arm there is actually contrary to belief less triceps activation and greater pectoral activation.
  6. Never hurts to try both. Your structure and stength distribution will determine where is best for you.
  7. Tonight's fun and games. Strength leveling out now so it's time to really build it back up.