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  1. 47 is NOT old. I started at 42 with sust 250mg/wk and 400mg/wk deca and used pretty high doses and harsher products on later cycles with no issues. Now, based on what I've learned by "experiment" (it's all experimental, right?), I suggest test, eq, var. That's a good slow quality gainer, not particularly harsh if you are not impatient with limited estrogen and water retention issues. This is a point because older men typically have increased estrogen naturally. Test e or c 300-500mg/wk, eq 400-60mg/wk, var 50mg/day. Run that 12 to 16 weeks and you'll be a happy old dawg. You could use tbol instead of var for 2 reasons. It suppresses SHBG which means more free test and it's cheaper then var. But then again, you need more tbol than var so it nearly evens out costwise.
  2. well, how long does it keep, mixed, even refrigerated?
  3. From " The mild nature of Oral Turinabol makes it very appealing but there is another trait that greatly enhances its worthwhile. This steroid has the ability to significantly reduce Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG). It doesn’t carry this ability as strongly as a few other steroids but it is still more than notable. This reduction in SHBG allows for more active and available free testosterone. Perhaps more importantly, it keeps the other steroids you may be using from falling into a bound state. Basically the individual should be able to get more out of the other steroids being used without a need for increasing the dose simply due to the synergy created by Oral Turinabol. " Now, just to enjoy confusing you :), there is an injectable version of methyltren. Supposedly milder on your liver than oral, according to one guy I know who loves it.
  4. Yes, that is my experience. I wouldn't say don't take it if you have a reason to try it. It depends on your goal and this is one steroid that just isn't for everyone.
  5. Anavar is considered to be low toxic and minimal HTPA suppressive. But I think that is a lower doses like 50mg and under. At 100mg, I believe it's got to have some higher side effects, since steroids are not essentially benign, especially in the higher doses many use. Logically, the best way to deal with that would to not be on too long.
  6. I know power lifters and crossfitters using this stuff for strength with no weight gain. I found it isvalso good for short periods of cutting. I saw pleasing results in 3 weeks at the end of a test/tren cycle. A lot of guys say 3 weeks is the max time you want to run this due to hepatotoxicity.
  7. I run tren and dbol together with no problem. I limit the dbol to 30 or 40mg. As far as I can tell over the years, I have not been prone to estrogen issues. Everyone is a little different.
  8. As if steroid users aren't already low hanging fruit for LE. Are some of us just blindly stupid or intentionally stupid enough to bring the house down on everyone? Use common sense. Jeeez.
  9. From what I've been told by other SD users, the fullness fades after the cycle. Understandable, but did SD give you any mass you were able to keep?
  10. Thanks for the reply, BULK. I think I'll try SD for as long as I can do it, max 4 weeks, then take a short break and move over to anavar.
  11. I've used anavar before in stacks. BULK, why do you prefer Sdrol? I was leaning toward anavar because of 2 reasons: there are studies showing it induces lipolysis and it is one of the few steroids that causes some increase in IGF-1 production. I don't think Sdrol directly induces lipolysis nor stimulates IGF-1 (from what I've read... I could be off-track on these).
  12. For a lean mass gaining stack, which is more effective, anavar or superdrol? From the reading I've done, it both are DHT derivatives, bind SHBG, and have similarly high anabolic and low androgen ratios.
  13. I know the fast-acting insulins peak faster than the medium-acting ones, but do they peak higher? Would 5iu of a fast-acting insulin like humalog be more potent than 5 iu of a medium-acting insulin like humilin-r?
  14. I find my maximum tolerance dose for tren of any ester is 400mg. I don't see a reason to use less test than that in a stack, and have had good results with the test up to 750mg. Just for discussion, if tren is 5x stronger, than it actually makes sense to me to have higher test in the stack. I don't believe tren alone is the way to go. I usually add dbol or anavar to the stack.
  15. Anything that activates the GABA receptor. Things like valerian root, passion flower, etc. (you can google a list). GABA itself, even GHB (but it's illegal). All of these cause the synaptic activity between brain neurons to slow down.