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  1. How does SD/deca sound for a bit more mass increase?
  2. I did it a bit in my 20s and never regretted it. I hoofed it around Mexico. Then I held corporate jobs and such and it all stopped. I began again much later in life with vacations to off-beat places. Finally, out on my own, I picked it all up and left the US for Europe (to live, and rarely look back) plus travel to many many places as I desire. The one thing I think I've gleaned is that it would be best if you have someone close to travel with. I am not sure I'd recommend someone with whom you are in relationship - due to normal stresses and ups and downs - but someone who is a tried and true friend (which, yes, could be a relationship partner).
  3. It is very popular with power lifters and cross-fitters. Immense strength without bumping up to the next bodyweight class. Just ask the Greek national lifting team which got dumped from the Olympics because of it.
  4. I'd be a little cautious with clen and not overdo it (that's a relative term, of course). There seems to be some evidence is negative for the heart. Like all the stuff we take, it's best to read up and be educated. In fact, that's what I like about this forum - there are a lot of very intellectually curious people here.
  5. How come injectable masteron doesn't give such insane results?
  6. I'd shop around for a more open-minded, if not sympathetic, and educated! doc. Ask you BB friends who they see; look for a doc who works with athletes (cuz we know they are all super-clean).
  7. Yes, I was talking about LR3. Increlex is way out of my price range. When I win a lottery one of these days, it would be interesting to try.
  8. So about a 10% difference. Not vitally significant except for huge doses. (Sorry if my math is off. I was a D student in that. Ask me anything about arts, literature, or languages though .)
  9. This is really two questions. I have normally been using GH pre-bed with the goal of aiding mass accumulation, but is PWO any better for that? I also intend to add IGF-1 in. Following a line of thought from the old datbtrue forum, I'll use it the following morning, though I know some guys use it pre-bed (to not interfere with PWO MGF production) or PWO. But, just to know, can you take the GH & IGF1 at the same time?
  10. I am partial to NOW Liver Detoxifier and Regenerator. It has NAC in it, plus other good things. But NAC alone is great, too.
  11. I agree, but nevertheless, with the shorter ester, you are getting more test than with cyp/enan on a mg per mg basis. How much more is a good question.
  12. Weird, I almost never get PIP but if I do, it's random. However, one of my close friends who competes in Germany has tried a lot of brands and swears the only TP that doesn't hurt him is Novocrine. Everyone is different.
  13. Calves? No f**n way. Oww. Oww. Oww. Unless you've got a lot of meat down there. My calves are small and tight.
  14. Don't let your teen angst get the better of you. You definitely gain a lot naturally (guaranteed!!) by 21 if you do all the right things - food, smart training - which you are apparently doing. Your growth spurt is yet to come. Be patient, young Jedi.
  15. My plan was 10mg am & pm for 4 weeks. Plus about 500 test enan & 350 tren enan. I stay away from big dose cycles as I think sides can outweigh benefits. I thought about test/deca/sd, but ... I just love tren results and if the SD helps with a bit more mass if I bump up the carbs, then yay!