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  1. From what I've been told by other SD users, the fullness fades after the cycle. Understandable, but did SD give you any mass you were able to keep?
  2. Thanks for the reply, BULK. I think I'll try SD for as long as I can do it, max 4 weeks, then take a short break and move over to anavar.
  3. I've used anavar before in stacks. BULK, why do you prefer Sdrol? I was leaning toward anavar because of 2 reasons: there are studies showing it induces lipolysis and it is one of the few steroids that causes some increase in IGF-1 production. I don't think Sdrol directly induces lipolysis nor stimulates IGF-1 (from what I've read... I could be off-track on these).
  4. For a lean mass gaining stack, which is more effective, anavar or superdrol? From the reading I've done, it both are DHT derivatives, bind SHBG, and have similarly high anabolic and low androgen ratios.
  5. I know the fast-acting insulins peak faster than the medium-acting ones, but do they peak higher? Would 5iu of a fast-acting insulin like humalog be more potent than 5 iu of a medium-acting insulin like humilin-r?
  6. I find my maximum tolerance dose for tren of any ester is 400mg. I don't see a reason to use less test than that in a stack, and have had good results with the test up to 750mg. Just for discussion, if tren is 5x stronger, than it actually makes sense to me to have higher test in the stack. I don't believe tren alone is the way to go. I usually add dbol or anavar to the stack.
  7. Anything that activates the GABA receptor. Things like valerian root, passion flower, etc. (you can google a list). GABA itself, even GHB (but it's illegal). All of these cause the synaptic activity between brain neurons to slow down.
  8. Deleted. I changed my mind about this one.
  9. A lot of users feel masteron does a similar job at a lower cost.
  10. Normally I use NaCl .09% water for gh and peptides because it is easy to buy at pharmacies. Is there a better choice, such as AA or bac water, especially for IGF-1?
  11. Well, if you can get here cheaply, which is possible with CryinAir and SqueezyJet, do it. Anyone (excluding a friendly pharmacy) from here who sends to you will want a little sumthin-sumthin over the retail price for the effort. Plus, if you come after March, you'll appreciate our non-UK weather and the ever-healthy mediterranean diet (except for souvlakis with french fries. They put french fries with everything, in fact).
  12. technically they aren't supposed to overcharge you. however, in violation of the law, they often don't give receipts to tourists so they (the pharmacies) can evade the VAT. Tax evasion here is more than a game, it's a way of life.
  13. TRT is what your doctor recommends to bring you testosterone levels to a normal range for a healthy natural male. In my case, off gear I am at 150 which is half the minimum for the normal range. My doc put me on enough testo to bring it up to 800. For me, that's 180 to 200 mg every 10 days, basically forever until the next evaluation. I understand cruising to be a bridge between blasts that lasts 4 to 6 weeks. When I cruise, I inject weekly and a lower dose, as I understand the idea of it is to maintain a minimal amount of testo, not a full normal load. if I am wrong about that, please correct me.
  14. Gov't mandated Greek prices: Νοσοκομειακή τιμή : (hospital price) 2,18 € Χονδρική τιμή : (wholesale price) 2,51 € Λιανική τιμή : (retail price) 3,45 € Πηγή: Γαληνός Οδηγός Φαρμάκων