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  1. How do you use it as it is in millgrams not IUs.
  2. I tried Global Anabolics. I had extra strength immediately. Didn't run it long enough to see what it can do beside that. I suddenly had to come off everything for a bit to get some medical tests done.
  3. Here in Greece, pregnyl was withdrawn from the market. However there is a replacement starting to show up called ovidrel from Serono. It comes in 250mcg and 500mcg pens. They don't seem to calibrate in IUs. Has anyone used it? What would be the equivalent of 500iu pregnyl?
  4. I found that genotropin 3iu per day gave me noticeable fat loss after 12 days. I wish I could afford it again. On the other hand, GH is the most expensive way to lose fat that I can think of .
  5. Basically a nice cycle, though I prefer ED with tren ace and run it all 6 to 8 weeks, rather than stagger it. The tren and test are fast-clearing anyway. I don't see the need for aromasin or caber, especially at those doses, unless you develop a problem. Arimidex maybe if you are trying to reduce estrogen, but again, these are low-ish doses. I'd add T3 and clen, as well.
  6. It's normal. Among other things, you store visceral water which contributes to the beachball look.
  7. If you use 600mg eq, be sure to use enough test and/or proviron to counter the dive in your sexdrive.
  8. I am wary of online. First, you don't really know the source which has it's own set of problems. Second, if you are buying from outside your country, you can be more easily ripped off unless it's by referral. I only buy from people I know or from people whom I know know. That said, sending from the US or EU into UK is simple enough. I think from EU is better because of the pre-Brexit customs union. Pretty much nothing is examined. And because it's intra-EU, no customs declaration is needed, as is from the US. Though you won't be doing this - going from UK to US can be difficult, though, unless the sender knows what he's doing. My third reason for avoiding internet sales is that most of the sites (except the secret ones) are all known to law enforcement and that's not good for buyers. I want to add something about customs checks. It's simply not possible for customs to check all incoming mail. There is too much volume and they don't have the money, manpower or technical resources to do it. In the end, some of it is by gut-feel on the part of the inspectors. My guess is that under 10% of mail is checked. And the smaller the package, the less likely it is to be eyeballed. Now, countries like Norway, Switzerland, and Australia are a different story. They really do try to check everything.
  9. Sorry, this I can't answer. I don't know anything about keto. I never diet. If I skip a few meals, I naturally get ripped.
  10. I've read that tren can cause hypoglycemia and that sounds like what you are describing. Speaking for myself, the first time I used tren (100mg EOD) like you are doing,it caused insomnia, acid reflux, and painful lower back pumps. Later rounds with it, the problems became minimized once I got used to it and also figured out my tolerance for it (400mg/wk is my personal limit). I think tren is one of those your body has to learn to adapt to. The only thing I can think of for you is try 35 to 50mg a day and see if that improves your situation.
  11. I suggested this cycle to a hard core crossfitter last year and he's been quite happy. Low dose test/tren/anavar. I think it was 250mg/wk test, 100mg/wk tren enan, 10 or 20mg/day anavar, 5mg/day cialis. His goal was to stay lean, hard, strong, and energetic. He was not interested in large gains, but keeping what he already had and improving just a little.
  12. I am okay with deca as long as test is higher. However, once I started using trestolone, I was like a horny teen all over again - and I'm not young. Hard in seconds and stayed that way. I had read about that and now I know. On the other hand, if you are open minded enough to try something like caverject, you will have no worries about staying hard for at least an hour (or longer if you add viagra). I have had some erection pain from caverject (not uncommon), but a friend introduced me to a pharmacy in Germany that makes a better product that is painless. They require a prescription, but don't care what country you are in and get it from. Contact me if interested about that.
  13. I do hammer curls. They develop the brachialis muscle which makes your biceps and forearms look bigger.
  14. I am starting EQ off at 800mg as I transition off trestolone (350mg) - 1 week left on that, plus tren (350mg)/test e (250mg) per week. I'll keep the tren and test as is. I never have problems with EQ, so maybe 800mg is not excessive. But again, I'm asking is there much benefit from the extra 200mg per week.