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  1. So it all arrived and yesterday. It was supposed to come dismantled for obvious reasons... but it arrived fully assembled. So I had to dismantle it, in the rain, on my drive (which is gravel lol). Anyway, 2 hours later it was reassembled and after a little jigging around it's in. There is a little give in the motion as the roller wheels seem slightly smaller than the bracket the sled runs down. It might need adjusting. Motion is fairly smooth. Leg press foot plate is small but as I'm quite short it's actually just fine for me. A few pictures attached.
  2. It's the grey one I ordered but the guy I bought it from said the depth at bottom is 70cm. We shall see, was £385. Coming tomorrow so once assembled I put up some pictures and check the depth myself. Cant be as high as bodymax one, but if it's close I will use a block.
  3. Bodymax I'm told is 100cm (40 inches) so it seems the body solid has more depth. I'm going to go with that used.
  4. Thanks for this, so this is 87.5cm which would probably require a block for me when I sit right down. Trying to work out which unit is better. I can now buy the bodymax new for 685 and the body solid used at 425. Difficult toss up and I'm told the bodymax goes a bit lower.
  5. Is this video the bodymax or body solid? thats the type of depth I want, appreciate I might need some stilts lol
  6. Hey mate, I'm more concerned with the hack depth. How deep does the hack go? im 5'7 and usually when I hack (or sissy) it's more or less bum to heels so it's a deep movement. I had read somewhere else that the body solid GLPH1100 doesn't go very deep?
  7. Has anyone got a hack / leg press at home such as the bodymax CF800? looking to get one for my home gym setup but a lot of them look like they don't offer a lot of depth in the hack squat. I want one preferably that offers full range of motion. looking at used and new. No real budget as such but the cheaper the better so I don't get told off by my other half lol.
  8. I like D4Net and Genotec personally, but tried Sphinx recently and it did what it should.
  9. Very individual and will depend on what else you are taking. I don't have a problem with it personally.
  10. This! just seen some fakes myself. Some of the things I have noticed are; Exp Date on black end of box differs to stamped (17) expiry on opposite end, as well as on the vial Puck is about half the size compared to real Arrows on sticker are blocky rather than small / joined Stickers on vial peel off easily Air in via which leads to bubbles and too much pressure when mixed Box itself is shiny rather than matte
  11. A friend of mine gave some really good advice on tapering down and everyone I know that has used his method has not had rebound. He suggested coming down to 25mcg then tapering 6.25mcg at a time in 4-5 day increments. If you plot the half life out this somewhat makes sense and there is no reason why your thyroid should 'start back up' once you are lower than your body is content with. I realise that sounds very non-scientific for the pubmed guys on here but it does seem to work (going by bloodwork). That said, cold turkey could see you recovered in 1-3 weeks. Differs for each person. Sea kelp (iodine) a must during this period IMO.
  12. Sounds to me like something is overly stressed internally and digestion is suffering due to it. Id drop out all orals until it settles back down. Make sure you get moving again and normally. Once all is back to normal try reintroducing an oral. Winstrol and anadrol can be two of the hardest orals on digestion for most people but everyone is different.
  13. Lol, yes it will be the constipation and likely the anadrol causing that. If digestive aids such as betaine HCL or ACV don't help, drop the anadrol.
  14. Are you having trouble passing stool or have you noticed it's a lot firmer than normal? likelyhood is that anadrol is straining your digestive system thus slower transit time due to improper digestion. Slight constipation let's food ferment longer which leads to gas, sometimes foul smelling.