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  1. A friend of mine gave some really good advice on tapering down and everyone I know that has used his method has not had rebound. He suggested coming down to 25mcg then tapering 6.25mcg at a time in 4-5 day increments. If you plot the half life out this somewhat makes sense and there is no reason why your thyroid should 'start back up' once you are lower than your body is content with. I realise that sounds very non-scientific for the pubmed guys on here but it does seem to work (going by bloodwork). That said, cold turkey could see you recovered in 1-3 weeks. Differs for each person. Sea kelp (iodine) a must during this period IMO.
  2. Sounds to me like something is overly stressed internally and digestion is suffering due to it. Id drop out all orals until it settles back down. Make sure you get moving again and normally. Once all is back to normal try reintroducing an oral. Winstrol and anadrol can be two of the hardest orals on digestion for most people but everyone is different.
  3. Lol, yes it will be the constipation and likely the anadrol causing that. If digestive aids such as betaine HCL or ACV don't help, drop the anadrol.
  4. Are you having trouble passing stool or have you noticed it's a lot firmer than normal? likelyhood is that anadrol is straining your digestive system thus slower transit time due to improper digestion. Slight constipation let's food ferment longer which leads to gas, sometimes foul smelling.
  5. You have the same selection of stuff on there as you do elsewhere, the problem is it is somewhat 'less regulated' than the surface web. What I mean by that, is that forums offer some degree of protection against online sellers (not a lot) through collective feedback etc. People buying stuff on the dark or deep web are doing it for one of two reasons; They think its cool and / or would prefer to be anonymous They are purchasing items with stolen currency - This is very simple to do
  6. As @ultrasonic said, that is a lot of AB use. Why did you require so much? You probably need to rebuild your gut flora as I would image it is far from ideal right now. Initially you would need to function on a protein / fat based diet. No vegetables. This is a fact finding exercise and isn't permanent. First 5 days a single protein and fat source. This could be Chicken Breast and Mac oil, or even just Salmon or Mackerel. Just get through those first 5 days and assess your digestion. From here you can add in a protein and a fat source one at a time. Continue this until day 14. By now you should be eating 3-4 protein sources and 3-4 fat sources hopefully without issue. It is here you reintroduce a single carbohydrate source to a single meal only. Preferably early in the day so you can assess digestive issues / symptoms 4-8 hours after. Food diary is a must. Work up to 4 or so carb sources over a 2 week period. After a month you should have a meal plan based on 4 sources of each macro nutrient that site well. When you come across a problem food, cut it out. After a month you can invest time in rebuilding your gut flora with your current food choices. Beyond that you can look to expand what you can eat. You only need to do this once (do it right).
  7. There is some good information here but also some minor errors. Our digestive tract really hasn't changed for many thousands of years. It certainly isn't based on rice being a key food group. Meat, certainly. The most common causes of digestive issues are carbohydrate sources, man made products and lactose. What has changed, is the balance of gut flora. For most adults due to the use of antibiotics but not always the case. I 100% agree with an elimination diet but I would eliminate carbohydrates entirely to begin with, especially complex starches. Proteins and fats produce little to no stool volume. I would widen the protein group first, then the fats before considering adding carbohydrates. Most people aren't willing to do this, so they go on to suffer perpetually. But they only need to do it once (unless you go and take antibiotics again!). Out of curiosity, what was the cause of your own digestive issue? A food group or underlying illness?
  8. Kcal burnt during is based on lots of things but namely average HR and weight. 200kcal is for someone who doesn't break a sweat. My average HR hits 140bpm during most sessions, mainly because it peaks at 174 during working sets. For reference, if I flat bench press, during those last few reps I will hit 170s. If I use hammer strength presses, I will be lucky to hit 140. This shows the difference in intensity between free weights and machines as more of your body is involved.
  9. So reading through this I think you could definitely achieve better results by making some small changes. The first change I would make, is to your training. For example, if you are training body parts per day, e.g. Chest, but this takes 45-90 minutes, then only burning 200kcal begs the question; what are you doing?. Move to a different split, either Push, Pull, Legs or Upper / Lower. Training time shouldn't change, 45-90 minutes depending the split but a focus on heavy compound moves and high intensity. I training Upper / Lower 4 days per week. My sessions take 90 minutes. In that time I burn 900-1000 calories. This is measured with a HR chest strap. The logic here is make better use of your training as a stimulus for fat loss. Not just during, but EPOC too. What you will see is a fairly substantial increase in your metabolic rate. This WILL illicit fat loss. It may allow you to drop cardio altogether and raise your calories. Intensity will mean you have to do less per muscle group in each session. For chest I can only do 2 exercises for example. Beyond that there is nothing left. It must be to absolute failure, with the load and form adequately programmed to stress the body. I would suggest altering the diet but in the first instance I don't think you will need to. The training alone will give you significant changes if done right.
  10. 2100kcal and 400kcal burnt via cardio suggests a 1700kcal balance without taking into account your NEAT levels etc. At 185lbs / 84kg, assuming you are training, this sees very low. You don't need fat burners at 20% body fat. You can become a fat burning machine. How frequently do you train and how intense is it? How long do your sessions last? How are you measuring calories burnt during cardio? Where you are now leave you little room for manoeuvre so I would suggest altering your approach to achieve better and longer lasting results.
  11. I've used the bodyconcious stuff. IMO it's not like the original stuff. I don't know exactly what it is (ignoring what the label says) but I did see strength gains from it. Just no sides which says to me it's not real. Real SD which I still have a bunch of is amazingly powerful but truly horrid stuff.
  12. ^^ This But also remember one of the primary reasons for coming off is to clear the body out as well as restore natural hormones. Adex is fairly harsh on lipids. Aromasin would be a better choice if you did opt for AI use.
  13. I personally would rather let my body recover naturally. This is mainly because I really don't like clomid. With that said, post cycle is often the place people experience gyno issues if they haven't on cycle for various reasons. So maintaining a tamoxifen dose for some time would be beneficial. If you haven't been using an AI, post cycle oestrogen will be raised from the excess testosterone to a certain degree and testosterone will plummet. The ratio of test to oestrogen is what can cause issues so in some cases reducing it can also be beneficial. This is very personal.
  14. Oh, well you're sorted then. I was in Esfahan and it's available. I know it's also readily available in Tehran. And yes, all the body builders I spoke to said it's very good for those than can afford it. As you probably know the average income there is low so it's cost prohibitive for most. A lot of Chinese generics there. iran is one of the few producers of 191a growth hormone in the world AFAIK.