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  1. Just a quick burst of cardio tonight on the bike. 19.75 km in 30 minutes. Quite pleased with that for a first attempt at the longer time period. Sweet Chilli Chicken, followed by salted caramel ice cream for tonights meal
  2. Yes, mate. I'm a lot fitter these days, and it shows in all aspects of life.
  3. Weights and cardio today. Earlier I had an Upper session at the gym. Unusually, I was forced into my gym visit during peak time so my routine was slightly disrupted. People!! Can't stand them. Nevertheless I got the job done with a few modifications and substitute exercises. This evening I managed 16.85 km on the bike in the usual 25 minutes. No gym tomorrow, but I'll try to get another cardio session in. Sunday, I'm off to Warrington for a week working away. Unfortunately the hotel selected hasn't got any gym facilities so I'll be out and about around town looking. I believe there is a Pure gym in the town centre so that will probably have to do.
  4. This. If you had a choice between looking like you could bench 200kg, and looking like you can bench 200kg and being able to do so, I know which option I would choose.
  5. I eat loads of fruit and vegetables. Have done for quite some time now.
  6. This ^^. And weaklings.
  7. Easy does it mate. You'll get there quicker taking it steadily.
  8. 16.8 km on the bike last night and, today, a Lower session in the gym after work. All the usual leg work, which is progressing nicely. The volume seems to be doing the job, and my legs are responding nicely. I'm not really looking to add huge amounts of size these days, but seem to be achieving a fuller, pleasing look. My weight has actually dropped a kilo over the past 10 days or so despite me eating like a horse. I guess all these cardio sessions and 5 times a week gym sessions simply guzzle up the calories. Bonus work tonight consisted of high volume Face Pulls, and some arm work. All things being equal I'm planning on another session tomorrow afternoon.
  9. Once. Less holes in your body outweighs everything else if you plan to be using for years.
  10. https://www.endocrinology.org/media/1454/10-12-01_uk-guidelines-androgens-male.pdf
  11. Get a decent blender. I don't use one for basic shakes, but for adding fruit, peanut butter, or crushing ice they're just the job for creative smoothies.
  12. Today I managed an Upper Session. All the usual stuff here, with short breaks between sets and the occasional drop set to finish an exercise off. The Pulldown machine has been fixed so no need to change gyms, and the guy serviced all the machines, attachments, and benches whilst he was on so all good. I have some long shifts at work coming up so I'm unsure when I'll get back into the gym. I will have to make the effort as I'm away with work in Warrington from Sunday, although I will be doing my utmost to book a hotel with at least a nominal gym.
  13. Sundays session was a Lower one. Still using the short rest period approach, and I worked up to 3 sets of 10 with the full stack on Leg Extensions. Only went up to 10 plates on the Leg Curls but finished off with a double drop set. Squats were more conventional. Bonus work consisted of Face Pulls, Hammer Curls and Overhead Extensions. Saturday was cardio on the bike.
  14. I consume anywhere up to 200g of fat a day. Not, admittedly, from sausages mind you...
  15. I'm not 100% certain but I believe @ATMeredith had some info on this...