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  1. Nothing much to report today save a 26km spin on the bike. Should be back in the gym tomorrow for a lower session.
  2. Great stuff. Especially the pie Drop in any time and feel free to pm if you ever need a chat x
  3. Hi @Flubs Hope all is well in your world x
  4. 10pm seems to be a reasonable time to be tired and ready for bed tbh.
  5. So I didn't manage my cardio yesterday due to a highly entertaining FA Cup final, but I shrugged off my excesses and was back in the gym today. Face Pulls 5x10. Lat Pulldowns 4x8. Pec Deck 5x10. Bench Press 4x10. Side Laterals 3x10 with the last set a drop set. DB Curls 4x7-10/ Machine Dips 4x12. Another good session with a small weight increase on the Bench and Dips and an extra rep on the Curls. The only downside being the fact that my troublesome right elbow was so highly inflamed from the benching that I couldn't manage a single rep of Pushdowns, as any attempt was agonising. No matter. I'll just train around it for a while. Back yo work tomorrow, but for those of you with a long weekend...Party Hard lol
  6. Another extremely warm and sunny day, and the gym was even emptier than yesterday. Hex Bar Deadlifts 8x80kg, 6x120kg, 6x150kg, 4x170kg, 2x190kg, 2x2x200kg. Leg Extensions 3x10. The two sets to failure with the stack. Leg Curls 4x10. Standing Calf Raise 3x10. Hyperextensions 3x10 with 5kg added. Stretching and core work. Very difficult to push oneself in this heat, especially on the deads. Still I bucked down and got the necessary work done. I'll be having a rest from the weights tomorrow, although I may do some cardio tomorrow night. It all depends if I have a drink or two during the FA Cup final Have a great weekend guys
  7. Twenty odd degrees and brilliant sunshine hereabouts today so only die hards were in the gym rather than sitting by the river with a pint of some refreshing beverage. Face Pulls 5x10. Lat Pulldowns 4x8. Pec Deck 5x10. Bench Press 4x10. Side Laterals 3x10 with the final set a drop set. DB Curls 4x6-10. Pushdowns 3x19 supersetted with Machine Dips 3x15. Because of the heat I trained with a steadier pace than usual but still managed to add weight to the Pulldowns, Laterals, and Curls. My right elbow is playing up again but otherwise all seems ok. I met up with a couple of old acquaintances after the session and we put the world to rights. It's always good to talk to like minded people and a few ideas were bounced around that I may incorporate once I start my diet.
  8. If it's for boxing then fair dues. If appearance is more important the classical Greek guide to the perfect physique would require the neck, biceps, and calves to all measure the same.
  9. Why do you feel the need to train your neck?
  10. It may be wise to gradually build up to this lol.
  11. So, the first morning workout in as long as I can recall. I'm not a fan of am training but I am donating blood this afternoon so it was best to get this out of the way beforehand. Hex Bar Deadlift 8x80kg, 6x130kg, 6x150kg, 4x170kg, 2x190kg, 3x200kg. Leg Extensions 3x10. The two sets to failure with the stack. I'm not going to even bother counting these reps any longer. Save to say that I go until even a partial is beyond me. Leg Curls 4x10. Standing Calf Raise 3x10. Hyperextensions 3x10 with 5kg added. Stretching and core work. A good little session despite the early start, and the triple with 200 was much more comfortable this time out. The extensions were agonising, and I managed a good squeeze at the top of the reps for everything else. I read with interest @swole troll's comments on calf training the other day, and I must admit I agree with him. Personally I feel the most effective ways to increase calf size are through walking a lot, cycling a lot, or being massively overweight and simply moving about. Mt calves are ok ish but never seem to improve from direct weight training. I think this is because calves are worked each and every day simply by moving about, and the only way to effectively improve them using weights would be to do 200+ rep sets. Having said all that, when I reintroduced calf raises to my session I could barely get 4x10 with two thirds of the stack. Now I can easily do the same with the entire stack. For this reason I am going to continue to include three sets of 10 in my lower workouts, not for size, but for functionality and to ensure that a lack of balanced strength in my calves doesn't lead to an injury.
  12. I have a Resident Evil Day every couple of years lol.
  13. @Lorian
  14. I didn't intend to suggest someone could move to the countryside and buy a house outright. By buying a house I mean get a cheaper mortgage. A £1500 mortgage in the city would have a £500 equivalent elsewhere. That's £12000 a year you could lop off your salary and still have an improved quality of life for a start. When you add in 10 mins commute a day rather than an hour there's another immediate improvement. Commuting has to be one of the least 'quality' things out there. Whilst planning for the future is a sensible thing, I see so many people drop dead a year or so after retiring it makes you wonder if it's all worthwhile. All that stress accumulating your future nest egg builds up, but it's the lack of stress after retirement that gets you.
  15. An upper session this afternoon. Face Pulls 5x10. Lat Pulldowns 4x8. Pec Deck 5x10. Bench Press 4x10. Side Laterals 4x10. DB Curls 5x10. Pushdowns 3x10 supersetted with Machine Dips 3x15. No increase in the top set weights but several increases in the earlier sets. I'm unsure if I have mentioned this buy I pyramid the weights up on the majority of the exercises most of the time. As the top end weights increase it's only natural to adjust the earlier sets to match, but it's not always a good idea to do both at the same time as the overall weight lifted can increase to a level that prevents progress. Feeling a little run down today, and that reminded my that my nebido shot must be about due. I normally keep a note of when I get them in my diary so I know when to book my appointments, but I had forgotten to do so last time. A quick call to my local GP's surgery confirmed that I'm due next week and my appointment has been duly booked. No McD's or KFC today as roadworks made the journey not worth my while. I'll definitely be having a KFC tomorrow though