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  1. Cheers for the tip. For now I'll probably just consolidate for a while, upping the reps gradually. I've come way further this time than in all the previous attempts so it may be wise to take things steadily rather than adding weight till something gives. The gym does have limited facilities, but the fact that it is convenient, and I can access it 24 hours a day, seven days a week, makes it just too good to give up. Hopefully a couple of extra plates can be purchased and then I'll have all the options I'll need.
  2. Now you're an obvious troll. How can you exceed 100% effort. I'm out.
  3. Did 45 minutes on the bike yesterday, and 28.3km. Today I was back in the gym for a lower session... Hex Bar Deadlifts 8x75kg, 6x115kg, 6x145kg, 4x165kg, 2x185kg, 2x197.5kg. Leg Extensions 3x10. Then 4x16 with the stack. Leg Curls 5x8-10. Weight increased. Standing Calf Raise 4x10. Weight increased. Hyperextensions 3x10. Core work, stretching and physio. The good news is that the Hex Bar actually weighs 2.5kg more than I've been crediting it with so I've been lifting a wee bit more than I thought. Today, all sets went up well. No problems with my back, and my grip is still going strong. The bad news is that I can't increase the weight any further. The gym is a small one and only has so many large olympic plates. I've contacted the owners requesting another couple of 25's so here's hoping. The other lifts are progressing nicely so all well. Time to chill out now and enjoy what's left of the weekend
  4. Buy a Speedmaster. Virtually identical to the America but without the unnecessary frills.
  5. But science, common sense, and every other yardstick you could care to mention will state that you can't push yourself as much with low energy levels as compared to high. Try running a mile as fast as you can. Rest 5 minutes and do it again. You won't match your first time.
  6. Then you shouldn't be concerned with muscle loss and I fail to understand why you class it as a consideration. Then your pre-fast workouts must have been well below 100%. What you are basically saying is that you can train just as hard with low energy levels as you can with high. You must see that this can not be possible? You are basically saying that recovery is a myth.
  7. A small calorific deficit over several weeks.
  8. We all have a finite amount of energy to translate into our workouts. The most efficient use of that energy gives the best results - ie one pressing exercise and one flying exercise which achieves MMF is way more productive that two or three of each exercise which doesn't. To achieve this, energy levels need to be at their maximum. Even slightly lower energy levels will impact on this. Low energy levels make it impossible to come even close.
  9. Why do this when there are much more efficient ways to achieve fat loss?
  10. We wouldn't be human if we weren't tempted from time to time. I haven't used for a good few years now but I wouldn't rule it out in the future. The point is that you can still make good gains with hard work and consistency with diet and training, although the weak and lazy will tell you otherwise.
  11. Everybody knows deep down that you get nothing if you don't put in the work, but they still go looking for that magic pixie dust that will give them something for nothing.
  12. Back in the gym today after a 3 day break - although I did a swift 25km on the bike yesterday. The session wasn't the best: I've felt tired and run down all day, and seem to have developed a nasty tweak in my right elbow tendon. To compensate I further simplified my session and managed to shift some decent numbers, but I may well take another day's rest tomorrow. Reverse Pec Deck 5x10. Last set a double drop. Lat Pulldowns 3x8. Pec Deck 5x10. Last set a double drop. DB Bench Press 3x10. Side Laterals 4x10. DB Curls 5x10. I finished off with some light, 20 rep Tricep Dips and Pushdowns just to get a little blood into the painful area. Not sure why I'm so tired, although work has been particularly tough lately. My sleep apnoea has been getting worse of late, but I've been religiously wearing my mask, so there's not much more I can do there. On the bright side I have work tomorrow, but have the following week off so the break seems to be coming just at the right time. Have a great weekend guys
  13. This is basically how I increase strength. I run it in 6 week cycles and add in a deload week every seventh week.
  14. You're not looking very hard as I post daily and have ran a log for over 6 years.