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  1. I only go up to the 15kg bells when doing lateral raises and, more often than not, stick with the 12.5's.
  2. Back into the gym this afternoon. Hex Bar Deadlift 8x80kg, 6x120kg, 6x160kg, 4x180kg, 8x200kg. Squat 5x5 at 120kg. Followed by a continuous tension set for 10x80kg. Leg Extensions 2x10. Then one set to failure with the stack. Hyperextensions 2x10 with 15kg added. Core work and stretching. So Deads and Squat in one session. To tell the truth I wasn't completely happy with alternating these exercises between lower days. I'll have to split them as the weights increase but, at the moment, it's manageable and I'm pleased with the way it worked out.
  3. Not really. If I don't feel up to a session I don't go to the gym. It's a fallacy that doing something is better than doing nothing. Of course there's a crucial difference between not feeling like doing it and not being able to do it.
  4. I decided to take an extra day away from the gym today, but I did manage a satisfying 29km in 45 minutes on the bike. I have had some thoughts of mixing up tomorrows gym session, but I'll wait and see how things go when I get there
  5. @Lorian
  6. Nope. Nothing else better Still can't work it out though. Where's all the UK-M experts when you need one?
  7. Now that is a very good question lol. When I work it out I'll let you know. I've never had it switched off so I really have no idea.
  8. Hover over the members avi and a box comes up. In the bottom left hand corner there is a 'message' link. You still have yours turned off I believe.
  9. Yeah, that's why I didn't bother with the capsules. The main benefit is my improved sleep. I have sleep apnea and sleeping is always a struggle. The main side seems to be water retention atm. In between the two I am also experiencing an increase in appetite atm, and, believe me, I normally have a huge appetite anyway. Good when growing, not so good whilst cutting.
  10. I've never had much success with melatonin, but the MK has done the trick thus far. It's always wise to start new substances/drugs at a low level to see how you react.
  11. Is he taking drugs?
  12. I've just started a run of MK-677 at 10mg a day. No lethargy or pumps, but a general sense of well being and much improved sleep. I have had some water retention though. I'm not running it for weightlifting purposes just to see if I experience any general benefits.
  13. A bit of a mixed bag today. On the downside I weighed in at 103kg ffs!! That's heavier than when I started lol. I can only put this down to the MK-677 as, although I had an iffy start to the week diet-wise, I've been eating at a considerable deficit these past 3 days. They say water retention can be a side effect, so I'm putting this down to that. On the bright side, I felt strong. Everything was considerably easier than it had been previously, and I managed two comfortable sets of eight with 130kg on the Bench. Face Pulls 3x10 with a drop to finish. Lat Pulldowns 3x8 with a drop. Bench 5x8. Side Laterals 3x12 with a drop. DB Curls 3x10 with a drop. Pin Presses 3x12 last set to failure. I've got a home made Sunday dinner with Yorkshires to come so no danger of losing any weight today
  14. I like to stay 'in the zone' from the second I start lifting until I'm finished. I can't just walk up to the bar and lift to my potential. I have to wind myself up and attack the bar to get the best results. If I start chatting to people between sets there's no way I can do that.
  15. It depends on how I'm training. It works well for both. The first length or two I'm recovering from the previous set, the next three or four I'm recovering and getting focused for the next set. The last one or two I'm getting myself wound up for the next lift. It's a small gym so I can't walk far lol. I'll do less lengths if I'm having short breaks between sets. As I said, I started doing this at powerlifting meets. Sometimes you can be waiting 10 minutes or so between visits to the platform and I found it the only way I could maintain focus between lifts. It's good for psyching out the opposition too