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  1. So 19.65km on the bike last night and a lower session in the gym this evening. Leg Extensions 5x10. Then 3 sets with the stack 12/12/14. An additional 2 reps more than last time. Leg Curls 6x10 with the last set a drop set. Hex Bar Deads 5 sets 8,6,4,4,2. Added 5kg to the bar from the last session. Standing Calf Raise 4x10. A shed load of stretching. My back was hurting from the off. Nothing to do with training. I must have been lying funny in bed or something; just one of those things that happen with a dodgy back. I probably shouldn't have bothered with the deads but it was only my second session and I'm a stubborn bugger. On the Naproxen and Jack Daniels now for medicinal purposes only. Lets see how I feel in the morning.
  2. Whatever suits you situation the best. My test was 'undetectable' and the effects of that didn't suit any longer wait than was necessary for me.
  3. I took the option of booking my own appointment online. This enables you to select a hospital with an earlier available appointment time if you are prepared to travel a bit. My local hospital had an appointment in 3 months time, but I selected another which only had a 6 week waiting period.
  4. Nothing to do with me. Never set eyes upon it. You know me. I would have given you a warning and then deleted it
  5. Lots of people making definitive statements in this thread without the faintest idea of the facts as usual. Not a single one of you knows why the thread was hidden, yet you make pompous statements about censorship and human rights lol. On a related note may I point you towards posting rule 11: Public discussion of Moderator decisions is not permitted. If you believe you have genuine reason to question a decision then you should raise the issue with the Administrator. You all signed up to the rules when you joined the forum. If you disagree with them then I suggest you find another outlet for your self righteous indignation.
  6. I eat Total Greek Yoghurt. Only 3.8g of carbs per 100g.
  7. HaHa. I thought you'd pick up on that bit lol.
  8. Tonights gym session... Including warm ups. Face Pulls 5x10. To shoulder level rather that the face. Lat Pulldowns 3x8. Super strict. Lat Pushdowns 4x10. DB Bench 3x12. Pec Deck 5x10. Side Laterals 4x10. Tricep Pushdowns 3x10 supersetted with Overhead Cable Extensions 3x10. DB Curls 3x8. Heavy. DB Barbell Curls 3x10. Elbows fixed, super strict. Really went at this and felt suitably sick afterwards lol. Have only just pulled round a couple of hours later, and am about to sit down to some lean quarter pounders for supper. No gym tomorrow as a 12 hour shift at work, but will be back on the cardio when I get home.
  9. Great stuff. I'm so jealous
  10. Progress you lifts on a regular basis, whether it's by adding weight to the bar, adding reps to your previous best, or by shortening the rest periods between sets. The sets and rep ranges doesn't really matter. Doing the above on a consistent basis for years does.
  11. Yes, I do like to see what can be made out of bits and pieces you would normally simply discard. It's actually an old sideboard mate. Now it;s an 8 drawer chest, and the missus has bagged it for all her cooking and sewing stuff.
  12. If my experience was anything to go by you'll adapt to it really quickly.
  13. That 30 second rest approach becomes addictive lol.
  14. A Lower session this afternoon. Leg Extensions 5x10, then 1x10,12,14 with the stack. Leg Curls 5x10, with a drop set to finish. Hex Bar Deadlifts 1x8, 1x6, 1x6, 1x4, 1x2. 75kg/95/115/136/150. Standing Calf Raise 4x10. So back into deads after a fashion. I've tried to return to deadlifting many times since my back injury in 2007, and they've all ended the same way: Initial success followed by back problems of one sort or another. The gym has recently acquired a Hex Deadlift Bar and I've been thinking about giving it a go. No great weights shifted but I'm pretty pleased for a first attempt. I'll take things slowly and see how it goes. I forgot to mention my starting weight yesterday - 97.8kg. I'm looking to add some size for the next 8-10 weeks, before starting a long, steady cut for my holidays.
  15. ATM I alternate between Face Pulls and Reverse Pec Deck as my first exercise on Upper days.