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  1. I still have the pain on and off when heavy pressing. Training partner has it now too
  2. Thats what i was thinking - years of reccys no issues - bit of tren e on its own and its sending me off the rails ! Could not believe it lol back to normal after a month or so off
  3. Total opposite for me, i can do 750mg of deca no issues but 200mg tren e blows my head off
  4. Whats superdrol like for gyno ? Can you get it under control easily or is it like oxys which seems to be hard to control
  5. Tren was slowly sending me crackers a couple of months ago, said I would never take it again but i keep thinking about getting back on for summer as the gains were awesome. Never had a problem with the rip blends just tren e on its own, might bang some mast in and see what happens ??
  6. £50 a week max at the moment as bulking. Less when cutting
  7. 250mg test & as much tren as you can mentally handle. Add an oral of choice and its all systems go.
  8. Everybody bangs it in around here. My first cycle was 2ml t400 a week with 2ml boldenone, blew up like a balloon lol.
  9. Ive never had a problem on cycle running nolva libido wise however on a cruise/low dose of test libido was rock bottom recently when running nolva to get rid of some gyno. Came off and a few days libido sky high. I actually thought the test was bunk but maybe not the case
  10. Might need to run nolva all the way through if very gyno prone. You could try dropping it and running the adex see if that is enough on its own, maybe get bloods done to see where e2 is at
  11. Had itchy nipples on tren recently even with ai, so dropped 20mg nolva in per day problem gone.
  12. i know a few people who can get away with cycles like this no ai at all however dbol can bring on gyno fast. For me nolva 20mg a day whilst on dbol, you want some estrogen for the dbol to do the business. After that maybe drop the nolva and slip some adex in if necessary.
  13. 40mg of nolva a day struggled to keep the gyno at bay, i recall using exemestane with it no idea how much though
  14. Strength increase on oxys is mega but temporary, drops straight away when you stop taking them. For me the worst bit was lethargy and gyno issues, no appetite whatsoever. One of those compounds that you will either love or hate. I prefer dbol easier to control the gyno symptoms with nolva.
  15. I get this on tren, ride it out or drop it. Back to normal after a few days off it