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  1. Only thing i have is straps knee sleeves and a shaker thats it
  2. No they werent emplying i look s**t. It was more of sarcy comments about jacking up in the toilet ect. Stuff like that . I can accept a comment of hes deffo on gear ect. Doesnt bother me. But as i said i am not on any gear and being accused of injecting my self in the toilet , what i would not even do anyway even if i was on a cycle. Just random nonsense like that really.
  3. Lol as i said. I am not on them. Even so in the past when i have done cycles. I have never gotten anger and this is taking a mixture of high dose tren plus added test winstrol all in the mix and happy as larry. I think it depends on the person you are before you take them. It will only enhance you as a person i dont believe it creates it in my opinion anyway.
  4. Thats how i felt at the time. They weren't talking to me but directing it at me. I wouldn't mind but i didnt even have a pump on and was training legs and wearing trackies. The thing that angers me is cluless people who thinks everything is about steroids when as i said i have been off 6+ months and have a decade of training under my belt. I had to talk my self out of saying something. Its a great gym and i had a feeling this guy thought he was a big man infront of hes mates, the gym has cameras and i dont want to be seen picking a fight. Sometimes best to walk away i think. I decided to take it as a compliment
  5. I am sure alot of you get this in and out of the gym. Happend to me again tonight an i am not even on them for 7 months now. I really had the urge to go over and confront them but thought why should i lower my self to stupid narrow minded people. So what do you guys do. Confront,ignore and let it go over your head or take it as a compliment lol
  6. Really enjoying legs lately . It seems the harder I train the more it hurts the more i enjoy it lol. I am like this with all my workouts tho .
  7. Lol what's that suppose to mean
  8. I wouldn't mind but I gave them a good deal and people still try to screw you over . Wanted rid so I sold for cheap as I got a cbr coming tomorrow
  9. Thanks mate i got the guys name and aparent location but not full adress .I am guessing they did this to keep the number of registered owners down on the bike? And sell it on
  10. Yeah this is what I was worried about.
  11. So today I sold my motorcycle . Got given the cash . So I went and got the forms. Signed my bit teared it off that i was meant to send to dvla to declare them the ownership of the bike .i think I left it on the bike. Think my attention must have gone else where and forgot I put the form on the bike and walked off in the house for a moment . So about 10 minutes later I wonder where my side of the slip has gone. No where to be seen in the house or outside . So clearly it has been nabbed by them. They seem to know what they were doing regards to looking at the bike and my mate seems to think they were dealers. I asked them to look through all the forms ect that I gave them it weren't there. Just wondering what they could exactly do with the slip ? When I was meant to send off declaring them the owners of the bike . Doesn't make sense to me
  12. Are we talking for reps or 1 rep max
  13. They usually come with resistance levels bang that s**t up and work for it. Does something then
  14. I was waiting for someone to point that out My misses can be a teasing bitch. Says no but actually means yes
  15. Feel sorry for you lot. My woman has never said no .said no to anal once but I did it anyway now she likes it pmsl. But seriously I couldn't live like some of you guys . I may get a couple of days here and there where I cannot be bothered but that is rare