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  1. Yeah perfect thanks mate. So for every set/rep range they suggest in the original link u want to be aiming for the max reps and sets they suggest
  2. That makes more sense. So aim for the max reps and sets in the range (4 sets of 10 for example) and when u get there top weight up and try and do it again starting at what u can do perhaps 4 sets of 7 or 8 etc think i will try and do the max amount of sets though where possible
  3. Cheers mate. Yeah for now id like to jist maintain weights where poss and creep up if/when Where it says 3-4 sets of 6-10 i will do some at say 4 sets of 8 and some 3 sets of 10 etc
  4. Thanx again for a detailed response. I will pick a rep/set range within the guidlines and use that as my base and build my weights (once bulking) on those ranges
  5. Cheers mate yes going to blast this routine now and go for it. Can i ask what rep/set you did within the recommended range they talk about in this programme?
  6. Hi mate it was suggested by him to do higher reps plus drop sets to aid cutting and to build muscle via hypertrophy. I like the look of PHUL and will stick with it now *** can i just check, when it says for example 3-4 sets of 6-10 reps what are u actually aiming for? 4 sets of 10 in an ideal world? Id like to just nail a certain set/rep target and then build from there but would like to know what the ideal number is within that range please ***
  7. Yeah true mate. Just when u see member journals theres lots of people pulling up trees making noticeable progress in similar timeframe as ive been doing it. Everyones body reacts differently though i guess
  8. Cheers guys i stuck to dorian yates for a good while but when i had chiropractor session recently he introduced me to their PT who said my 3x8 routine wouldnt help me and to try higher reps/drop sets etc this PHUL one just seemed to wrap up still hitting everything twice a week but also incorporates some low rep strength stuff and upper rep range hypertrophy. Just want to nail one so i can try and lose BF and keep the very little bit of muscle i may have to come thro once leaner!!
  9. The change is incredible mate and the definition now is a great achievment. Thats where ive struggled in 5-6 months is not seeing any change in definition keep up the good work fella Thanks mate. I am losing weight, approx 1-1.5lbs a week. I just dont look any different in pics no muscle tone/definition etc just a smaller version of myself lol - not like GC88 who has totally transformed shape
  10. I literally just started that PHUL workout today - looks great with lots of variety. Did you do CV most days while trying to get so lean? I currently do 4x weight sessions and 4x 10 min cv Hiit.... but as I say I am not seeing any results which is frustrating especially seeing what a great transformation u have done
  11. Nice one mate thanks - im doing it natural (zzzzz) so wont expect the same kind of results! How much CV did you do v's weight sessions?
  12. just read this whole lot, seriously impressive mate. I have been trying to change my body look (skinny fat) for around 6-7 months and to be honest i look absolutely no different in the mirror - despite bulking on 11lbs and cutting away 7lbs, still look the same. The fact you have done all this in a year or so main transformation before hols, all natural, is amazing.
  13. Just been reading up on this routine and it seems decent. Combines some heavy strength work with higher rep hypertrophy work throughout the week. Anyone on here tried this? how did you get on either by doing it on a bulk for size or on a cut for definition? As it says a range of 3-4 sets of 6-10 reps - should you try and do the maximum of 4 sets of 10 reps or does it mean mix it up (say 2 sets at 10 reps and 2 at 6 reps?) Just want to understand the key points of the directions when there is a range there of sets of reps for each exercise.
  14. Can you share how you managed to drop so much weight and BF and keep your muscle mass decent?