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  1. Thanks for the advice but i tried that stuff once and never, ever again!! I'll get there, slowly, im sure
  2. I do the same now. Weigh something totaly different to set a new weight before getting on myself
  3. Cheers mate weighed in at 200lbs again this morning. Even put a different weight on scales first to ensure the digital scales werent stuck! yeah mirror and how clothes fit also good indicator but i do put a lot into my scales for going up and down in weight
  4. Yeah the coffee (latte) is one thing i realised and cut out since last week i was really hoping for a positive result on the scales too. Stomach messurement is the same. I know its a long road but at 2k cals and some minor cv plus 4 heavy weight sesh's a week id hope to shift some may have to change uphill walking 10 mins to interval sprints 10mins
  5. Always on a sat morning. Wake up. Go loo. Just pair of shorts on and no top. Yeah go back to daily just bit gutting as felt hungry all week (plus my main aim is to get bigger so this stage is torture lol)
  6. Corr well pissed off today. Been 2k cals per day and super strict. Bo treats. No coffee. 10 mins cv aftrr training. 1 spin class. Sat morning weigh in after a wee and im 0.6lbs UP, on 200lbs oh well go again nx week
  7. Sounds good mate.... I prefer it already to the creamy lattes! My chest/shoulder been playing up again last 2 weeks so annoying as I know I am stronger than I can currently lift due to this trapped nerve style pain! Dropped all weights 10% yesterday for workout and will do same again today and then hopefully back up to proper stats next week.... getting old !
  8. I use dowe egberts gold coffee with a sweetener and some milk. big improvement calorie wise over the creamy lattes, don't think im ready to go to full on black coffee just yet!
  9. Yeah I been so good tracking all my food and even glasses of milk but somehow totally overlooked the nice creamy machine coffee I was having every weekday morning - maybe because it tasted TOO GOOD. Back to instant coffee this week so will see how it all goes at weigh in tomorrow!
  10. Hi mate around 1lb last week thanks. what I realised is I wasn't counting my "posh coffee" that I have at work. We have this fancy machine so I grab a capachino and I small sugar every day late morning. However read up today just how bad they are and since then, this week I have opted for the usual instant Nescafé gold with a click rather than a sugar.... should save around 1,200 cals a week right there!!
  11. Thanks mate. Yeah back is something i been really trying to sort should have mentioned that seated cable row is 30kg each hand so 60kg total
  12. plus 25 latte coffees and a pack of custard creams a day cant help....
  13. ha, I think you're right mate, poor genes, poor age, no natural test!!
  14. Yeah understood mate cheers. will see what Saturday brings! yeah did a week of daily weigh ins and was pretty static back then
  15. Ah yeah just checked that thread. So my phone I have the 4th feb and the 11th feb weigh ins so for me that was the 2 weeks but I think you're right. Either way from the time I stopped bulking and starting to drop cals, around 14th Jan, I went from 202.4lbs to 199.4lbs - 3lbs in prob 5 weeks