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  1. What you got?
  2. Sound amazing mate.
  3. Anyone on some decent acid? Nice on a Saturday. Last week went off at gatecrasher on the pills
  4. Gatecrasher tomorrow lads. Mdma is the order of the day for that one. Out at 7pm for the all nighter
  5. Love a bit of good mdma on weekend
  6. How much is there... Looks sweet
  7. Lots better than the shite we have round here!
  8. Got to say I was at crasher and had a gram. Just kept dabbing but was a bit meh to be be honest.
  9. Good old mdma tonight. This last batch bit off though. ?
  10. Never tried it. What's it like?
  11. What sort of cycle length would you be looking at with osta. Is it liver toxic. Still toying with with this epi or pmag.
  12. Oooooooosh. Picking mine up tomorrow for gatecrasher. Love the stuff.
  13. Gatecrasher on boxing day so I think a bit of mdma is in order
  14. I do like the sound ostarine as I have tried tbol in the past and gained well but it can be expensive to run. How long would you run osta for? I like the lack of sides and acne is a worry as I already have oily skin. Looked at running pmag aswell as reports seem good for that too.
  15. What's the score with them.....gains, sides. Or is it better sticking with aas and prohormones? Thoughts?