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  1. None of my pals are going, not sure if I'll go again just by myself...
  2. Good stuff!! Thanks for sharing @Sparkey
  3. Don't starve yourself mate, pretending to have the cravings under control. Eat, but the right stuff....
  4. Currently reading one of Steve Jobs books...
  5. Doctors didn't let me go in theatre with her. Complicated labour pal...
  6. I hope he will come back mate...
  7. Ordered MP few times through their website and never had ny issues. Buy hey, hope you get all sorted out pal.
  8. Ask in your local Chinese...
  9. Our little girl was born with C-section, so I wasn't allowed in the room...
  10. I bet thousands and thousands of people will attend this year.
  11. What a tw@t...
  12. I completely avoid driving in Central London. I only do it if I have no other choice. And yeah, parking is a bit.ch
  13. Don't worry sweetie, a real gentleman will come to your life soon.
  14. Not only that lads, one of them owns a little restaurant and a night club, another one is on the stock trading game plus is a model and the third one am not really sure... I read they only get £50 per program but it's all the publicity they do, that brings extra money for them...
  15. Hands up to you and your wife mate. Wish you all the very best for the future and hope that you'll be able to adopt and give a happy life to any children.