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  1. I think I'd been around for a while too...
  2. Not long now lads....who's going?
  3. Monday = Cardio
  4. The one on the right was Andre The Giant, a French wrestler and the one on the left was Wilt Chamberlain (7ft 1), a NBA legend.
  5. Great tattoo mate....how come it was that cheap to get it done?
  6. Dove anti perspirant does the job for me. And it's quite cheap too...
  7. Erm...no, just do it slowly.
  8. None of my pals are going, not sure if I'll go again just by myself...
  9. Good stuff!! Thanks for sharing @Sparkey
  10. Don't starve yourself mate, pretending to have the cravings under control. Eat, but the right stuff....
  11. Currently reading one of Steve Jobs books...
  12. Doctors didn't let me go in theatre with her. Complicated labour pal...
  13. I hope he will come back mate...
  14. Ask in your local Chinese...
  15. Our little girl was born with C-section, so I wasn't allowed in the room...