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  1. Old post but I'm asking the same question, did you have any joy anabolik?
  2. As above guys, found some Karachi Sust amps following a house move, they expired Apr 2015. Would you risk using them?
  3. I've got some injectable B12, just want to check, is it subQ or IM please?
  4. Started 1mg ED of finasteride in January (as well as the usual Nizarol shampoo and minoxidil) for hairloss, or to at least slow the loss down and am planning a cycle (be my 3rd, after a lay off) I would like to do: 500mg sust wk 1-12 400mg (or 500) NPP wk 1-12 tbol kick start for 6 weeks (was thinking 60mg ed?) Does this look OK to use with fin/propecia? I've read conflicting things on here regarding nandralones and fin? Any advice or opinions guys?
  5. Cheers guys ive also recently started on finasteride for hair loss (1mg ed), is it ok to use this with a test/NPP and tbol cycle? Seem to remember lots of discussion about deca and fin and hair loss? i know test isn't good for hair loss but what about NPP or deca?
  6. If I'm not allowed to ask then apologies admin, and please delete this. If I can ask, then please leave it.. Been away from training for a while, so a little out of touch with current labs. Am planning a cycle of test and NPP with a tbol kickstart, what current labs are advisable for NPP and tbol please guys?