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  1. Apologies for the late reply but if you want Liams details @never-say-never, drop me a pm.
  2. Yeah definitely, always good to have a catch up to see where everyone's at after so long. Haha, I went cray....mid-life crisis I think and was just good to catch up on normal life again! Cheers and yeah, it's always there isn't it, like a bit of addiction that you know will always be there, even after time off, but a good one anyway!
  3. Ahh glad you're well now and back into it. Jeez, two that how long it is since you been on here? Time flies eh?! Yep, well I spent 2015 partying and not really training that much as I'd lost that love, then had an op so only really got back into things late 2015, competed last year, 6 months off-season and now into prep again. Sometimes I really believe you need a break from it if you're not feeling it, you just end up hating it, but you start up again and have that love for it again. That's why I went a bit crazy 2015, heart wasn't fully into it, but after a break, it was again. Yeah tbh I don't come on here much, not like it used to be :-( but great to see you back and hope you do!
  4. Heyyyyyyyyyy stranger! How the devil are you? Hope you're good! Haha, it's part of prep now!
  5. So a couple of weeks into prep now, all going well so far but it's early days! Down about 5lbs so far, and no cardio as yet but will probably be adding that in next week. Seeing little changes already, so seem to be on track. Still been having physio and sports massages on my shoulder, seems to be improving so will see how things go with it. Still just conscious of further injury so being careful and not going too heavy, steady away. Short and sweet but all good!
  6. Yep, agree with both....Liam's an ace coach and getting a coach to take away the thinking and gain knowledge can be a very valuable tool.
  7. Tub of Quark, maybe with some nuts/PB
  8. Thank you! Hope you're well! Thank you! Yeah I know there's not massive changes but can still notice a little difference so I'm happy enough! Slow progress is still progress eh?! Thank you! Haha, here's hoping, although doubt it....all good fun, haha! Hope you're well anyway and will catch up in your journal. X Thank you! I will try and keep more updated now I'm prepping! Hope all's good with you and I'll catch up with your journal too.
  9. So I'm back and I'll keep more updated from now. Prep started on Tuesday, giving me 14 weeks to my first show, the WFF Open, and 18 weeks to my main show, the Nabba North West show. Training at the minute is 5 sessions as follows : Lower volume Upper volume Lower strength Upper strength Glutes and delts Leg circuit every morning. No cardio at the minute. Diets good, nothing crippling just yet so I'm happy with that. I've still got a slight niggle with my rotator cuff so training as best as possible around it. Other than that, feeling good going into prep, very excited! Starting off leaner than last prep, here's a comparison of last years starting point to this year....legs and arms/delts seem thicker, not the best pic to tell but I can see the difference so I'm happy enough. So time to see what the next 18 weeks brings!
  10. As others have said, you won't really get an answer such as lose 7lbs and you'll have noticeable definition/abs, everyone loses fat differently/holds in different places, and it depends how much muscle you hold. Main thing is to be in a deficit, work at it and stick at it. No exact science though to say lose x many lbs and you will look like this.... Looking good anyway, good look with things.
  11. So been a bit rubbish with updates lately, so busy, and nothing much to report really. Plodding away, working hard, currently doing a push/pull/legs split, 2 leg days, 2 push and 1 pull, then if I do a 6th day, just adding in more leg work. Cardio a few times per week, leg circuit every morning too. Due to start prep the first week in Jan, so bit of a countdown now to enjoy my last few weeks of normal life, excited but I am enjoying the down time if I'm honest. Also, just having slight issues with my rotator cuff at the minute, been niggling slightly but having ultrasound treatment and having it taped up, so fingers crossed should be ok when prep starts. That's about it really. Here's a pic from a few weeks ago, not the best but gives an idea of how things are at present Hope everyone is well anyway and thanks for reading, and will catch up with journals too!
  12. Definitely! I've never really had a structured off season, well with diet anyway, always just ate what I want really, and gone fat! But last year when I started with Liam, about this time last year, I had a proper structure and didn't get too fat so made prep a lot better, and now I've got bigger goals, doing everything possible to achieve them!
  13. I always supplement clen with pottasium, helps massively with cramp.
  14. Ahh cheers, really trying this off season to work as hard as poss and not get too fat, lol!
  15. Thank you. Really trying with this off season not to just blow up and eat everything in sight like I've done in the past, lol. Hope all's well with you and will check in on your journal. Ha ha! Got to grow though! Yeah, you know you can do it and in a brilliant way too, so enjoy the downtime