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  1. Well it's great to just get there, and I bet it was amazing. Least you know what the big ones about now so next time, at least you'll have a feel for the day and how things run. Yeah I probably will Just depends on life etc and if I feel I've made decent enough improvements. Think my back needs a bit of work, and just generally improve all round, add a little more size all over really. Yep, shoulder and glute gains are what I wanted, and theyve improved from a few years ago, just want more now. These are some better pics from weekend, happy with how shoulders and glutes look though. Progress can seem so slow at times and you don't always see it but then you look back and compare, and it's great when you do see the changes. You got any particular goals in mind?
  2. True! Ahh that's great, congrats! Did you do the British? How'd you get on? Good plan, I'm thinking maybe having a bit longer out after this season, more than 6 months but we'll see.
  3. Ahh thank you! Yep still here and still competing, same old! How's you? Hope you're well!
  4. I tried the burger and fries thing last year, but it was a day/evening show so judging during the day and results in the evening, so didn't try it until after I'd been judged as was scared how things would go. Looked a lot fuller in the evening but mid-section smoothed over slightly, trial and error eh?! But if you don't try these things, you don't know.
  5. Will mirror what the guys above have said, you'll feel pretty much like a walking zombie by the end of prep, but it's worth it and you'll look awesome, but some suffering to be gone through first, all normal though with comp prep. I literally put life on hold during prep, rest when I can, just eat, sleep, train and work, no life really, but it's only temporary and like I said, worth the sacrifices when you get on stage happy with your condition. And this weather drains everyone never mind through prep, just take it easy and keep putting the work in.
  6. Ahh fab, thank you. And do you know if its day judging and then results at an evening show or is it a run through show? Planning on an epic feast! Ahh that's good, least you can chill a little before prep starts again. I'm sure you'll do well!
  7. I'm the opposite, thought I was dying last week, haha, but I survived! Really motivated though after weekend, can't wait! Yeah his pics are ace, think there's another bloke too who did the photos at weekend, he's ace too! Yep, but it'll be amazing, plus it's my last comp so afterwards, I'm gonna go eat and drink, will be an awesome end to the season! Have you got the show running order?
  8. Eeeeek! Every day I'm more excited! Think I've got most things sorted, just need to decide on music. Have you seen that everyone gets their comp pics for free? That's ace isn't it! Gonna be a fab day!
  9. You as excited as me? Literally like a kid waiting for Xmas, can't wait!
  10. Ey up lad! How's things? Hope all good!
  11. So, still on an absolute high from yesterday, can't believe it, especially with how much I doubted myself doing a PCA show. I was confused going into it and thought I may not be what they were looking for, which added to my nerves but ultimately on the day, I was happy with how I looked and just wanted to enjoy it, which I did! The day went well, same protocol with low water and carbs on the day, all went well, no issues on the day. The show was a great show with a fantastic atmosphere which always helps. There were 5 girls in my class, all looked amazing so couldn't believe when I got top spot, then when I got the overall, I thought they'd got it wrong! Here's a few pics from the day So it's now two weeks to the Nabba Brits, then three to the PCA Brits, and going off feedback, no drastic changes, steady away for the next few weeks, no changes and the same peak week stuff as previous shows. So excited now, can't wait for both finals!
  12. So what a day! I won my class at the PCA Cumbrian Classic, then went on to win the ladies overall!!! Absolutely gobsmacked and sooooo happy! Will update properly tomo!
  13. Ahh thank you. I still can't put them in an order, just love them all. Ahh yes, I did love that flame one, but it doesn't fit now, although I have thought about getting the top made again as it was one of my faves!
  14. I've been off and on the pill a few times over the years and I do find when I go back on, I have a little water retention at first, but that usually settles. The main thing I do find is that my appetite increases, therefore if youre not careful and you do increase what you're eating, you'll put weight on. I wouldn't say the pill itself would make you put on a considerable amount of weight, it's the increase in hunger, therefore eating more and if even if it's only slight, you may not feel you are eating more when you actually are and weight will creep up. Overall I don't think being on the pill would make a huge difference to weight, just track your input v's output and adapt accordingly. Sorry, not very scientific, but that's how I've found things, hope this helps.