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  1. Yep, hard work isn't it! Everythings an effort at the minute, but been having Wednesday's off work to break the weeks up and try And catch up on sleep and it's helping. Ahh thank you, much appreciated! Mentally I've found this prep tough as I've just constantly been doubting what I look like, happy in some ways, then absolutely ripping things apart thinking I'm nowhere near where I should be! Nightmare! All part of prep eh?!
  2. Tiny?! Nice side step, haha. Tbh I do just feel small full stop, muscles included, rocking the 12 year old kids clothes now! Bet you'd struggled getting my jeans over your arms! Yep, 2 weeks!
  3. Ahh good, glad you're well. Ahh that's a shame. I guess we all get like that at times, a little break sometimes gets us back focused and on the right track again. Well I hope she's ok and comes back with her umph back!
  4. Ahh good stuff, will be following!
  5. Oh and hope you don't mind me asking in her, but where's Flubs? Does she still pop on, just looked for a journal.....unless I've missed it?!
  6. Jeez, you are looking huge aren't you?! Beast bi's, haha! Glad all is going well with training anyway!
  7. Hey there, hope all is well! What happened with competing? Sorry if I've missed it.
  8. Hey there, hope you're feeling better and all is going well!
  9. So, WFF show in 2 weeks and getting really excited now and think all is still on track, although perhaps not quite as lean as I was 2 weeks out from the WFF show last year, but hopefully not that far off, then Nabba NW show in 6 weeks, so hoping for a good package then. All going ok with regards to prep. I'm tired, grumpy, hungry with cravings for everything, low attention span, generally cba with much but not too bad, haha. Got a much needed sports massage booked in tomorrow as I'm starting to feel quite tight and achy so that should help things. No changes with anything this week, but with 2 weeks to go, things might change this week. Short but sweet update but all good!
  10. Ahh good, glad all is well. Hope all's going well with that then, abs for summer, yay!
  11. Thank you! Haha, it was a right task with her helping! 21" checked and verified by her, haha How's you anyway? Hope you're well and all is good with training!
  12. So I'm still rubbish at updating, just seem to have no time but anyway, all is going ok with prep. 10 weeks in now and tbh, its only the last few weeks that Ive felt ive been starting to suffer. Full weeks at work are now a bit of a struggle so im taking at least one day off a week, just to catch up on sleep which is terrible and to just get things done now as I just don't have much spare time. Currently doing a 6 day split with training, cardio is 90 mins a day, split between fasted and evening. Hoping to do the WFF comp which is in 3.5 weeks, if im ready which i really hope so, then 7.5 weeks till the Nabba NW show which is my main focus. Its been a pretty slow and steady prep, and think as i had less to come off this time, the changes have seemed slower, which has been driving me mad, but feedback from coach and others seem to be that im on track, but have just been constantly doubting myself this time round. Anyway, some pics of how im looking at the minute, and the 21" inch waists finally back, yay! Anyway, hope everyone is well and training hard, and thanks for reading!
  13. Apologies for the late reply but if you want Liams details @never-say-never, drop me a pm.
  14. Yeah definitely, always good to have a catch up to see where everyone's at after so long. Haha, I went cray....mid-life crisis I think and was just good to catch up on normal life again! Cheers and yeah, it's always there isn't it, like a bit of addiction that you know will always be there, even after time off, but a good one anyway!
  15. Ahh glad you're well now and back into it. Jeez, two that how long it is since you been on here? Time flies eh?! Yep, well I spent 2015 partying and not really training that much as I'd lost that love, then had an op so only really got back into things late 2015, competed last year, 6 months off-season and now into prep again. Sometimes I really believe you need a break from it if you're not feeling it, you just end up hating it, but you start up again and have that love for it again. That's why I went a bit crazy 2015, heart wasn't fully into it, but after a break, it was again. Yeah tbh I don't come on here much, not like it used to be :-( but great to see you back and hope you do!