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  1. That's no coincidence!! Hitler tried to stop this exact predicament. I can't condone mass murder (if indeed that actually happened) but the expulsion of Jewish usurper bank cartels saw Germany prosper and climb out the financial depression of the time quicker than anyone thought possible. But the Jewish powers that be didn't like this one bit hence the outbreak of the most bloody and unecessary war in history!!! Rant over!!!
  2. 1,3,2,4,5 No! As I wouldn't mind living at least into my 70s lol
  3. As soon as I heard this I instantly thought CIA Writen all over it. And North Korea don't have a nuclear launch capability nor would they be allowed to achieve one
  4. Yea I'm sort of trying a lean bulk approach with this, I want a leaner look with decent abbs it's a pain in the arse adding fat only to have to try and shift it again lol. Yea I'll keep you posted mate, back to basics for me, I used to do test only for years in my 20s. Good luck with the cut pal
  5. Aya mate how you doin. Yea I've slipped a bit over Xmas I've just finished an 8 week cruise and had about 5 week off training. I'm 2 week back now and just started that high test only blast we were on about, just 1.2g a week so all being well it'll be a good winter bulk mate. You started yet??
  6. I used to hate cycling off but now I hate cruising it's one of them mate! Either give it another 4-5 weeks or jump back on it's your decision! Nobody can make it for you mate
  7. Cambridge springs to mind with that lol. All the kids in my gym were raving about it and how good a gear it "looks". I just left them to it as they were well and truly sold
  8. Yea hence the reason I think it's definitely there or there about dose wise and I rate it
  9. I've found their test 400, tren e, tren a, deca, to be as good as any other ugly I've used, although that's just going off feel I can't say it was dosed bang on. Recently cruised on .5 ml test 400 and libido remained high
  10. So 5-6 weeks makes sense then
  11. I suppose everyone is different mate but it's 4-5 for me with enth for "notable" changes in strength, stamina, weight gain,
  12. Am I being thick, I don't get it this is 1200mg test e injection 1x per wk over 16 weeks. This is what I got.
  13. Yea I've heard you mention that before I'll have a look at that. I know from experience normally for me 750-1000mg I normally feel a notable difference and start to put Ibs on about the 5 week mark, but I'll check that out cheers
  14. So I'm on my 4th blast and for my previous 3 blasts I've always used an oral or compound with prop or ace but this time I'm just going from 200mg test a week to 1.2g a week, can I expect to wait the normal 4-5 weeks for a kick in or might it be a bit sooner for whatever reason.