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  1. Thanks, just coming to the end of week 1 and decided not to bother with the 4-andro. So far so good at 30mg of each per day.
  2. Bagels are pretty carb dense and good for brekkie
  3. Just seen brawn nutrition is in stock so getting a couple of bottles of that. Thanks ?
  4. I've got some Tr3st on backorder but it's going to be impossible to get soon unless any ugl's are doing an oral version too. I've not looked at that option yet. AI will be on hand if I just run epi and tren , probably take an anti p if I do this. If I use trest I'll definitely have ai
  5. Film was pretty good and interesting. He comes across as a bit of a dick sometimes but I think that's often the case when somebody is so focussed on one thing. It's a shame his family life suffered so much in the early days but again I guess that's the price you pay for trying to be the best at something. Thought hollands comment about having never seen anybody use peds was hilarious though
  6. Also does anybody know if there is a difference between tren products containing 19-norandrosta-4-9,diene-3,17-dione versus tren products containing Amount per serving %DV Estra4,9,11triene3, 17dione the first is BC Tren dosed at 50mg a cap the second is assault labs Tren Attack dosed at 15mg a cap. Clearly there must be some difference based on the dosing. Is one better than the other?
  7. Thanks JW i'm not too worried about the suppression as that's going to happen anyway and I'll be running a serm pct along with daa afterwards. My question was more about whether it is needed or if the addition will be negligible and therefore not worth the significant cost of adding 4-A in for 6 weeks at a decent enough dose to be useful (500mg ed)
  8. So I'm not ready to jump back on to AAS so my first cycle to support a cut in the new year will be PH based. I'm thinking of running Epistain and Tren Attack for 6 weeks. I've seen a few forums and suppliers saying you need to run 4-andro as a test base with these compounds. Is this necessary or just a scam to get my to drop a load more £ on my cycle? The justification seems to be that the 4-andro will convert to test in the body and prevent any drop in libido and lethargy from the other compounds. Yes I know I could jab test but I'm not going to so let's not have that conversation
  9. Been running Ostarine at 25mg a day for the last 6 weeks or so since I got back in to training after 18 months off. Gains have been good and it certainly is better than being natty. Not as good as a simple test cycle by any means but perfectly good results when you factor in the lack of sides. Somebody on here described it as feeling super natty and that's a pretty good summary tbh. You know you're on something as your muscles feel fuller all day and you make better progress than natty but it's not mind blowing. I've been recomping on around 2300 cals and have dropped a lot of BF but my weight has more or less stayed around the same but body shape has changed quite a bit so I'm happy with it.
  10. Get some 4-andro and actually get more test in your system without having to jab it. See how that goes.
  11. Fair enough I'm not experienced with poverty spec booze so I'll leave you experts to it
  12. About 18 months or so, just started back about 8 weeks ago and loving it again. Got a long way to go though and a lot of wrong to make right lol
  13. Normal JD is piss if you want to give somebody nice bourbon don't buy JD. Woodfords reserve or Four Roses are cheap enough and miles better imo.
  14. Is that because a lot of the 'good' prohormones are gone though and the ones that are left are weak or is it because SARMs are really that good and the benefits such as virtually zero side effects are more attractive? Just curious as been looking at PH's for a cutting cycle in the new year and tbh not really sure where to start