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  1. You can get these for £10
  2. Don't ask just use it. As long as you clean up after you should be OK.
  3. Real story is he bent you over and made you his bitch. Come to think of it not sure if it was him or your Dad.
  4. Hope it is just scare tissue. Would be crap if it was serious damage.
  5. Cool, so I'll eat all my protein on Saturday and then eat doughnuts the rest of the week.
  6. I think this is your best option to start with. Have a week or two off the gym. You're not going to waste away in two weeks.
  7. I would check your settings. You might have it switched off. You click on the profile picture of who you want to pm and there should be an option to pm on there profile page. You don't seem to have this option on your profile page.
  8. 250kg Deadlift, not far off a 6 plate deadlift Apologies for the camera angle but had to prop up my phone against a leg press machine.
  9. I'll probably not touch it today, might drain the oil out but I'm going to the gym first and take it out on the weights.
  10. Put it this way you ain't going to get any younger. Yes you can make a big difference. I'm 37 and hope I'm not past it yet.
  11. I think they are arse holes to start with and just use the drink as an excuse. No matter how much I have had to drink I never get need to fight someone.
  12. I wonder if anyone started on Mike Tyson
  13. I was struggling to find olympic weights 2nd hand local to me at a good price. I got this in the end and added a few weight plates at a later date You should be able to get a 5% discount on that I believe. If you can't find the discount send the shop an email. But if your not in too much of a rush 2nd hand will be cheaper but I got inpatient.
  14. Look for 2nd hand power racks. If you buy the rack/bar/weights from a guy that's selling all then usually it works out cheaper. You could set up a good gym for the cost 1-2 years gym membership which you also can sell in the future for pretty much the same as you paid for it.