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  1. Why would that not be ok
  2. Not a must but a very good excersise
  3. Why are you doing so much cardio out of interest? You need to eat more doing that
  4. You are over thinking it you don't have to worry about protein spiking insulin, it has little to no effect on fat loss,
  5. what about something like bench 3 x 5 db shoulder 3 x 6-8 decline 3 x 6-10 lateral raise 3 x 12-15 Inc flyes 2 x 12-15 tricep excersise 3 x 8-12 thats what I do personally you might not need the decline but I like it
  6. If you aren't losing weight you aren't in a deficit, eat less or move more, you might be miscalculating calories or think you are burning more doing cardio than you actually are, 1000 cals is very very optimistic for an hour, and i doubt you will be in what some people call starvation mode mate, stick to a certain amount of food and I would reduce the cardio and keep it till you stall, if you aren't losing reduce calories slightly or add more cardio
  7. IMO I would bulk but it's up to you if you want cut to lose that last few lbs, you will put some on bulking anyway mate so personally I would bulk for a few months then have a mini cut, well done on the weight loss aswell
  8. Animal
  9. It's your right arm not your left for a start and I wouldn't say it was fat, there isn't a lot of fat there but there's little muscle it's just skinny
  10. Is this a wind up
  11. About 2,000 cals to start with, adjust as necessary, atleast a gram of protein per lb bw, 20% fat, rest carbs IMO, get your calories sorted and hit your protein and you will do well
  12. Get the correct amount of calories so you aren't adding to much fat or not gaining, get your protein In and let the carbs n fat fall into place, I would go for atleast 20% fat and the rest with carbs but that's me, lift progressively heavier and if your adding to much fat reduce calories slightly
  13. This is like 5 years old
  14. very strange routine try push pull legs or stronglifts or upper lower ulu lul
  15. Keep up the good work bro your doing just fine