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  1. Will he be able to fit it into his eating every 2 hours tho to boost his metabolism
  2. eat less or do more cardio
  3. What are you hoping it's going to do?
  4. Do pull ups then pretend to to rows but run back and do pull ups again, confuse the s**t out that muscle
  5. I have used that programme in the past and I loved it, he advises everything to be done at an rpe8 or 9 (1 or 2 reps left in the tank)
  6. Let your diet and some cardio tackle your fat loss and do weights to maintain muscle
  7. IMO The fitter you get the lower the rest and more flat out you do but at the same time when you are fitter you can go harder so might need more rest so I'm not sure
  8. Bro science mate you don't make a muscle grow by confusing it, progressive overload does
  9. If you were working hard enough the day before you wouldn't be able to properly, and rest is important just do cardio or rest
  10. Not sure there are much better/easier to use out there
  11. Ok, you don't have to hit your muscles from every angle, I would suggest 2 chest excersises and as your main one a bench press or decline and focus on getting that stronger and as a second maybe incline db or flyes for 8-12ish or 10-15 if you wanted to mix it up
  12. How man times can you go to the gym a week? If you can go four I would do upper lower or push pull legs rotating so push pull legs push, then the week after pull legs push pull then the week after legs push pull legs push could be bench 3 -4 x 4-6 db shoulder press 3 x 6-8 Decline 3 x 8-12 lat raises 2/3 x 8-12 skull crushers 3 x 8-12 then the next in that week could be db incline 4 x 6-8 military or smith overhead 3 x 8-12 flyes or cable cross over or hammer strength 3 x 10-15 cable lateral 2/3 x 10-15 french press or dips 3/4 x 12-15
  13. You are massively over complicating it, search lyle McDonald generic bulking routine or pick a few excersises for each muscle group and progress on them
  14. That's brilliant mate
  15. Would add a rear delt excersise and would probably mix the rep ranges up a bit more