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  1. Or eat less
  2. Think I will try each muscle twice a week slightly lower volume and higher intensity like My two push days they mix a bit of volume but are intense aswell, I up the weight when I hit the top of the range and feel I can add weight and stay in the range next time bench (for more strength I work up to a rpe9 in the 2-5 range) db shoulder 3 x 6-10 Decline bench 3 x 6-10 (reaching failure last set or two) lateral raise 2 x 8-12 (both to failure) then dropset inc fly 1/2 x 12-15 (to failure) then two rest pause Skulls 3 x 6-8 overhead extention 2 x 8-12 (to failure) kick back 1/2 x 12-15 then dropset then my second push would be db inc press 3 x 6-8 smith overhead 3 x 8-12 Hammer bench press 2/3 x 8-12 (aim for failure last set or two) cable lateral raise 3 x 12-15 (aiming for failure last set or two) Cable cross over 2 x 10-20 (failure in both sets) cgbp 3 x 6-8 rope pull down 2 x 8-12 failure both sets
  3. Cheers man can you link that thread so I can have a look?
  4. Yeah that is true mate it's just I heard some the other day that frequency with intensity is best for naturals so I took that as each muscle twice a week with 1 or 2 sets to failure per exercise
  5. I mean do you do it at the end of say a set of 3 x 8-10 for example then on the 3rd you dropset, or do you just do 1 x 8-10 then dropset if that makes sense, a dunno how to word it hahaha
  6. First of all see when you implement drop sets and rest pause for delts n bis n tris ect When doing bis say I do 3 x 8 ez curl, 3 x 12 preachers, then incline curls 3 x 12 then dropset at the end or do your drop sets like say first few excersises say 3 x 8 ez curl 3 x 12 preachers or whatever then incline curls 1 x 12 then triple dropset and also another question see if you work each muscle twice a week is it better to do 2 x 6-8 or 8-12 or whatever with the two sets to failure, or is it better doing more volume and not go to failure untill the last set or two of the last excersises
  7. It's ridiculous
  8. 5 x 5 would be much better than what you have put
  9. How much you are eating is much more important, timing makes little difference to people at your level
  10. Sounds good, I have been using an rpe approach for my squat bench n deads, then some exercises after are 6-10 and 8-15, if my last set or two of a particular exercise I feel I can't stay in the range I reduce weight slightly for the next set to stay in the range, I up when first set or two I hit the top end of the range and the last set or two is in the rep range same weight, your approach sounds good though
  11. Would be doing for example push day, your first 2 exercises say 3 x 4-6 then the rest of the exercises say 3 x 8-12 or 12-5 be valid for what you were explaining? thats what if been doing but might mix it up and do some reverse pyramids and get a top set 4-6 then 6-8 then 8-10
  12. True dat, what I do is work up to an rpe9 on a certain number of reps between 2-5 on that day then drop 5% and to get volume in that same rep goal untill hit rpe9 again, just on compounds though, the rest is 3 x 8-12 or 2/3 x 12-15 up the reps or weight when I can