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  1. If you are gaining with minimal fat keep it the same until you stall
  2. Makes little difference total calories and protein is what's most important
  3. Post your training
  4. So much bro science mate you can do the same excersises week in week out aslong as you make progression in them and that's a fact if you overload it and do more volume over time ie reps weight or sets
  5. Are you eating enough?
  6. you will struggle to see much muscle gain if you are overweight and are cutting, but if you have a bit of muscle under the fat you will see the muscle you already have, the first year you should of added a bit of muscle aswell as losing weight, don't expect much muscle after a year or whatever when in a deficit though wait till you get to a reasonable bf then try and add muscle it's hard to do both at once, once you have taken advantage of noobie gains it's very hard to add muscle in a deficit, how many calories are you eating? And you don't have to eat 6 times a day if you don't want to, also what's your training like?
  7. You male or female? That's no where near enough food and protein
  8. Why would that not be ok
  9. Not a must but a very good excersise
  10. Why are you doing so much cardio out of interest? You need to eat more doing that
  11. You are over thinking it you don't have to worry about protein spiking insulin, it has little to no effect on fat loss,
  12. what about something like bench 3 x 5 db shoulder 3 x 6-8 decline 3 x 6-10 lateral raise 3 x 12-15 Inc flyes 2 x 12-15 tricep excersise 3 x 8-12 thats what I do personally you might not need the decline but I like it
  13. If you aren't losing weight you aren't in a deficit, eat less or move more, you might be miscalculating calories or think you are burning more doing cardio than you actually are, 1000 cals is very very optimistic for an hour, and i doubt you will be in what some people call starvation mode mate, stick to a certain amount of food and I would reduce the cardio and keep it till you stall, if you aren't losing reduce calories slightly or add more cardio
  14. IMO I would bulk but it's up to you if you want cut to lose that last few lbs, you will put some on bulking anyway mate so personally I would bulk for a few months then have a mini cut, well done on the weight loss aswell
  15. Animal