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  1. There's no certain weight that means you can't cut but at that bf defo cut
  2. Xyz

    Eat less
  3. Paused bench
  4. Reduce calories slightly
  5. How do you know that though, I thought you were joking at first
  6. Eat in a surplus and progressive overload on a few different curls or pull ups and tricep exersises, I do preachers or hammers for 6-8 and inc curls for higher reps on pull day and on push do skulls for 6-8 and kick back for higher reps but I train each muscle twice a week so the second day will be different
  7. Trial and error, pick an amount of calories and monitor weight if you lose to much weight up cals and if your not losing any reduce cals, there are loads of calculators that give a rough guide but it's trial and error
  8. Exactly what I ment mate lolz
  9. I wouldn't worry about insulin spikes they won't effect your fat loss or mass gaining
  10. Eat less to lose fat but you don't look fat in your chest atall I would bulk and add mass, just to ask btw why low carb, carbs don't make you fat if that's what's your thinking, how much fat are you eating you don't mention that I hope your not having low carbs and low fat you will have little energy to train properly, pick a routine and progressively overload Through weight, reps or volume each week and you will grow if you are in a surplus
  11. No worries man hmmm I like 0.8-1 g per lb of bodyweight but some aim for much higher, get atleast that and personally I get 20% of my macros as fat then fill the rest with carbs but if you eat different things each day carbs and fat will vary but make sure you hit your protein and get the correct calories, if your goal is to add muscle try the calories you suggested and if you are adding muscle nicely and lifts are going up then keep it at those calories untill you stall then add some more even 50-100 more a day can make a difference, if you add to much fat then reduce cals
  12. To answer your question about your training pick a program and be consistent with it and progressively overload, I prefer push pull legs rotating 4 days a week but that's just me, others like splits with more volume, others like less volume more intensity, whatever works for you mate
  13. Its overall calories and protein that matter the most, Eat whatever foods you like that gets you enough protein and balance the carbs and fat to your preference, I prefer more carbs, no one can write you a diet plan as its individual we don't know what you like and don't like, obvious high protein foods are most types of meat, cheese, nuts,eggs, quark ect carbs for example could be rice, potato, pasta, oats whatever you like then fat could be oils, cheese, nuts, peanut butter or any nut butters, full eggs, use your imagination as long as you get your calories and protein right you will be fine and it would be difficult to get your weight up but bf down if you have been lifting 9 months, you could bulk for a bit then cut to that weight though mate
  14. When cutting do what you usually do but gradually reduce the volume but aim to keep the same weight on the bar