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  1. I've always had top service from TM. Like others have said, the last vial of test E I got wasn't the best but the test cyp was spot on. Their delivery time has always been better and quicker than most high street companies. No complaints here
  2. I went a couple of years ago as my GP is pretty good about most things. I wasnt bothered by the lump because its not noticeable, but I was getting an insane amount of tingling behind the nipple from time to time and it was driving me nuts. I was referred to a "specialist" who gave me an ultrasound and blood test. My test and E2 came back within range and the ultrasound showed a mass, but his recommendation was to rub savlon onto my nipple rather than remove the gland as the tingling couldnt possibly be an imbalance of hormones. After much arguing I just went and resolved it myself by lowering my E2 a little bit more. Problem solved! The incompetence of some Dr's worry me hugely!
  3. Look at Mspa instead. Much better with the heater unit built in and the same price if you check on eBay. I bought mine about 4 years ago and it's been fine. I've definitely had some fun times because of it....
  4. Impressive kit list mate . You convinced on having a crack at it yourself?
  5. Spot on, thanks Elchapo. Ah yes, Aromasin will be used daily as Im insanely sensitive to Oestrogen. Normally 25mg a day at that test level and over.
  6. @ElChapo How does a cycle of 300mg Test Cyp and 400mg DHB sound for a lean bulk/ recomp? Cheers Chris
  7. Totally agree with that. Just started back on Malay Clen this morning at 20mcg and already shaking like a mad man. Potent stuff.
  8. What would be a good cycle for someone very prone to acne and gyno? Primo I am a fan of, but wanted to know if there was anything else worth looking at. PS, your advice in the previous AMA about Nizoral Shampoo for acne has been amazing! practically cleared everything up on this current cycle, so thank you for that.
  9. I find clen sides drop off quickly after day 4 or so. The first 4 days can be difficult but after that its no problem at all.
  10. I have 3 boxes of their test Cyp. Haven't used any as I am currently running TM instead. However, I did lab max them and they passed for test Cyp. The vial I tested was only filled with 0.8ml though so that wasn't a very good start. I'll probably run that on my cruise and get bloods done to verify what the actually dosage is.
  11. I had the surgery when I was 15 on the NHS. They removed the whole gland and it created a slight indentation. it bothered me for a while still being a teenager but I couldnt care less now. If it does happen, no one will pay any attention to it and it looks a million time better than having huge glands under the nipple pushing them out. Stop worrying about it.
  12. I have had high ferritin for a couple years due to being a carrier for haemochrotosis. Did you get your liver values checked? The high ferritin usually pushes up your ALP levels too (or for me they do). The Dr's are not overly concerned. I've started giving blood every 12 weeks on their recommendations, which has dropped my ferritin to normal levels. My ALP is still slightly elevated but nothing to worry about. Go to the docs and ask for a blood test based on that. It could be completely unrelated to gear use like mine is.
  13. Ive just picked up a load of Spinx Primo, which I'm planning to start running a week Sunday. Ill keep you posted if you like?
  14. Remember to taper off the letro or you will get a rebound of oestrogen