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  1. I had the surgery when I was 15 on the NHS. They removed the whole gland and it created a slight indentation. it bothered me for a while still being a teenager but I couldnt care less now. If it does happen, no one will pay any attention to it and it looks a million time better than having huge glands under the nipple pushing them out. Stop worrying about it.
  2. I have had high ferritin for a couple years due to being a carrier for haemochrotosis. Did you get your liver values checked? The high ferritin usually pushes up your ALP levels too (or for me they do). The Dr's are not overly concerned. I've started giving blood every 12 weeks on their recommendations, which has dropped my ferritin to normal levels. My ALP is still slightly elevated but nothing to worry about. Go to the docs and ask for a blood test based on that. It could be completely unrelated to gear use like mine is.
  3. Ive just picked up a load of Spinx Primo, which I'm planning to start running a week Sunday. Ill keep you posted if you like?
  4. Remember to taper off the letro or you will get a rebound of oestrogen
  5. For me personally a couple of days. I find it very quick working compared to letro or adex.
  6. If my gyno lump starts hurting I simply crush my oestrogen for a couple of days with with 50mg aromasin (pharma). That normally does the job and I then drop back to a lower dose once the pain and tingling disappears.
  7. Wow, nice work DTA. What was the pain like during the whole thing?
  8. I used maylay tiger before Christmas and that was potent stuff! Very good.
  9. Ah yes definitely too early. Ive bought a batch of tests though so am happy to track my progress throughout and see how I am getting on I used a very small amount of clen back in mid December. Ive had my calories at around 3000-3200 to try and maintain as much as possible during PCT and had minimal fat gain luckily. Is it worth supplementing with anything to try and improve the thyroid? Also, what would be a good "average" figure to try and aim for? Thanks Chris
  10. Thanks Paul, in that sentence I was more referring to my LH and FSH output "<0.1" in the reference range. Doesn't look like the old boys have started firing at all.
  11. Guys Need help deciding best course of action for the below blood results. At the time of being drawn I was "4 weeks" into PCT. PCT Is consisting of 20mg nolva, 12.5g aromasin and HCG prior to starting. Its obvious that the PCT has done sweet naff all. I may have totally screwed myself up here maybe.... I am looking for advice on the creatinine and CK. the elevated Iron and Ferritin should be sorted by me giving a pint of Blood tomorrow (I hope). I normally have high ALP and ferritin due to an existing condition so Im not too bothered about that. all in all a bit of a shock! @Pscarb @swole troll Guys thought I would tag you as from what Ive read I would really appreciate your input. Thank you Chris
  12. That was me .
  13. What side effects do you personally see from running dnp boomtime? It's an interesting looking compound
  14. Ha, I go on enough holidays a year to not worry about one trip.... but that does sound interesting and more appealing
  15. Do you know what the values are? I've had raised liver values (ALP) for several years, had another scan back in September and was absolutely fine. They set me up for an emergency call when I first got the results back, but the doc wasn't overly fussed and now just gets me bloods every six months or so.