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  1. As people have said to get a turbo working well on a given engine is quite difficult and will always be a comprise whether that be in lag time of top end power It's seem obvious that a turbo that was designed to work in a rev band of 1000>3000rpm is never going to work well at 7000rpm If the desire is to go forced induction then at least do the proper research and spec the correct turbo that will fulfill the required power and spool requirements
  2. Yes pretty much spot on before she was put on the correct medication
  3. My wife has bipolar and for years it went undiagnosed which was a nightmare because she was never the same person from one day to the next. Since she has been diagnosed and given suitable medication she is much better, this is not to say she's cured but the extremes of her moods are far less now
  4. Around £47 so works out around 61 mpg
  5. Still got the car and do around 300/400 miles a week. as I tool to get back and fore work it's brilliant
  6. Peugeot 206 1.4 hdi. Pick one up for well under 1k and do 550 miles to a tank. Had mine 2.5 years and had no trouble with it
  7. I have been exactly the same mate, been off 5 weeks now haven't lost a lb and strength is up on all lifts. O.K i am not as full as before but that is to be fully expected. As you have said if you do it right it isn't so bad
  8. Also some modern day rally cross/rally cars are up over 3 bar boost
  9. Why would you not just use a single turbo with billet compressor wheel so you have fast spool capability but still be able to have a high hp if wanted. something like a Garrett GTX or Borg Warner EFR range
  10. i Can +1 for this have eaten anywhere up to 12 eggs a days for years and my cholesterol is perfect
  11. Learn to share lol
  12. It's not twin entry turbo is it, have seen people get this confused on the celica gt4 3sgte engine
  13. I'll be there mate fetch a much better package than I did this year. We will smash it next year my friend?