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  1. But I cannot lay my hands on Alpha tren enanthate unfortunately and the other available labs around are not my cup of tea tbh. (Spain)
  2. Ok, just trying to make myself clear before. XD... gonna give it a shot at 300mg (less pinning and cheaper,)
  3. You didnt get my question, is tren Ace from alpha correctly dosed and if I pin 2 ml of that substance (200mg eventually) is similar to 3 amps of parabolin (225mg).
  4. And this is exactly my concern. Being a multidose and diferent form is it dosed correctly ? Is 200mg more or less similar than 225 parabolin (which mutates me)? Para works lovely for me but tren ace comes much cheaper... it's likely I'll give it a shot but I have great love feelings for parabolin xD
  5. Have you tried tren ace from AP then?
  6. Any one actually used it? Sounds silly but, can you rate it against parabolin tren hex?
  7. Looking great mate.
  8. Hgh year round, slin 4 week ok 2 to 4 week off. Probably would stick to test+deca to test + tren + win.
  9. Mate I think you have a ridiculous overhyped idea of gear, as if in a cycle can transform yourself to some sort of ripped muscled mutant. Gear is a great booster for improvement, but will not shred fat by the minute or make you grow like a mad man just by using it. I would like to see what was your doet before gear and what is your diet right now.
  10. Cheers mate, going to be a tough road but I've more or less been there already....the thing is Im jumping to the classic physique this time and over here in Spain you have to absolutely ripped to shreds and have 0 water if you want the likes from the judges.
  11. Contest prep is 12 weeks out onwards, but will cycle before for 10 weeks, rest a few weeks and then do the contest prep, the idea behind this is pack as much muscle as I can while I lower my bf to a reasonable point before the contest prep as I mentioned before, to not having kill myself and starve to avoid (hopefully) crazy rebounds by the end of the season.
  12. We shall see, first things first ... see where we at by november. Dietwise before I didnt mension y would of do a recomp basicly if using tren oxy winny.
  13. Well the thing is, I dont cut on it, it's just what happens with that combo, usually I gain a few kg and shred down a lot.
  14. Dont get me wrong I like dbol a lot when I bulk but oxy tren win makes me big full hard vascular and ripped (obviously when diet in check) and my liver has always been fine with it (had bloods done), only down bit is high cholesterol and joints...
  15. Ive used gear quite a fair share tbh haha Just curious what would people over here do in my case... I thought of // 1g test 500 tren 100 oxy and 50 eod winny. And be ripped to shreds in 3 months But that's just an idea, could go for test deca dbol. To bulk nicely.