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  1. You can buy as many as you please from any spanish chemist for like 3€ mate, great excuse for a holiday down the sunny coast hehe.
  2. Metformin helps with the carb assimilation, it would eventually help not having random spikes and or sugar drops... give it a try mate, it's not insulin and it won't do any real harm and take your sugar lvls checked to see how you get on. I used it when I needed to carb up.
  3. More veg = more fiber, less insulin spikes, feel fuller for longer, less hunger, more needed vitamins when in deficit. It's quite simple tbh.
  4. While she is still de mrs I can do this course pretty much how I feel like.... will reconsider my emotional life when my buisness season ends. Though I reckon she wants me off the gear and contest prep after it. Plus im adding 5iu ED HGH from next week onwards... f**k it, mate im all in again.
  5. Im in week 3 of my current cycle and Ive decided to up my dosages for the upcoming weeks ahead, however uncertain to what to do from week 8 to 12 or perhaps 16. Currently @ 250mg sustanon + 200mg parabolan + 40mg ED winny. Starting monday: 500mg sustanon + 200mg parabolan + 200mg tren ace +50 winny ED. (2 Weekly shots of 250 sus 100parabolan 100 tren ace). After week 4 or 5 ill likely swap winny for another dht (masteron) till week 8. Dietwise is likely be just under maintenance 5 days a week and 2 days a week which will be slightly higher in carbs and will throw in a cheat meal those days, likely gonna be leg day and sunday. (Wed and sun). After that im uncertain what to do... going another 8 weeks and bulk up with the addition other compounds?hopefully will be around 7 - 8% bf. Ideas?
  6. Amazed almost no one actually said about clean unddies.
  7. Used to get alpha, but seems like the source got busted.... So it's either balkan, primus ray or this new lab called "evogene". Im getting some primus ray tren ace and sust to try them out this week to go along balkan sus tren hex and winstrol tabs, see how it works as people rate them. About my mrs, she is lovely but tbh there is this girl @ my local gym who is hot as fvck and seems interested, plus she is a teacher which turns me on big time, but Tbf I owe my mrs some respect I believe.
  8. Steroids will still work and do their effect even if the scale doesn't move a lb. (Hardness, strenght, vascularity) Building mass not, because your body has adjusted itself to it's anabolism envoirement and does not have the need to grow. But if you up the dose the anabolic envoirement will become higher and then in order to adjust it self it would grow. However, it will get to a point that side effects of the drugs will be to harsh to handle.
  9. Receptor sh*t is a myth. Body regulates itself for self preservation on anabolism, metabolism and such... on a surplus or deficit on long term it regulates itself to "what there is". If not you could keep switching compounds on a same anabolic level and become an absolute beast in 3 years.
  10. Its either that o have war at home. I know it's being a pussy but before taking the wrong decision and doing something I might regret (as breaking up)
  11. Fvck it, mrs doesnt want to me to cycle after this run. Im upping to 500 test 500 tren 50 ed win, and perhaps will add eq or somwthing similar and make this one count
  12. Precisely my thought, its just one week in but I somewhat expected more tbh. Ill give it a go at 50 for the following 4 weeks before upping tren and test. It' the lowest dose cycle ive done in 3 years. 250 test 200 tren 210 win a week.
  13. Harden me up pretty quickly. Diet and such out of the question.
  14. Using 10mg tabs obviously.
  15. Agreed, i shall use 50mg from tomorrow. Might just up everything big time.