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  1. Mate, if you can source AP do it. Over spain it's either that or balkan I'll go on with. Always have been and I reckon always will be top notch.
  2. Mate, you could make a living out of these answes my friend. That is one good piece of sound advise in focusing life the right way. As we say over here...."chapeau"
  3. Half reppers all around these days...take all the fkn plates to do three half-arse reps and rest for 5 minute between sets... Glad I'm not on tren these days.
  4. I'm pretty sure I won't be needing t3 ATM, but gotta say my metabolism gets very fast very easily and can digest a lot of carbs pretty easily... don't know if one thing goes with the other but still makes me think.
  5. True thing, however it makes my pancake taste better. Edit : Usually I use only 1 yolk.
  6. That's exactly what Ill be doing. 120gr oat + 250 gr egg white + 1-2 yolk.
  7. Mate, it was worse than my last week of contest prep... and I was driving so I couldnt just eat at the moment. I ate that baguette as I didn't ate in a week... thought I was going to faint as funny as it can seem xD
  8. Got peanut butter from the supermarket and likely will add some to the oat pancake probably, but will try and go without it now, so I can save a few kcal here and there... I'm trying to figure out where my metabolism is at atm
  9. I've been thinking all day and probably I spiked insulin this morning, and was fairly depleted as I didnt have much carbs after my workout yesterday (a hard workout might I say), and had a sugar drop this morning which isn't new to me as when I was younger I was prone to them... I'm switching from cereal to oat pancakes for brekkie.... lowering the GI from morning breakfast should do the trick, and perhaps add a little bit of carbs on my last meal. If it happens again will get a monitor.
  10. Fuk sake, the next prep will be hard as hell then xD
  11. Alright, not on slin or anything like it... Had brekkie 100gr choco krispies cereal 40 gr whey iso with rice milk... around 600kcal. Grabbed the car when to see my mother 10 miles away, all is cool... I get on the car and suddenly I go hipo or something like that start to feel very dizzy and extremely hungry so I had to stop at a local supermarket and ate a huge chicken mayo baguette, felt better but still hungry and ate a full entrecotte and 300gr pasta and could still fit two slices of bread and peanut butter...WTF, I just couldn't stop. It was more extreme than when I was prepping last time. And im at least 15% bf and not trying to cut (yet). So I have no idea what happened to me.
  12. Reminds me of some teddybear members around here...
  13. In front of the mirror... Myself I think I look horrible. Im off gear for 5 months and wanting to go on them for the past 2 months, but the mrs and I are looking to have a baby... so no gear for a while. ( and no 2018 competitions either for me)... So I supose not being on gear while feeling I want to be on them has something to do.
  14. 50 to 70iu per day is asking for trouble IMO. I've used 25iu slin between novo and lantus and I think is still on the high side and probably less gets the job done.
  15. I run lantus first meal around 10iu along with 5iu novo, and 5 to 10iu novo post workout. The lantus will make me more efficient absorbing carbs throughout the day and the novo when I need the extra spike at those meals which are when I take the most carbs. Makes my muscles fuller and I can train like a mad man it seems.... I bloat quite a bit too... 4 weeks on 4 weeks off.