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  1. go as heavy as you can, with good form, low reps - I fecking hate training arms lol
  2. It's better than Bayer Dbol imo which is pharma grade.
  3. I'm using the Pharmacom Dbol right now, it's pretty strong stuff
  4. Try some Tribulus 1500 mg/day and Maca 7500 mg/day
  5. I use Liv52 DS. I've never had any problems, so I assume that it works lol
  6. I like the Clipper Green Tea, or plain Tesco Green Tea - all the other brands that I have tried are a bit weak in taste
  7. I would miss out Superdrol, it's good for strength gains but that's about it in my experience. M1T is the daddy, but it's quite hard to find now. M1T will give you steady lean gains if that is what you want.