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  1. yeah Google images have two different style boxes. we'll see what happens next week after ive had some, see if the level of pump im getting from a AP nap and NP 50 var is the same.
  2. will try next week, see what happens. tablets i have are coated, that normal? No dust comes off them.
  3. im back in gym tuesday, will start them then and see if anything changes.
  4. serial no; 11.08/08717 expiry; 11.2018 theres no sticker on the box with a smart tag. Box ends just have serial, expiry one end, price other with what looks like company address. Info is pressed into card, no print.
  5. OMG my legs are in bits! lol. Can hardly bend my legs my quads are rock hard and sore. Gonna drop a Tramabol later to help, never had one before.Turkish naps landed today. Got a few AP naps left then i'll start these. Never used before.Popped to the gym after work, quick chest sesh. Hammer press;12x 20kg each side8x 60kg each side7x 80kg each side....not done that for a while, but never really start on hammer press so stamina is at its best.4x 80kgIncline smith press;15x 50kg10x 90kg8x 90kgMachine dips;failure full stackfailure stack + 40kgstack + 80kgDone.usually do some bicep work but wasnt too bothered today, already look huge.
  6. got my Turkish naps, never seen them before so got a few questions to find if theyre legit etc; box has no braille on it? tablets are very glossy, no chalk dust etc from them, with 1 score on one side and just smooth on the other, no markings? tablet at first looks white, but when not in direct light they have a tint of yellow? Same colour as the box, no 100% white, has a hint of cream like to it? obv the proof is when i take them, but at the moment im mixing 1x nap with 1x 50 var, so wouldnt be able to tell a difference.
  7. jesus, looks terrible! plastic isnt always fantastic! lol
  8. old man watched it, said the war scenes of excellent and mentioned the photography is excellent, but said the first hour is a little slow, all love and bromance yet?
  9. Var is good for pump when training and you do get a feeling of constant volume from it, but its not good for gains. Var on its own, waste of time and its expensive.
  10. That film any good? Got a 20GB download copy of it. Bet its like a 3hr film? lol
  11. quite a few SB orals doing the rounds, which is good! Tempted to try theyre Naps, but going to try some Turkish Naps, never tried either so hoping ive made the right choice as i bet theres fake Turkish about.
  12. best syringes are BD's. Had trouble with cheap syringes sticking when injecting, have to put a lot of pressure on the trigger cus the rubber inside the barrel sticks and stops the plunger, creates PIP. Found BDs glide when injecting, no issues. 200x BD luer lok syringes, £24 + postage, well worth it;
  13. Those dbol are nice, on par with DS. Var, im using 1x 50mg Neuro Pharam ED at the moment, had half a tub left from ages ago so thought id take 1x pre-workout. Pump is huge in the gym, very happy with NP stuff. Ive used rohm in the past, more expensive, but noticed a poor CC result a few weeks ago, so im sticking with NP.