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  1. theres loads of fakes out, i got stung with Polish Omandrens. Perfect copies, got zero PIP and didnt notice any libido increase from EOD jabs, so tried 750mg ED for 4 days straight, so 3000mg..... no morning semi in sight. Sent them all back.
  2. only second time ive made it to the gym this week, work and shifts were pants. did shoulders and triceps; Smith Press; 12x 50kg 8x 90kg 5x 100kg Up right rows; 12x 30kg 8x 50kg 6x 50kg DB side raises; 12x 30lb 12x 35lb 10x 35 8x 35 Rear delt machine; 12x 1/4 stack 8x 3/4 stack 8x full failure @ full. Close grip push downs; 10x 100lb 8x 140lb 5x 140lb Rope extensions; cant remember weight but did 3x failure sets Done. didnt weigh myself as diets been crap with work and lost appetite all week, so didnt want to get on the scales and cry lol.
  3. Jelfa still make Omnadren, in fact if you go onto theyre official website it tells you what Countries its produced in, sure is made in 12 different places.
  4. lol, where and how do you think every other UGLs are made?
  5. popped to the gym on way home from work, quick back sesh. Timings and body clock have been off recently due to night shift other day, feel jet lagged, dont know how people do night shift all week etc. Appetite is pants at the moment too. Unsure if its due to work or naps, or both, but struggling to find mental energy to down food. got some new elbow and knee sleeves last week, made by Cerberus. Much thicker than my old and battered Vulkan ones. Used the elbow ones today, seem spot on. A little sorter in length but still fit very well. Back; Little rest between sets as had to pick missus up from work at a certain time. Cable rows; 12x 150lb 10x 200lb 7x 250lb Hammer strength pulldowns; 12x 20kg each side 8x 40kg 6x 50kg Lat pulldowns; 10x 70kg 8x 90kg 6x 90kg Done with 10mins to spare.
  6. what the hell is a skin tag?
  7. didnt i see that stupid bloated ginger welsh person who takes stupid amounts of steds and does youtube and dvd crap use ISIS? lol.
  8. ones ive seen are still amps. ive never seen any AP vials.
  9. what colour is MENT, colour of the liquid? friends trying it, guinea pig, 50mg ED, weights coming on in less than a week but he says he seems to be getting some sides that you can get with tren, shortness of breath etc. Hes hard some are faking MENT with tren-ace and cashing in. is MENT a clear liquid or golden in colour? asked my mate what colour his is but hasnt replied yet.
  10. id imagine pharma products come in single amp packaging. Only UK sust i know and have seen and used, well isnt UK, but made in Dublin, its called Aspen.
  11. when they were made in India (apparently), they often had import/custom issues, loads seized and dried up. Heard (apparently) theyre made in Eastern Europe now so easily to transport.
  12. high end lab....... hard to say these days since CC have exposed many.
  13. SB Labs Oxys any good? My mate has a couple then gone, so probably brought back from hol. using AP oxys at moment and had great gains in the past from them, but not sure whether get a tub of SB and sit on them for later use.
  14. i always thought selling drugs and such things is against Islam? they preach this and that, yet he was a big time drug dealer who ruined lifes lol. Very Islamic of him.
  15. jumping in on Thai Dbol thread, just got a tub of SB Labs Dbol as my DS source dried up. What are the SB Labs Dbols like?