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  1. make sure you buy a matching purse
  2. i dont like to stick more than 3, 3.5ml in any site. More than that thats a lot of oil to absorb plus 5ml barrels cant ages for inject with. 3ml barrels are nice and smooth, smaller surface area.
  3. might try them, but dont like creating accounts with addy details and CC info etc.
  4. yeah i send my readings 1st of ever month.
  5. hate musicians, bunch of fecking hypocrites. Go on about peace and love and sharing and all this shite after a terrible event, but they dont honestly care, theyre safe in the mansions with millions of pounds behind them. Plus the free publicity they get to launch new songs or albums like bands like The Black Eyed Peas did in Manchester. f**k um all. If they cared that much about things who about donating a few mill....tossers.
  6. yeah i was thinking the same. Theyre all basically the same, one maybe cheaper with gas but then more expensive with electric, or other way round. And yeah i agree people spend s**t loads on TV packages per month, and 24month contracts @ £50 a month cus they have a shitty iPhone lol. currently i pay, per year; Gas; £580 Electric; £740 so roughly £110 a month for both. I pay £165 for fecking council tax!! Might just sign it the 2 year fixed and send it back.
  7. im not an expert, dont know the in's and out's of a lot of things, but i think im right to say EQ doesnt increase you core body temperature, unlike tren. So if your sweating then it will be down to the thermogenic properties from your tren. i know lads using NPs mass-400 ttm blend and are having to lower the dose, and then lower it again due to tren sides. Sweats, nightmares, aggressive and or get paranoid, especially if theyre missus is training with them and they think other blokes are staring lol. i use to take tren all year round in my younger days. Now i just dont think i can cope with the hot flushes, and more honestly, as ive got bigger in life i turn into more of a c##t on tren. Can feel, see and hear myself acting like a pr**k, so i dont use it anymore. Safer for people around me lol.
  8. if cant get the rohm ttm 300 then my friends are using neuro pharmas ttm 400 and its blowing theyre socks off. i dont know how anyone could use tren in this weather lol.
  9. just had a friend ring and said he did a whole vial in 2 days and didnt really get much from it. He usually has to dilute it with a lot of water to avoid sickness, but this time he did 1ml and wasnt over the moon with darkness. In fact he and his friends burnt when on holiday even after loading up on it. Was plain top chinese generic stuff. will have to give one of the above sites a try and see what happens with theyre products? out of these which is best site to use? goldenglo??
  10. out of interest whats everyone else paying for the Gas and Electric per kWh? Just so i can compare.
  11. just had a letter this morning from BG asking if i wanted to got on fixed tariff till Aug 2019. Im on a standard BG tariff for both gas and electric and the fixed one would be the same rate per unit etc im paying now and fixed all the way till Aug 2019. ive got 14 days to sign and send back paperwork. i know little about energy pricing and crap like that, and not one for switching providers, just cant be arsed. question is, what are the chances of drops in both gas and electric prices over the next two years, or are we all expecting prices to jump? thanks currently paying; 3.71p per kWh for gas 12.28p electric
  12. finally manned up? lol
  13. agreed with this, well with oils like Karachis, Iranians, Norma etc etc. Counterfeit packaging is that good now you cant tell the difference. I just stick with a good UGL.
  14. g2g, tho i dont see any point in the producing test-e 300 and test-hep 300. I bet its the same oil but with a different label on. i could have dreamt it but sure someone told me they arent making test-e anymore and sticking with just hep. Tho i could be completely wrong.
  15. any of these take PayPal?