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  1. also, i think strains on the hospitals would be far less if patients, that arent in a serious condition, but moved to 'care home' style premises if theyre going to be there longer than so many weeks etc. I believe theres far too many people in hospitals taking much needed beds that shouIdnt be there! I remember my dad breaking his heal in 3 places after a fall. He only spent one night in hospital before discharging himself, due to the fact people on his ward werent there for injuries, but were there because they had no one to look after them at home. Older people with mental issues etc, people getting out of bed and pissing themselfs before a nurse comes and puts them back in bed, only for 20mins later for them to get back out again. These poor people need care homes, not hospital places.
  2. tough one as ive seen the NHS from two angles. If you've booked in/referred and having treatment, on the radar so to speak, then i havent seen any issues. Yes sometimes times between appointments might be longer than thought, tho sometimes its quicker, but if things need doing i think they crack on with it. A&E however, thats another story, madness with such long waiting times. Think they should triple A&E staff amounts! Think the private sectors help the NHS massively too. People moan about the private sector but they bill the NHS for theyre services and your still paying your NI so whats the difference? My missus is having treatment for her knees at a brand new building outside of the main hospital, its classed as private but still part of the NHS, services and treatment is amazing, never really behind on appointments either. trouble with the Labour party is that when they were in charge of the NHS they threw money at it that didnt achieve anything but giving people unnecessary jobs. Too many people with clipboards and not enough nurses. Throwing money at a problem doesnt solve anything. Any where is Labour getting the money from? Lets borrow and bankrupt the country yet again.....w**kers.
  3. lol, above all BS
  4. wc now do MENT, that'll pump things up lol
  5. if my forearms could take the pump id try it lol
  6. pens can come without box, easier to ship. Some come with box flattened and pen seperate, with the pen still in the plastic packaging. lack of CTS doesnt mean to say your GH is fake what video doesnt show is the mixture/twisting process. The making of the pen id imagine is very complex and id hope only pharma companies with major money behind them have the funds for such production methods. Its not like other pharma GH that simple come in a test-tube bottle thats piss easy to copy.
  7. im doing 50mg SB dbol with 30mg SB var....Boom! lol got some SB naps, maybe throw in one of those too.....Bosh! lol
  8. shattered! Sure im coming down with something, energy is up and down all the time. Went gym this morning, was fine till 30mins before i left then suddenly went tired. Was half arsed when i got there, but did what i could. Went yesterday too. Did chest but jesus my shoulder and forearm were in bits, so didnt do much. Decided not to run any painkillers or anti-inflams to see if my injuries had eased.....they havent! lol. Had to start taking things yesterday due to aches and pains. started back on the doors Saturday night, working down Leicester and a fancy/expensive late bar. Was an eye opener. The new company i work for have just taken the door over, two weeks ago, as the last firm f**ked everything up. Let the wrong people in, loads of trouble, charging entry to some people when its free entry, so stealing, and then dragging people out for no reason, or taxing them not to be removed. Apparently before things go so bad the place was taking 45k a week, that dropped to 20k due to trouble. That companies been removed and now a new firms taken over, so have to rebuild the rep of the place. Turning loads of people away, wanna be gangsters etc. Think the front door lads turn away 200 people on saturday night! Really picky who they want it, but was zero trouble inside, so its working. Was some trouble outside right at the end. Group of lads refused, they were wearing joggers FFS, probably would have been let in before, but not this time. Ended up having a stand off with a sneaky punch thrown by them, just touched a doorman but not damage. Formed a line and rdy for a fight but they backed down giving it the big one still, plastic gangsters. One of them had a crowbar up his sleeve too, little s**t. Had to stand ground as was outnumbered 2-to-1 and they were tooled up. Cowards. Other than that it was a good night. Heard the manager saying end of the night hes not seen people enjoying themselves like this for a long time, people dancing around etc, rather than that tense feeling with people just watching each other. See how this weekend goes, bank hol and all. Taking a cosh or dusters down with me, we gotta walk back to our cars end of shift so have to be careful.
  9. no a film but been watching the series Vikings back to back, very good! Just finished Series 4 vol.1, and d/loaded the next 10 eps. Watching 1 a night. Ragnar is proper! lol
  10. swap it or bin it. dont swap it for Delta either, same lab lol
  11. used a friend prescription once before, Schering ones, cant say i felt anything from it. Only 50mg so pointless for training.
  12. major DOMS today! Had one of my missus tramadols, never had one before, now my head feels heavy! lol. gym was rammed yesterday, full of pretty ibiza bum boys, and some fit birds for once, so pushed it a bit more, now my tits hurt badly (chest day) and even my triceps are sore! Cant think exactly wait i lifted, spaced out lol. did back today, until forearm pump was too great and quit. Lowered weights near the end cus didnt want to totally stop, just didnt force it, boarder line strain'ish. lifted this and that, drifting too much to write it all lol.
  13. know 2 people that had PIP from wc cyp recently, but sure 1 said he usually gets it but hadnt used for years so tried it again and got same PIP. Might be carrier oil.
  14. its not uncommon for labels to be put on the wrong tubs, but is that by mistake, on purpose to cash in? Cant say 100%. Just a gamble you take, just like if all the tabs were the same colour, white, you'll be worse of and have to have trust in lab/source. i always stick with pharma orals where ever possible, dbol naps winny, var, unless i use high dose var and i'll put my trust into one of my reg labs, Neuro Pharma.
  15. tricky on with certain colours. I remember my mate getting some Var and the colour was a mix between brown and purple. The more you looked at it under different lights the more it sent your eyes funny, and couldnt decide. Think he sent them back. I thought they were more brown that purple but still, not worth the risk when you can replace. your tabs look far more blue than purple IMO.