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  1. my brothers a Whiskey fan, Glenfiddich mostly. He left me his stash when he moved over to the States, told me to try them. Not my thing unless its got a bit of Canada Dry mixed in with it. Out of all the Glens i tried i liked the Oat Barrel ones, most expensive ones lol. No way on Earth id touch Bells! lol
  2. still a decent lab, well oils ive used have been decent. Prefer pharma grade orals. used a lot of rohm but recently im leaning towards Neuro Pharma as everyone local to me is getting very good gains off small amounts.
  3. yeah the Woodford Reserve is very nice. Makers Mark is a cracker too. Tempted to try Makers Mark grey and red wax top, £150 a bottle tho :/ Jim's Double Oak is one of my favs, cheap but spot on. my brother brought me a Jim Bean & Scotch Whiskey Hybrid back from the states, that went down too easy with a dash of cola. Get the warmth from the whiskey followed by the smooth taste of bourbon.
  4. bourbon and whiskey are two different things
  5. got a friend who cant use pink top bac water, gets lumps from both Sub-Q and IM injections. Hes trying to get the Green top bac water but hard to find. if he used solvent water to mix his GH, how long is the GH stable for before its wasted? i think hes getting through 1x vial E3Ds.
  6. they did work well, but she wants to look into other things. No different from a male using or meds rather than the same over and over again.
  7. i think its the alcohol the water contains, or something like that. Again it can be a common problem when using it to mix GH, peptides, MT2 etc.
  8. shocking England performance, couldnt catch a ball!
  9. i have a feeling it could be the bac water, might be a allergy issue, its common. Try a snap off solvent water and do another sub-Q in a fresh area. i jab either said of belly button. I buy seperate pins and barrels so can draw with a blue and replace with a yellow to jab.
  10. yeah trying going deep with the pin. Pull as much tissue away and then pin. could still try a IM shot and see what happens. Dont think spot injections make any difference. if still get lumps then just try switching waters to mix a vial, unless your using a cartridge/pen.
  11. try switching from bac to solvent water or other way round, you can have an allergy to one. also, try a IM jab and see if you get the same lump. you could also not be jabbing right and jabbing into skin or fatty tissue. could be just wank lol
  12. Primo was a suggestion by a friend who knows quite a few ladies using it, so thats all i got back when asked. shes already used var on a number of cycles i believe, and wanted something different to try.
  13. ^^ this. due to liver toxicity its recommended for short spells, so not really a BBing med. like DLTBB says the only people i know who use are power lifters. They'll use ED for 4 weeks pre-comp, with Halo and Naps along side. Day after comp, they drop everything and go clean. cant say M-Tren when i used it was amazing, Androxine blew it out the water, but just cant get it anymore.
  14. hi, what effects does Primo have for ladies? Got into a conversation last week with a friend whos missus wants to try something new so to speak. Shes used Var and Winny in the past, sometimes both together, and was talking about possibly trying oral Primo. I remember reading somewhere oral Primo is pretty much useless as hardly any gets through the liver? I asked around and injectable Primo at 100mg EW was mentioned. Has anyone used Primo and what was it like? Nice results, any sides? also someone mentioned 25mg Nap ED works well for females to? appreciate any feedback. Thanks
  15. i wanna know how he carried it?! lol