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  1. On another note, the Tren has certainly started to rear its head, i woke up at 6am this morning, with the fan on and the window open and i still had sweat all over my head! The bird kissed me goodbye and felt my head and asked if i was feeling ok haha
  2. Fairly light for me mate but making sure now that i get the bar to my knee caps.
  3. Back on tuesday looked like this: Straight Leg Deads: 60kg x 10 80kg x 10 100kg x 8 120kg x 10 Bent over rows: 100kg x 10 120kg x 10 150kg x 15 Lat Pull Downs: Full stack x 15 reps - need to hang a plate off this now to progress. Close Grip Pull Downs: Same as above. Seated Row: Full stack x 15 reps + a 20kg plate added! Dumbell Overheads: 30kg x 10 46kg x 10 40kg x 12 Straight Bar Curls: Worked up to 20kg a side plus the 15kg bar x 12 reps. Got a video of this so will upload it later.
  4. Ahh you're joking! Hopefully its not the same for me as i have 20ml Wildcat inj Dbol in my bag all ready to go haha!
  5. No sh1t! How you finding the routine compared to a more conventional split?
  6. How is yours structured mate? Like my worry is, deads is on a pull day and there is no way i would be able to do heavy deads the day before a leg day?!
  7. Actually decided to adapt my split to suit my current needs which was hamstring mainly. So they are getting hit twice a week, as are shoulders, and im backing off chest a bit. Still tempted to try a proper push/pull/legs though so im open to ideas.
  8. I was aware of fakes of the black tops going round hence why i stick to the 200iu kits mate. They're spot on.
  9. Cheers mate, hope the new one gives out enough info and updates. Got some more content going up but i need wifi.....damn 4k video!
  10. Been saying Hyge was absolutely brilliant bang for your buck providing you get the right ones (green tops with Hygene quoted on the box). Excellent news
  11. Haha, just goes to show that the rest of their setup is either lacking greatly or their gear isnt so great
  12. Thanks mate. I usually cruise for at least 8 weeks but i aim for 10. Doses have gone up since the original post - Test - 1.2g, Tren E 600mg.
  13. So last night I weighed in heavier than I ever have in my life, meals in the evening were small too as my bro was down with his kids so just had a tuna sandwich. The pic below was taken in the toilets before back yesterday and the scales last night before bed:
  14. Haha, i know what you mean. Luckily i have private healthcare through work so im sorting out some physio for my knees, that will get me 10 sessions then a follow up if i need it. I think i will invest in some wraps though, just dont want them helping with the lift too much and taking the stress off the muscle.