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  1. Sadly none of Mrs Chelsea, they stay on my phone Here's a quick shot of some seated rows, had some decent weight on there but i dont know what, did it on Tuesday and had 100kg a side:
  2. Im using 3iu pre training and 3iu post training, probably a little too early to tell but i havent noticed any difference, which doesnt surprise me as Hyge has been quality for years, always nice to try Pharma though haha.
  3. Literally just on shoulder days mate. 3 sets warm up then as many as i can do around the 300kg mark.
  4. Mon - Chest & Tris Tues - Back & Bis (every other week i do SLD's instead of Deads) Wed - off Thu - Quads & Calves Fri - Shoulders & Tris Sat - Hams, Calves, Biceps Sun - off
  5. Definitely bent over rows, if you can row even 3 plates a side with bar going past your knees with good form then i'd be surprised if your back wasnt developed. I have a lot of time for things like seated cable rows and close grip pull downs, both of those pull the fck out of my lats and i really feel them working.
  6. Basically the tracking of my knee caps were not straight so i was getting pain with everything i did, even going up the stairs! Knee sleeves really helped too, i wont squat without them, but the physio definitely helped and as you can see my squat weight has rocketed up
  7. So legs last week looked like this mate: Leg Extensions: 3 sets - final set i do the full stack for a good ten reps. Back Squats: 60kg x 10 100kg x 8 140kg x 6/7 170kg/180kg x 3/4 200kg x 9 Leg Press: I usually do this single leg as im usually training with the gf so: 100kg x 8 reps per leg 130kg x 12/13 reps per leg Pendulum Squats: 40kg x 10 80kg x 12-15 reps Walking Lunges: 22kg dumbells 30 paces Leg Extensions: 1 warm up set of nearly the full stack. 1 all out set with a 15kg/20kg plate on top of the full stack for 15 reps, stop wait 20 seconds then go again for as many as i can until complete failure. Sadly i went to do this workout last night and pulled my lower left back slightly on 80kg squats so im pretty fcking gutted right now! Doesnt seem too bad though so might have to squat on the weekend.
  8. It all sounded pretty normal until you mentioned your leg being swollen to the point of cracking! Ive had bad jabs that have meant i cant even lie on that side of me in bed but nothing thats made my leg swell up or any other part for that matter. Easy thing to do and probably most likely - ibuprofen 600mg every 4hours to bring swelling down and it will probably be fine. Sensible thing to do - go to the hospital and get it checked out mate.
  9. To answer your question, no steroid will give you thicker muscles than any other steroid, they all serve the purpose of muscle building, the thickness is something that will develop over time and as far as i believe, is mainly due to your training. I have yet to see a bodybuilder who reps 4 plates on most lifts with good form on things like, bent over rows, squats, deads, bench etc that doesnt have a superior level of thickness. On the other hand guys that arent very strong on compound lifts and focus more on the pump, stretching and squeezing will generally not be very thick set at all. Obviously there are always exceptions to the rules but generally speaking i believe the above to be pretty accurate.
  10. Shoulders a couple of weeks ago, 60kg dumbells x 16 reps:
  11. Legs tonight, havent had a chance to upload everything but i shall do that tonight. Vast improvements have been made especially in the leg department, going to try to find a photo before i had my knees sorted to see just how much size has been added.
  12. May as well chop my balls off if i did that
  13. True, ive only recently just used Tren (and currently still am) in my off findings...... Tren - if you can handle the sides then it is quite simply the best drug out there, it makes you strong like an ox and you really dont need much of it. That being said, i went up to 600mg/week (Neuro Pharma Tren E) and found that i was getting acid reflux which i have never had before and waking up almost throwing up in my sleep which wasnt nice at all, couple that with agression and your sleep not being optimal i would say that Tren is best used during prep/during a cut or at a very low dose in a bulk e.g,. 200mg per week. Deca - minimal sides, fantastic gains in strength but you will look a little more watery as Deca does aromatise (not as much as people think) and it does make you hold on to Aldosterone which makes you hold water. That being said....... a good clean diet goes a fcking long way, if i can still have abs on Deca at 19 stone then anyone can because trust me, my metabolism just isnt that elite, i never used to have abs when i was younger and lighter.
  14. You do not remember correctly, i definitely dont cruise on Deca, wouldnt be much of a cruise if i did Deca is a very very good drug indeed and very overrated and over-scrutinsed.