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  1. Blaming BDSM with a dominatrix for the loss of your flat and business.... Priceless.
  2. Jesus Christ......just a slight typo on the LD50 for Clen 80mg/kg i think that should be 80mcg/kg! 80mg would kill you!
  3. Indeed mate! Never had a bug before so it was a shocking revelation!! Truw though actually, makes me wanna push harder now as I feel like I've take 2 steps backwards. Hopefully mate, don't wanna weigh myself for a few days but at least today I've eaten well and my normal meals are in successfully! Llookkng at doing a slightly lower dose Test to avoid bloat, then use a mix of mainly NPP with a ml of Deca thrown in there to keep stable levels, plus maybe a bit of Winstrol as I love the stuff.
  4. In all my years of using AAS i can honestly say ive never once counted a tub of tabs. I bet he's well good at those games at the fare where you have to guess how many sweets are in the jar
  5. A lot of compounds have been around for decades mate, especially things like Deca and as far as bodybuilding being open to any change, i'd tend to disagree, i think bodybuilding/bodybuilders are always looking for the compeitive edge and are therefore always trying new things. Problem is, i feel like the results are always the same - basics work best. I do very much agree with you in terms of, if dosages are roughly the same then the results will be too, thats a very good point actually. Realistically, if you were a coach and you had 2 clients, 1 was on 500mg Test and 600mg Tren, the other was on 750mg Test and 400mg Tren, would either one have vastly different results to the other? Assuming all variables such as diet, training and rest are the same.....i doubt it.
  6. So.... had the worst week of my life, struck down with a horrific stomach but that has seen me lose a whole stone in 3 days and absolutely slaughter me, barely ate, didnt train and pretty much didnt leave the sofa apart from to go to the toilet, i wouldnt wish it upon my worst enemy! Thankfully in the clear now, stomach isnt 100% but im eating again and everything seems to be more "solid"! Back into training tonight, been cruising for 9 weeks this week so its time to get back on cycle. Also thinking of starting a whole new journal for it to track everything now, keep things fresh too as this should be the final run up until prep in January.
  7. Thing is, i always see posts like this mate but i rarely see anyone with before and after pics of such a cycle. I think what happens is that people get bored of running the same cycles or their gains slow down so they have to try to reinvent the wheel by suggesting something like that. I can get along with lower dose Test along with Tren or Deca but to not have it in there at all seems counter productive to me. Remember, there is a reason why Test as a base has been used for so many years.......because it works.
  8. Looking forward to it mate.
  9. Agree with the above. Just go with Testosterone, start on a low dose and work up depending on your results. Test should give you the extra explosive power you need and also enhanced recovery time.
  10. Exactly mate, everyone else seems to see us differently to how we see ourselves. I very rarely feel big at all, i know that probably sounds ridiculous, probably the only time i do is when i have an epic pump in the gym.
  11. Cheers mate, trying to get a lot more content up. Always do on Insta as well. Calves i have been battering, i do feel like they have actually grown quite a bit, but just as any calves......they still appear small to me in the vid haha.
  12. Yea mate. I only use it on days im training but yea, still use it for cruising.
  13. Legs last night: Squats: 60kg x 12 80kg x 10 100kg x 8 120kg x 6 140kg x 5 160kg x 12 - this is up from 18 reps on 140kg last week which im very happy with considering im just cruising. Single Leg Leg Press: 100kg x 10 per leg 120kg x 15 per leg Pendulum Squats: 35kg x 8 55kg x 12 Leg Extensions: 68kg x 8 Full stack - 20 reps without stopping - disgusting! Really good session. Slin was used pre and post workout, Gh was used post workout with the slin at 4iu - Hygetropin.
  14. 300mg Deca for a second cycle along with 500mg Test per week is definitely enough. Have your lifts improved? Has bodyweight increased, assuming you're looking to put on size? Is your diet and training optimised for your goals?
  15. The thing is, there will always be people pushing certain labs, that will never escape any forum, the trick is to try to see some proof in those that actually post regular pictures, videos showing that they are growing as opposed to those faceless accounts that jump on every thread about "what lab is best right now", we've heard every bit of sales pitch there is on here, the proof is in the pudding.