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  1. Ive dropped orals for my current cycle and the effect on appetite is noticeable! I actually can eat whereas before i just didnt fancy any food unless it was garbage. Orals will only be used by me for prep when i will appreciate the appetite suppressant.
  2. Here was a video of me doing 75kg bicep curls for 8 reps:
  3. Legs last night were brutal especially with a throat/chest infection: Squats: 60kg x 10 80kg x 10 100kg x 10 120kg x 8 140kg x 6 160kg x 16 - was on my own too so no spot! Pendulum Squats: 35kg x 10 50kg x 8 60kg x 15 - seriously rest paused these ones. Walking Lunges: Went up to 22kg's this week 20 lunges x 2 sets - horrendous, was on the floor gasping for air by this point. Single Leg Press: 100kg x 10 each leg 120kg x 12 each leg Leg Extensions to complete failure on full stack: By this point my quads were ruined, only managed to get 15 reps straight and could barely move them.
  4. I know exactly how you feel! Ive been there before, even just getting up of the sofa feels like a huge effort. Looking absolutely wicked though darlin, massively impressed.
  5. Why thanks very much, you on the other hand madam are looking tiny!! (in a bodyfat way - plenty of muscle still there). Not long till your show right?
  6. I think even NHS protocol for nurses has changed and doesn't require IM injections to be aspirated. I used to always aspirate but now i never do.
  7. Exactly mate, he's a fascinating man with a fascinating life and to be fair he looks like he's living the dream now. Completely agree. Love the way he just smokes weed now casually.
  8. A proper fcker! Luckily im still eating and training usually although i tire quicker towards the end of workouts. Last week when i was cold free i felt awesome, sadly it didnt last long. Looks like this is some sort of throat infection as i can barely speak this morning, hopefully should pass though, legs was good last night which was positive.
  9. Quick snap of the back on Tuesday:
  10. I believe this is the 6th week mate. Annoyingly ive been ill for 3 of them! Currently fighting off yet another chest infection but its a dry cough too which is keeping me up at night.
  11. Neuro Pharma mainly with some WC thrown in. Growth - Green Top Hyge
  12. You can do, but its absolutely not necessary.
  13. Im currently on 1.2g Test with no Aromasin at all mate. If i were to use Aromasin i would start at 1 tablet (25mg) e3d, then if im still experiencing sensitivity i would change it to eod.
  14. This is completely subjective, one person could need an AI on 500mg Test, another (like myself) can run over a gram of Test and not need any AI at all! Best thing to do is to have it on hand just in case you need it, my preference is Aromasin but dont take too much as its a suicide inhibitor and therefore a lot more effective than other meds like Arimidex. I took too much years ago and it did the following: 1. Really hurt my gains, i didnt progress much at all. 2. Made my body feel as stiff as a board! Was horrible, every joint and every muscle felt like there was no flexibility, wouldnt wish it upon anyone, i was limping around just after getting up from my chair at work, would take about ten paces to loosen up.
  15. Chest on monday went like this: Flat bench: 100kg x 8 140kg x 6 200kg x 4 - wasted loads of energy right at the start as the dude let go of the bar and i wobbled all the way to the right!! Incline Bench: 100kg x 8 160kg x 10 - think this may be a pb: Dumbell Flye's: 55kg x 10 - finally got a full ten reps on these with a little spot too. Did the usual Weighted dips and close grip bench after. Only thing thats annoying me now is that im ill again!! Got a chest infection and a proper dirty cough which is keeping me up at night!