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  1. Sorry too many personal issues at the moment. Wanted to enter and good luck to everyone who has got in. O, sure there will be some impressive results
  2. I wouldnt use any UG test if I needed it for TRT. Why risk it?
  3. Not having ago at anyone but dont you think peoples expectations of responses have become very unrealistic. I know a few people who sell (Don't we all) and they say people will literally email them then maybe about 5/6 more times in a day! I would always give someone 48 hours to reply. I don't let myself run out though then order in a panic as most sources don't care if you are on your last dbol. Should have prepared better!
  4. Bump for evenining crew and DNP fiends
  5. To cut a long story short I have some old BRL from a few years ago that were given to me. I passed some on to a female friend. She had never used and just took one tablet a day but didn't really feel anything. I remember definitely feeling something from one back in the day, when I went to 2 a day it was pretty horrendous so I was suprised by this. Does the DNP weaken over time. Was just sat in a sealed bag in a drawer for a couple of years. I wouldn't have expected it to be completely useless but i could be wrong. Shes on the Black Magic now and feeling warmer from it quite quickly on a slighly higher dose (250mg instead of 200mg) so don't think she is immune to it. Not sure if anyone can answer but are the old BRL ones likely to be pretty crap after a couple of years? Have others that I can use but don't like wasting gear. Especially as DNP costs a fair bit more than it used to!
  6. Pharma Cialis is great stuff. I like kamagra also but it takes a long time to work. Shes usually f**ked off and is shagging your mate before they kick in. LOL The jellies work faster but cost a fair bit more. Always best just to take in advance if you think your in for a night of loving! There always caverject if you a re feeling brave but I don't think even I could bring myself to use it!
  7. Be as nice as pie and don't bite. I never understand it myself. Best to be polite and don't get involved in a message exchange cos you will only get irate. Sadly they exist on all forums although I have noticed more than usual on here at the moment and I don't post all that much.
  8. Wasn't doubting you pal, just surprised!
  9. I reckon there might be the odd competitor who doesn't use, but they would be few and far between. Could you win it without gear? Not a chance. Its like BBing in that most competitors won't talk about it. Which is their decision. I'm surprised that Terry said that to be honest
  10. I'm not sure. I didn't ask her for my report card! Was like having sex with a corpse and I gave that up years ago. She acted like a bit of a prude but was a serial dater it seemed. So basically just out to get laid. Unfortunately she didnt meet Peter North. I am actually curious though myself!
  11. Have to dust it off and neck a load of viagra as Im not sure it still even works! Spoke to her a few times via FB since I started this thread and I think she has potential to be a loose cannon. Saying that the crazy ones are usually pretty good in the bedroom! I porked a teacher once who was probably the lamest bedroom experience I have ever had. She instigated it and lay there when she was dead! A few days later things were awkward and she said I "Didn't tick all the boxes" in bed! Haha. Didn't realise it was an exam. Then a week later she says I should probably get tested as she had a dose! Obviously seen more bellends than weekends!
  12. Like any drug they key word is could. I know a lot of people who use it but nobody has reported bad anxiety from 200mg. Doesnt mean its not possible of course. Its a funny one as sometimes one tablet does the job for me, other times I need two. If Im completely knackered I don't bother. I just use them if I have a lot of things to do in a day so that the old brain is a bit sharper. I don't think they exist in UG form, well not to my knowledge anyway but could be wrong? I dont think a full tab will push you over the edge but as with any med, check it wont interfere with anything else you might be taking
  13. Im very lucky in that I have a thick head of hair that never gets affected. Im quite lucky with sides from gear in general. Only notable things are tren anger and sleep issues oh and peanut balls no matter how much HCG I use!
  14. Indeed. Im just relaying what I have seen with my own eyes. This one particular friend loses hair at a bad rate if he uses any heavy androgens but doesnt seem to suffer with primo. He does use Pharma though which is definitely gtg so reduces the risk of playing the UG lottery!
  15. I find it takes a long time to work. Way in excess of an hour and its another one of those drugs that I build a tolerance up to very quickly. How much do you normally take?