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  1. Gains in size and strength were very good indeed. Water retention was a fucker and liver values d BP were raised after 3 or 4 weeeks in so decided to come off em. BP came down no problem. Was surprised about the liver as it's never flinched before even for a boozer like me. Decided to be sensible for once. I'd recommend it certainly but keep an eye on your vital signs
  2. Im guessing you tan naturally without MT2? I just go lobster unfortunately. It takes at least 6mg to load my body That was always the 'original' cycle that was suggested and seemed to always work fine. Wasn't aware it was damaging to the kidneys but uaseful to know. They are fine thankfully. Well assuming I havent pickled them in the last 6 weeks!
  3. Deca only cycle was 600mg of NPP only a week (was on accutane at time). Was really good and small amount of proviron kept things in check. Nandrolone was one of my favourite compounds but stopped agreeing with me. Preferred it to tren!
  4. Its a personal supplier not a website now. To be fair though it might just seem better cos I had a fair bit in me and this was a top up. I recall back in the day i felt so rough for hours after a jab now I notice but just about. Doesn't make me want to just stay in bed, which is good as I just jab whenever now and not just before bed like I used to
  5. I read the chaps post as 1.5mg a week. Per day yeah its a lot but wouldnt do much per week. To be fair tan is coming on better since I posted this. Done a slightly longer Sunbed session the other day which is maybe whats needed I only buy 10mg bottles. Didnt know 2mg ones existed. Not the most expensive commodity to be fair. Just remember the first time I went so dark from so little!
  6. 1mg a day for 7-10 days used to be the loading dose pal 1500mcg weekly is not enough buddy unless I have miscalculated?
  7. Not read all the comments but I have used successfully many times. One big factor at the moment is the ranging quality of the stuff. I sometimes prefer a blast of 400-500mg for a week to ten days. Any more than that is very hard to take and as pointed out above you will burn up. If not your gear is s**t A 'nicer' way to do is is 250mg a day for a few weeks. Most tabs seem to be dosed at this now. Few pointers - Keep electrolytes in balance (buy tablets of keep bottles of lucozade sport light in the fridge). - Manage potassium, DNP crmpaing can be bad - Drink excessive water (2l a day probably not enough with the excess sweat - Fasted cardio on it is super effective but be careful not to over do it. You get so much moire 'reward' for cardio on DNP then when not although its harder obviously - Maybe consider an appetitite suppressant like sibutramine as the sugar / carb cravings can be hard to resist on it. If you are super strong willed then dont - No or low alcohol ideally
  8. Can someone move this to the tanning section please. I didn't realise there was one!
  9. Sunday to Thursday pal. Its the Monday-Wednesday daytimes I need to find places to eat/drink. Dont want to be stuck in hotel all the time as tempting as it can beĀ¬
  10. Is it just me or has the quality of this gone to horse crap over the last few years? When I started one bottle and a couple of sunbed sessions left me fairly dark. Now I have to pump about 3 bottles in (and counting) and dont get same effect although it is working. Have tried different suppliers but all seems the same. Obviously real cos it stops me burning and I am fair skinned. Have a bit of tan but used to get more from a lot less MT2 Just curious
  11. I'll be in Eastwood area if that makes any difference! Not a rentboy. f**k standards would have to be low if they paid to sleep with me there!
  12. Got a few days to kill at the end of this month in Derby, although Nottingham is not far away. Never been to either and wondered if there are any decent little boozers or things worth visiting. Will have company in evenings but just be in hotel and wandering during the day. So any suggestions would be welcome! If anyone fancies a pint I'll always let you buy me one!
  13. Firstly this really is for a friend. I have been clean a good little while now! I never tried K even when I was a user and discovered its available in intectable form now. A pal asked me how much he 'should' be taking. I honestly wouldn't have a clue. Didnt realise it existed til yesterday so wasn't going to advise him other than not to take it at all til hes done his homework! Has anyone used the inject form? I believe its an amount so small that a slin pin is needed so guessing its not to be dicked around with. Would like to find out to pass some information on rather than be carrying his coffin in a week!
  14. I have a funny feeling they stopped doing it recently pal but thanks!
  15. elloborate please?