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  1. Same situation mate, as as a friend. Zero libido. Pumping yourself full of test or proviron is not the answer. Could be a problem with your endocrine system system - increased by certain factors like gear Viagra cialis etc are only masking the problem. Get to your GP. I need to but women are about number 50 on my priority list now S
  2. Shes s skank, Marriage means nothing to her. If shes unhappy, Get a divorce. Bang her, take photos and send to the husband. Do him a favour
  3. Inclined to agree
  4. Exchange supplies. Just got a years supply! LOL Get Leur lock if possible. More secure. Especially if injecting a thick oil
  5. Dimensions and Sphinx seem a popular choice and both came back bang on CC. Not opening a can of worms just saying!
  6. Got some rather devastating news last week that my Auntie is dying of cirrhosis, Beyond repair. Obviously this has made me think cos my mother went ballistic when I was drunk yesterday, which is understandable as she is watching her sister die.. I always come out of on LFTs but have been drinking a fair bit (a load by most peoples standards) and also running dbol and oxys lately. Not used orals in a while but its an unbelievable combo. Anyway - Will it make any difference if I stop the orals and dont drink for a few days before the test or does it not work like that. Heard conflicting opinions. Thanks
  7. Bcaas are fine. Mix with your water and consume over work out. Youll soon find fasting becomes easier if you struggle at first. Just reduce the eating window gradually over weeks. Dont dive straight in!
  8. Absolutely fine. All ther range have been so far. Some a little nippy and told the cialis takes a long time to work Oxys and dbol are immense. Hopefully I can train tomorrow following arm injury!
  9. What people don't tend to know is you should start running it before the cycle and during if you are prone to hairloss. Not when its too late. Luckily never been an issue for me but it is effective Im told if used correctly Cant remember price but don't recall it being outrageous, might check out of curiosity incase I ever do need it!
  10. Hope this isnt breaking rules Have a Now tv box that used to be set up with sky sports etc. Not used in months. Plugged in today to give to a friend and none of it works. Is there a quick way of saetting it up again? Dont wanna spend loads of time and money on it
  11. Seems very very popular at the moment. Not gonna lab whore but there is decent UG going around at the moment. I stick to pharma though for everything. Well apart from DNP! If only it existed!
  12. PM me pal if need me. I am undergoing therapy for anciety and depression and its hard work and a horrible thing to go. I have had CBT etc in the past, load of shite. Got a private "shrink" now and its helping a lot. The NHS offering was abysmal. I know they are struggling financially blah blahblah. Sick of hearing it. Good luck buddy
  13. 10mg is more than enough. Post up your diet in the diet section and people will help you. Var is fine and 10mg is a normal dose for lasses but having the other elements in place is key. Welcome to UKM by the way
  14. Pharma all the way. Some UK ancillaries are okay but why play the lottery!
  15. Eq is cheap. Any half decent lab should be able to get in it on nose Never used pharmachem