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  1. Today getting wankered on 2 quid pints.
  2. ive been struggling for a long time. Had some serious lows and some decent times and have never thrown in the towel. a year ago I would have said I would never return home to live but the last few months have changed my thinking big time. My aunt who just died never really saw her son for years cos he was always working abroad. He then returned just to see her die a slow and painful death which was awful and really made me think.
  3. I remember when I went there you could basically walk into the country if you had 100k aussie dollars to donate to the government!
  4. What visa is that?!!
  5. Indeed - You get what you pay for . I would just go there either with loads of cash or a solid job lined up. A few grand will not last long in either Sydney or Melbourne/. I remember you used to have to prove you had 2k in the bank to be allowed in. Should be more like 20 to give you a chance to get set up. Will get ate up quickly if you don't get work
  6. No I worked my contract and decided not to renew. Basically I was being worked into the ground on a project which just couldnt deliver. Health was suffering. ASked for more staff several times and only when I decided to part company did they offer to pull their finger out but damage was done by then. Was a wise move as its ended up a total train wreck now I beiieve. I became friends with the guy who done the job before me and he said he left for exactly the same reason and he was a bloody good worker too. Can only sustain 110% for so long before you burn out. Good experience but people in london are not very friendly at all in my opinion. Very few exceptions and im really outgoing. Make friends everywhere I go, but not there!
  7. Lived in Melbourne for 6 months about 10 years ago and really liked the place but was quite expensive back then and doubt its got any cheaper but if you have ajob lined up then sweet. I brought plenty of wedge and then picked up work easily enough when I was out there which paid good dollar. Missus of course got home sick so we ended up coming back. Would love to go out on my own with a s**t load of cash but unlikely to happen! Sydney is good as well. Considered moving there after a visit or two. Can't go wrong with either. Southbank is where we lived literally across the road from Melbourne Casino. Not good when you decide to go for a drunken gamble!
  8. Nice idea but my bank account is too battered now to even consider that. Dont want to move again for a short term contract. Need a little stability. JUst worried its gonna be a headfuck. Looks like getting some weights is the only option unless I want to train after work. Just seen Dutchys timetable and its 9.30 opening! Theres only 3 gyms I know of in the town and they open a 9, 9.30 and 10am which is wank
  9. Thanks all. My Mum does nag me like hell about drinking but thats understandable as she just buried a sister who drank herself to death and I could do with cutting back. Im struggling to find a gym that opens before 9am which is a real fucker as when I do start working it will most likely be office work and I have always trained before work, Can never be bothered after work. Theres a gym that has opened just up the road from me but not had a chance to look into it. Could walk in 5 mins but its bloody expensive and looks tiny. Dutchys gym - a chain I believe. Unless its for snobs which I doubt. There must be something about them to justify 50 quid a month or just above.
  10. Yeah in my drawer! haha. Im not concerned about getting it but like to buy in quantity so I don't get my pants pulled down when buying. On a side note I was chatting a pal of mine who is a local cop (crooked as they come) and he was telling me the street price of Valium over there now. I nearly fu**ing collapsed!
  11. Great time for me to be moving back. FFS!
  12. Long story short Been living away from home since I was 18 all over UK and abroad. Living somewhere now i really am not happy in and have no work (and other things) which has meant months of stress. My mother has lost 2 sisters in the last 3 weeks so is not in a great frame of mind. I am thinking of biting the bullet and going home (Mum and Dad live apart so can move between paces at my leisure which is good). One is near town. One is more rural. Benefits are of course being close to family, mum in particular not having to worry about rent etc in the short term anyway and my best friend is still there although is a family man now still makes time. I will however lose my independance which on one hand will drive me nuts but on the other hand it could help cut my drinking down which has got a bit too frequent lately. Kind of a forced detox which is good and bad. It will be hard at first. Just need to keep busy. Not leaving anything behind really. Few acquaintances that's about it. Not saying I am going back forever. Maybe for a year or so and see how it pans out. Has anyone else done this and how did it work out? Still not set in stone but I need to decide pretty much by tomorrow for definite so i can give my notice in on this place and get stuff sent home. Any input?? Thanks
  13. virgin again x15 or whatever. If you could get it I might even be able to do a deal with you as i need to move before contract end and cant get it back home which is annoying as I will have to pay the remainder of it which is about 6 months.
  14. Didnt work. Could get into bios but the windows boot disk just brought me to some ubunto restore page. I can access the bios and srted the boot order. Pulling my hair out"!
  15. Cheers pal. Im in no hurry as I will join a gym for first few months. Their opening times around here are crap. I will hope to start working before long and nowhere seems to open early to allow before work training which is strange. Maybe i have been spoiled in England!