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  1. elloborate please?
  2. Thanks gents. May well invest in it! How long does the course take. I dont want to particularly be a bouncer but would like the option cos I need the money. I believe the standard SIA is not enough to do doors?
  3. thanks pal. dude may pay it but if not I'll fund myself cos input of work and going mad!
  4. Sure some of you will know. struggling to find work so have considered doing security. Not necessarily bouncing. more likely long shifts on building sites. Guy I know controls security for the town so would probably give me a job if I had a badge. Woukd probably pay if I was going to do it long term but that's not my plan. I thought if I could get the badge quick then ask him tnst might work. Can anyone advise?
  5. The adex is pharma not Sis, just to avoid confusion. Personally I wouldn't bother with them. Early batches were very patchy and whilst they seem to have upped their game there's no room for second chances in this game for me. Hope it works out for you
  6. Its not as clack and white as suggested. I know people who train eat next to nothing and grow like nobodies business, gear or not. Similarly you have your hard gainers who can train and eat like hell and struggle to gain any muscle. Basically your genetics will determine it but generally speaking most people would find it quite difficult to gain on a significant calorie surplus, even on gear
  7. Can depend on a load of factors. 80 i a bit on the high side for a resting 25 year old but certainly nothing to be massively worried about. I would not want it going much higher though. Im 36 and near 20 stone and mine is generally low 70s
  8. Would seem quite high yes but wouldnt doubt it for a minute. Would have to be measuring blood sugar levels constantly. Suppose though top level bodybuilding is a full time job so maybe that's part of it Have used slin briefly myself but came off just because I thought it was a little hardcore for someone who is at best a recreational trainer
  9. I liked city living but there were times I would give anything to be teleported to the country. Now that I live in a rural place I occassionally miss the city. Nightmare getting drugs around here! haha Joking aside I feel more 'at one' with the country as I was brought up here. However I moved to a big city when I was 18 and after 15 years I couldnt imagine living in a rural environment but here I am. To summarise I dont thinkliving in a city all the time is good for you. I think its a very stressful environment at times and people really do start to piss you off which you dont get as much when out of the crowds but it can be frustrating having to travel for pretty much anything!
  10. 36 Body of a 50 year old. Penis of a 60 year old. Sense of humour of a 12 year old
  11. i wonder hoe many of the 8000 were alcoholics in denial!
  12. That one pal although im basically asking if people have a paypal account that they use
  13. yeah I guess it does give better customer protection. too much to be honest!
  14. I have been asked if I want to get involved in a small business. Only stumbling block is that they only accept paypal. I want to know how much on an issue this would be? I know personally I dont use it as I have had numerous bad experiences with it but I know loads of people who have been fine with it Just need to get a rough idea really
  15. Using TM at the moment. Why not? Currently using TM. Its not bad. The best I have used of late is black magic but sadly it didnt stay around for long. Yellow magic and BRL are decent also. Sadly just not as available and cheap as it used to be!