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  1. Surely you jest Sir!
  2. Not a fan of either of these teams, but hope Arsenal win, would be a nice end to Arsene's reign.
  3. That would be brilliant mate, please do not wash it though, I need to smell him.
  4. How does his magnificent beard look in real life, did you touch it?
  5. I was thought a little lower to be honest, I think a lot of people lie about their true body fat levels, or they are just guessing.
  6. Without looking at his latest video, what would you say his body fat is?
  7. They are saying now that the sh1t house was known to the police. Suicide bomber 'was known to authorities' The suicide attacker is said to have been ‘known’ to the authorities and anti-terrorist officers are going through hundreds of hours of CCTV footage trying to ‘pick him up’ during his journey to the arena. Officers also believe that he will have carried out a ‘recce’ to the giant venue in recent days and a separate team are studying footage going back into the past week. Forensic and bomb squad officers are studying the remains of the device recovered so far but initial indications are that the bombmaker had used a ‘level of sophistication’ suggesting he had received training and not made it from ‘a terror recipe’ on the Internet. One security source told MailOnline : ‘It is unlikely that if the device was sophisticated that the suicide bomber made it – experience shows that organisations are reluctant to ‘waste’ the expertise of a bombmaker in an attack, preferring to keep him or her for another attack.'
  8. My sister in law has just had hers done three weeks ago, she is fine now, well almost she is able to drive, but she needs the other one done as well.
  9. Just took 10 days off because of a virus, well to be honest fcuk knows what it was, my snot was like glue, really fcuking thick, and one moment it was clear, then green, then clear, did my fcuking head, did a shoulder workout at home on saturday, but not been in the gym for over two weeks, nearer to three.
  10. I was great at 47, then BOOM, old father time came knocking lol
  11. I'm 54 Mr Stevo, I was doing find until my late 40's, but just lately I am starting to fall apart, had a couple of operations, nothing major, plus the odd niggles are no longer odd, more like regular niggles lol
  12. Stop it, showing off that is lol.
  13. I'm still here, though I must admit I have not been in for quite a while, it's quite depressing get old, you cant lift as heavy, you cant run as fast, you cant drink as much, fcuk depressed myself even more lol.......................but we keep going, or rather I will next week, not trained for 10 days because of a virus, but onward and upward as they say.
  14. Sorry to hear about your mate, l lived on ephedrine for years when it was legal, now I have an irregular heat beat.
  15. Complete waste of time, it seemed like they are trying to push Von Moger on us, what the fcuk was he even in it for?