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  1. Thats what I did in 1981, bought the bike from the local bike shop, a big heavy 250cc, then pushed it about a mile up a slight incline to my cousins house, and said I have just bought this, how do you ride it lol, it was a bit mad back then.
  2. I had to stop drinking them for the same reason, never known farts like them, beautiful full bodied they were, but they did not go down to well with the wife lol.
  3. You swine Graham, although you are nearer to 60 than me
  4. Mine was blue, but they also did red, my cousin got a red one, someone near where I worked had a custom paint job, like petrol in a puddle, it looked really good back then.
  5. It was fcuking huge, and weighed a ton lol, it was ok on a long journey, but just nipping out on it for a bit of fun was a waste of time.
  6. I did have a sort of bike in 1981/82. Honda super dream 250, I should of got a Yamaha RD 250, but was to impatient and bought the Honda, I got away doing some crazy sh1t on that thing, had a few near misses.
  7. This is what puts me off having a bike, it only takes a second for someone to pull out on you, and bang your fcuked up.
  9. Ooh I love it. My your a quick one.
  10. You could pull me with a bottle of covonia, when I was a little fella, I used to drink all the butter cup syrup in the house, also used to sniff my dads resin and glue collection. PS he was a joiner.
  11. Doesn't codeine bung you up?
  12. Keep it under your hat mate, he only pretended to die, so he could sell more records.
  13. Well they say nothing in life is free, but here we have a free gym, just ignore the hot babe working out.
  14. Like this lol, go to 1.30.
  15. He is to busy getting ready for Armageddon