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  1. This baldy fcuker is part of the problem, Tucker fcuked him up big time.
  2. Thats the spirit lol
  3. Only one, I have to watch 3/4 together.
  4. They all suit the parts they play , spot on casting, Ulrich cracks me up.
  5. I would say it's the same sort of humour as peep show, and the inbetweeners
  6. Two giant thumbs
  7. Silicon valley.
  8. Here we go again, this forum is getting worse, I thought it was going ok, no real nasty insults like in the past.
  9. You need to take vitamin K2, if taking vitamin D3
  10. We will SEE you later hahahahahahahahah, I am so funny at times it hurts
  11. Sometimes you need to go back to move forward, I think you should go back, and if it was the wrong choice, move out again, but thinking about it, and doing nothing can be very stressful, plus you are held in limbo.
  12. Keep an eye for Frank Richards mincing around Venice beach lol, this was my Era, I used to buy all the magazines.
  13. A well paid informant Mr Blue, we may well be paying you and a few others on here a visit very soon