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  1. Eye in the sky, better than I was expecting.
  2. I think the plates are only 10kg's, so maybe his mate threw it up to him lol
  3. I see it's repeating on you
  4. The nine inch club is pretty good, we have some laughs in there, mainly at all you tiny little men lol
  5. Very scrappy game, we were very poor and should of lost, but maybe that tells you more about the French than us, they out played us, and out thought us for most of the game, but they still lost, they will be scratching their heads this morning wondering how it got away from them, we can only get better though.
  6. Yeah but does he flush
  7. Hahaha classic
  8. What man likes cake hahahaha
  9. Cheers buddy
  10. Ya fcuker lol, actually they almost got me a few years ago, Internet was running really slow, then the phone rang, and it was a little foreign fella on the other end, saying I can see your internet is running slow sir, please let me assist you, well I did half of what he told me to do, then a little bell went off in my head, it was nurse with my meds lol
  11. Thats very true, I am a granddad four times over, with the fifth one due this July
  12. They can have it, it's probably full of disease the way young women put themselves about today.