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  1. Ok, I tried his TA now for two weeks. It is doing definitely something, but I'm pretty positive it is not authentic TA 200:1. It is bitter, but drinkable and I do not have the same effects I had with other TA products in the past.
  2. Hey, sorry I do not check the messages very often since the forum does not support Tapatalk any longer. Well, I think I'm gonna do a small order for Forskolin and TA just to check how it works out, at worst I have to bin the stuff. However, his dosage advices seem pretty weird, way too high. Check http://www.anabolicmen.com/ for some information. I tried pretty much every "natural" thing listed on there, and Forskolin is an absolute keeper. At 100mg/day I lean out without doing an extra effort. And legit TA just gives you great feeling (strength, libido, etc.) if you do not mind the random boners. But I do also respond to bulbine, highly dosed ecdysterone/turkesterone and pine pollen, so maybe I am not representative. And i do not want to mess with gear (not legal in my country), so I basically ingest crazy amounts of random herbs with no human studies Edit: OK, he does not stock TA at the moment.
  3. He also got a store on http://stores.ebay.co.uk/spirit-scents-xyz (99,6% positive feedback) Do you think it is legit stuff (I'm not sure the average buyer can testify it)? The concentration, certificates, etc. for stuff like Coleus, Tongkat Ali look almost too good to be true for the given prices. I know there are different opinions here, but I get pretty good results with legit Coleus and Tongkat Ali (bloodwork done for this one), but they are pricey (at least for Tongkat Ali) so I would not mind to find a good source. Anyway if anybody ordered there or can give me advice, I would be very grateful. Thanks