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  1. 5 slipped discs , paraylised and unable to move much for 6 weeks , few years on and i have constant pain in both testicles both legs and everyday since is painful as f**k . been shot stabbed had a pint glass and a bottle to the face , but the disc pain is by far the worst as it never goes but can be manageable .
  2. very true however no fucker knows sally from 2 doors down ......
  3. go to the address you have then take down car reg go to dvla request info see if they match or sit outside the house watching to see if said person enters/leaves ...
  4. was gonna say i`ll be working at pryzm on broadstreet so i`ll get you and mrs in free , im on front door so come straight up . joshn is a unit but then he is midget lol
  5. your smashing empty bar PB`S though and we`re not
  6. theres a study i seen the other day proving the stuff kills the users health . zantac and rennie or something alkaline like bicarbonate of soda , milk helps but fcuks with cals . list of foods that help keep the gut alkaline
  7. you do need estrogen too but not too much obvs
  8. exactly this . people moan about being fat or eating too much shite or moan their cv is crappy . the only solution is to get off their lazy backsides and take responsibility for their own actions , far too many people moaning about s**t THEY can control .
  9. changed privacy
  10. 180 front squat ..
  11. with a back like mine it counts lol