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  1. 250 test every 10 days will not be like another cycle. And not when you have added nearly 2 stone.
  2. 250mg of test should be fine. You will loose some strength coming off the tren but 8 to 10 weeks at 250 should do you just fine. Lipids should return to normal in that time and it will mean your body responds better when you blast back on. I wouldn't expect you to loose much muscle mass in 250. Just try and maintain the weight you were lifting and the calories/rest.
  3. Is that the superdrol. If so it's stonking!! Used it myself and I have a client on it at the moment who's packing on about 4lbs a week. Strength has gone ballistic too.
  4. Equi is super long acting as well. Wait at least 2 weeks imo
  5. What bf? How much did you gain on cycle and what was the cycle?
  6. That's for a cruise not trt mate. He asked me what the difference was. Trt is the level your body would produce naturally so around 125mg every 7 to 10 days. Depends what your levels where before trt.
  7. Swap Adex for aromasin 12.5mg e3d. No rebound. Add nolva at 20mg Drop clomid down to 50mg after 2 weeks and run for 1 more week.
  8. Depends how much LBM you gain and are carrying. I cruise on 125mg-250mg per week. Others like @Chelsea need around 400 -500 as he is an utter mutant. It's justified by how big you are imo. You drop down to a dose that is the smallest you can get away with for holdholding what you have built.
  9. As above it is more of a way of maintaining muscle tissue you than fertility but I do know that raised igf levels do help in some way. Not to sure on specifics. I used novorapid not HUMALOG in the end. Again it won't matter. The star of the show is the hmg, hcg and proviron together imo
  10. I would also add in some zinc and vitamin c. I used a product called fertile aid. Had tons of over the counter meds. It's one of very few products out their to have some scientific studies to back it up. You need to give it more time. If the goal is recovery time is your best fried .
  11. Not heard or seen him post in a while. What is it you need help with, @swole troll is very knowledgeable in similar areas as him, as am I... or at least I like to think so.
  12. Old caps were s**t as they underdog ed at a guess do no one died. They 250mg ones made me loose 11lbs in 7 days on the first run at 250 for 5 days and 500 for 2. Then used them to loose 24lbs in 11 days (after show rebound mostly water) but sill the weight literally fell off me I've used rexon ones and others and all have been average at best compared. Yes i use tm. Yes I like their stuff. No I am not affiliated. If it was rubbish I woukd say the opposite. Same as I rave about wildcat, NP and rohm.
  13. So you stand by the results and it in no way could be a mistake with your equipment, testing process or anything at your end? No matter how it got to that dose, no matter what illicit manufacturing may of take place to get it to that level you wholeheartedly believe that the levels stated are what the samples contained?
  14. Then I would suggest you have gone through a vein or blood vessel perhaps. How is it you know for certain you have been through a vein? If the needle passes through a vein it will not always be obvious at the time of injection. I am not suggesting you are. Getting PIP from any lab does not mean anything. This is exactly why I think it is either a, your process or b a vein or vessel