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  1. I was so close to serious injury you would not believe, I took a hole out of the TV unit but I was struggling with narrow stance on a 20 plate, I forced the lift up so fast I rocked backwards first, then over compensated going forward and fell off the plate, 3 steps forward with 250kg at my waist height and I fell down, straps still attached to bar etc, lol Joking aside its the first accident I have had in over a year and it almost cost me broken bones, really shook me up big time. Red Circle shows where bar went through TV unit.
  2. This does not make sense mate, I mean this nicely, ok, I understand you had a torn shoulder, and you train for BB but your trying not to Relapse your injury, I can assure you if your near your 1 or 2RM your in the danger zone, stick to BB rep range, or having said all that you might have felt sufficiently recovered from injury to do the heavy reps you showed? Stick to lower weight FULL reps until you can confidently do the reps to chest otherwise its just ego lift mate and your gonna relapse.
  3. I had an accident about 4 weeks ago, 250kg at the top deficit lifting from a 20kg plate, I fell off and walked 3 paces forward into the TV unit. Really knocked my confidence!!
  4. Some recent lifting from inside the House. 200mg TestE per week- (Cruise dose) >>> >>> >>>
  5. Is there a reason your not touching the chest on these reps, that's generally considered a full rep.
  6. Cheers for that, the 5ml caught my attention, and I wondered what the strength was cos that's about 1 and a quarter grams of Test, I know you said you were on a blast but I tend to blast on 600, we are all different and I am not knocking you as you have clearly stated the amount and the rough dosage per ML, for me that's an awful lot. Just my opinion mate and again cheers for clearing that up. no offense.
  7. Thanks for clearing that up, I don't even juice 5ml TestE a month. What Strength is the Test?? ie 250? 400? Normally 1ml gives the dose stated on the vial.
  8. Your missing the point..... 5ml or 0.5ml?? A WEEK.
  9. I would think 5ml would be more than "Just working" !! or is that 0.5ml?
  10. Some decent lifts here, well done folks.
  11. Yes @Fadi65 that is some pretty decent advice and a technical breakdown of the reasons. I too thank you because I was about to introduce these to my routine. Everyone I have watched doing these are borderline sitting down on the bench and now I understand this can be a problem.
  12. I am not bothered what packaging looks like FFs.... lol.... I was wondering if it was common knowledge that the labelling and design had changed from what I am used to seeing from sphinx.
  13. I hear you man @aqualung but as well as an anti psychotic its used for Depressive episodes (that's on the label I have in the box) Depression is low mood and therefore these tablets are commonly used to stabilize such a condition, My doctor wanted me to try them following a letter from psychiatry department, I don't suffer psychosis and never have, nor Bipolar, I was on 25mg x2 per day and as I am sensitive to substances I found these tablets did turn me into a zombie..... I hear your points but stand by the fact the are also used for Major depressive episodes and it says so on the information ticket in the box.
  14. Supplier assured me legit, he never let me down once in a year, nice and smooth, no pip.
  15. Yes it is a mood stabilizer, >> Quetiapine, marketed as Seroquel among others, is an atypical antipsychotic used for the treatment of schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and major depressive disorder. Quetiapine is used for Treating schizophrenia or bipolar disorder. It may also be used for other conditions as determined by your doctor. Bipolar depression for 1, It is used to stabilize the mood ie- depression.