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  1. True, in my early years and even now actually I generally use the Forum for my own benefit, but I do like to help others too if I can. This whole "likes" and "rep count" means nothing to me tbh, for a while I thought the forum got quite bad not long after the transition to the new format but it has picked up again and seems to be in good shape.
  2. haha, Quality, at least you have a sense of humour, should have followed it up by asking her Mobile number, she would be pissing her self then lol. Joking aside you have got a good amount of advice now from different folks and now you can start again. Best way is to record your lifts, (I bought tripod recently on ebay for £7) and then get us or someone with experience to guide you. You have broken the ice and had a laugh but at least you have not broken bones, muscles or tendons, I commend your sense of humour but now the serious approach to benching begins. lol
  3. Thanks for not taking it personal man, at least you are trying, some folk don't bother their asses to do anything, yes I know your no fool and you have the right idea about dropping down the weight and sticking to reps you can handle, if going for a 1, 2, or 3 RM you must use spotters or safety rails, even if the weight does not damage you, can you imagine how embarrassing it would be to worm your way out of weights stuck on your chest/gut. lol. You did the right thing posting up the video, now we can help you better and prevent you from injury.
  4. This is wrong at every level. 1. no spotters. 2. weight too heavy. 3. rushed into lift. 4. weight lowered too fast. 5. back to basics. 6. No pre lift set up. Well done for posting the video. You MUST go back to basics and lower the entire weight and start from scratch. This is dangerous and if abused the Bench press can kill you or break ribs, all sorts of issues can occur. Sorry pal, this is not meant to make you feel s**t but I would rather warn you than you be crushed by the weight breaking a rib.
  5. Yea, create youtube channel, or account then upload it, then drop link.
  6. Fair play man, 80kg standing OHP is decent.
  7. We need to see video man, we can then guide you far better.
  8. Yes I totally get that, that's about where I am now, 1 thumb length exactly from the smooth, I think I will introduce more wider (1 extra thumb length and a second thumb length)into my sets, I do retract my scapula but I am quite flat in the grand scheme of things. Your method is very clever, in effect (no offence) your moving the weight less distance and that's cos you have nailed that technique. Looks awesome.
  9. Sorry I meant CM not Inches in last post lol , I actually tried it a few weeks (your style) back and ended up with Tendonitis in my Arms, it was working well to 100kg but at 140kg all my geometry was wrong and I had to stop.
  10. Good lift Jake, I have the Blue (Mark Bell) sling, entry level, I can push 190 with it, your style of lifting is very envious, I cant arch my back that much and my bar travel distance is about 30 CM. lol, you seem to have nailed it down to about 10 CM so very well done on the lift and the technique in particular.
  11. This is the best example I have seen of near perfect deadlifting technique, and without wraps, notice the PRE-HIP movement to get things all ready and aligned for the power stroke!!!!
  12. https://www.instagram.com/andybolton1003/?hl=en Check out his deadlifting last night, notice the hip movement we have been discussing.
  13. Whilst we are on this topic have a read of rounded back deadlifting, it does exist, your method might be 100% precise for you, you need to read up though and decide if your potentially putting yourself at risk, I have opted for the neutral straight back. Also I have only been deadlifting 1 year but read up and studied. Aiming for 300 by end of the year although I think it will be much sooner.
  14. Best thing I would suggest is drop to 100kg and lift and record each lift, Experiment and see what you can do, if its not for you then stick with what you know and like best, there is nothing worse than someone telling you your doing it wrong, I am still not saying that but I think you could drop your rear an inch or 2 and get that back straightened some. Its a tricky subject because you could be a better lifter than me, but I strongly believe that a flatter back is prone to less potential damage.
  15. Second Squat was really good, I posted up a picture of your back angle on your deadlift then I remembered reading an article about rounded back deadlifting being a style in itself, so I removed it, I was pointing out your starting off back angle but realised I was leaving myself open to criticism, here it is anyway. I don't want to say its wrong but its not how I deadlift, we all find whats best for us. Your back is very rounded.