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  1. So forcing the knees out, I got you now.
  2. Don't suppose you could point me to a video of this, I think I understand but not fully. TY
  3. @Jakemaguire Thanks and sorry to hear you have hit a bit of a bad spell in training, pretty sure you will bounce back and the rest might be beneficial (muscles), I just been plodding away but this is 10kg up on the last effort so not too bad and as deep really as I can get, takes a few reps for me to really hit depth but these are not ass to grass and I don't pretend they are. Good luck getting back into it and look forward to your next PB.
  4. New PB @Jakemaguire 230kgx5 Squats.
  5. Credit to you mate, cheerfulness in adversity, is a very good trait to have, you will bounce back.
  6. Sorry to hear this, I knew you had injured yourself but I just seen it in some passing comments, did not realise you had been injured so badly, seen some of your moaning haha, best wishes and hope you get back strong soon, you know yourself the numbers will soon begin to creep up again.
  7. @swole troll are you injured? What happened,?
  8. who was the MOD on here who was Benching about 190x5?? Clearly on a BLAST from blasting and cruising, but still 190x5 is pretty special...
  9. @Fadi65 thankyou for adding another perspective to the input of how to build up to the 1RM, I honestly believe your information is good and unique perhaps to yourself or to a group of people you have personally had the experience of training? I commend you on your input as this was a long well put together reply, I honestly feel the answer given by every single person would be different, for example I hesitated on pre (day before) diet and Glycogen levels, I have had around 90% of my 1RM from high blood sugar levels but I don't want to get too complicated. There does seem to be some common ground about not exerting yourself too much before the 1RM and also about building up perhaps in 10kg steps with triples or doubles until near peak then singles.... In short I believe its horses for courses, or simply put, different for everyone.
  10. Fair play, looked a nice well set up and controlled rep, plenty more there for sure. Well done.
  11. You could have done x3 or x5 easy!?
  12. Good 250 deadlift, love the throw down haha
  13. Recent lifts in the last 10 days, 100kg OHPx10. 150kgx6 BP touch and go. 175kgx1 BP 1rm. All recorded on video. Edit>> slight fib there, it was push-press not OHP. 240kgx3 full depth squats sadly not recorded lol
  14. bad link ??
  15. @Jakemaguire and @RS86 might be better to advise as they both compete, I have not competed ever.