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  1. You wont be disappointed, I was not anyway, and quite often sphinx is sold out and this gets sent instead, never had an issue. GTG.
  2. I have used this lab and had normal results with it, Certainly not bunk.
  3. I did think peak was 30 but I have to admit at 38 I am at my strongest and still climbing, as I age I am pilling on decent beef and putting it to good use.
  4. thought peak strength was around 30.
  5. I just cant afford to upgrade, will google it and see if your suggestion has been done before. :-)
  6. I am now at a very risky stage in my lifting, I use 1 inch plates and an old bar that has done well up to now, I use the bar with a power rack so the bar needs to be 6 foot or longer, I am using 250kg on the bar for squats and the bar is bending and wobbling like crazy so I need a new bar with a certified safe load on it, Can anyone recommend such a bar? I cant go Olympic as I cant afford it and I have a huge selection of 1 inch plates etc, Help needed asap with this. Thanks
  7. I am 38 and going for it, yesterday I pushed a 250kg squat after 1 year of training heavy, if you believe it, it can be done.
  8. Na man, I am a short ass lol, yea keeping close eye on all things health. Never get it during the day etc, so think its just one of those things.
  9. glad its not just me then, Was thinking it might be since I begun Test.
  10. Ive always felt the phone example I gave when laying down, it begins after about 10 mins holding the phone up, but as I am awake I can just wriggle and flex my fingers and this puts it off a while longer, but when asleep its bad.
  11. Yes I think it might and that's a shame mate, but just do whats in your best health interests mate.
  12. Recently I have been getting pins and needles when in my sleep, its if one hand is raised slightly depending on how I sleep, when I wake the hand feels numb and after moving the fingers around the blood supply is then almost instant and the feeling quickly goes away. I never ever get this in my legs or feet but just my hands. I feel this is getting slightly worse as I age (38), I have felt this in my hands when I lie down and use my phone (for example) my hands raised to hold the phone up and I slowly begin to feel it, but worse during sleep, Any suggestions for pins and needles? Thanks.
  13. Tried a few things and this Celery seed lowered mine 10 on both upper and lower, I do eat beetroots daily too, I also have some propranolol if need be, (prescribed) but I only take half a tablet in the morning. (20mg) .
  14. Sorry to hear that but least its lower now. You tried celery seed extract?