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  1. haha.... yea Jake my Ex girlfriend messed up my Squats..... work that one out....
  2. I had a mishap today, I wont bore you with the details but fair to say it was a mixed bag, did I get 240kgx3 yes, can I prove it? No, Case closed..... lol TBC......
  3. What about a double body weight Front squat? Gonna hit the 240x3 after this coffee.. :-)
  4. Strength can come very quickly mate, it depends how hard you train, but also having said that, push too hard too soon and you do risk injury as I found out last May when I ruptured my groin, luckily since then I have not had 1 single injury.
  5. Work on your deadlift and Squat, you will add serious strength and mass (if you want mass = Eating lots) Lift heavy and stick at it, Compound lifts are all I do, nothing else. Dips for Tri's Pullups for Biceps... It will all come together and the numbers start to increase, for me its weekly now, PB's every week. If you stall you hit a deload and then kick start the cycle again. This time 2 years ago I was a bum in a pub drinking myself to death, now I am a bum lifting weights lol.
  6. Thankyou Fadi, I do agree with you about the 195 and 200kg, I know the 200kg was better, your right and your very precise in your descriptions. I will use your words wisely and again thank you for your input. I rest about 3 mins between lifts, perhaps I will extend to 4 or 5 mins, also new belt for me soon so things will get better. For me 200 is just the beginning :-)
  7. Thanks @swole troll , think I will just go for the belt and not the cushion, good info man, much appreciated.
  8. Thanks Buddy... @RS86 sent me to the very same place to get my new belt, I will eventually get one, he advised me to wear the belt a bit higher and man I got an instant boost from that, definitely helped the core posture and strength, I used to wear it lower and in hindsight I was actually getting next to nothing from the belt, looking forward to getting a new belt, I can still use this one for weighted dips, pull ups etc, .... On a related subject, what are these cushion type belts/ wrap around that I see are becoming more popular, Terry Hollands wears one, its like a cushion under the belt, I am not sure if its separate to the belt or a part of the belt, can anyone advice on what these are and if its worth getting one? as seen here >>
  9. Really nice mate, looks like I am gonna have to do a 240 x3 now :-P
  10. Your totally right, I have been talking of getting a new belt and that's next on the list, never in a million years thought I would still be making progress at this stage but I am and a new decent belt would help massively, this belt was £10 from Argos I think. Its done me well, but the buckle is ripping into my stomach, I need a lever belt asap.
  11. TBH the only thing I have noticed (so far) is an improvement in my back Squats, My core is getting stronger very quickly and I started doing these for a bit of fun but once I got to 175x5 I decided to make them a much higher priority, I have literally just begun strongman training and I am sure the continued development of this lift (Front Squat) will benefit me in other lifts/events, All I can really say is my core strength is getting good. Aiming for a nice tidy 200x5 and hopefully that wont take me more than a couple of months, Sorry if this does not help much. What I can tell you for sure though is that all the compound lifts do complement each other, Deadlifting increases mass and strength all over, it helps with Squats, and vice versa, squats help with other lifts, always seen the Front squat as a bit of a novelty but I am beginning to really like it.
  12. So Yesterday I managed my first 200kg Front Squat, I have not been doing these very long, but got the number climbing on a weekly basis now, only singles but I can do 175x5. Here I got 190x1 195x1 and 200kg x1. @BLUE(UK) Small personal Achievement considering I have not been doing these very long. Next I will aim for x2 reps @ 200kg.
  13. It was my first attempt and I was training with some of the best in the country, I was surprised I even managed to lift it and run the distance with it but I did, I simply could not load it, and I was fully spent and exhausted after the 20M, looking forward to owning my own bag and mastering it. Yes the grip was a huge issue too.
  14. Gutted I could not load it, its so frustrating I can front squat 185kg but a 110kg bag defeated me! https://www.cerberus-strength.com/online-shop/sandbags/heavy-duty-sandbag ordered.