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  1. Thanks, never used GH but been on one year Test blast and cruise, recently my mother has complained of something similar so I am thinking its something I have inherited type thing, she gets pins and needles in her feet at night, Thanks again.
  2. I hear you, get some "pre-workout" Dbol down you son. 15mg does it for me, lol
  3. Thanks pal, well done on your lifts, surprised you never benched more, your training benching has been excellent.
  4. "should be off to compete on team gb in Poland at the European championships " ?
  5. I was under the impression you was a juicer? Forgive me if your not, @Jakemaguire
  6. 20kg x2 10kg x4 5kgx2 plus 10kg bar. The 10kg plates are fat and thin types, different brand.
  7. Ah, yea, lol, that's funny, funnily enough I first posted this in the other thread then realised it was the pushpress thread so deleted and moved it to here haha
  8. Sorry mate I don't follow?
  9. Bit of recent Benching, Nothing spectacular, far from it, but building muscle to hit the 100kg for 35 reps. 35 is the next Target.
  10. I too have been smashing PB's on TestE250, no doubt at all this stuff is the best ive used, having said that I have just been offered some graham hicks and dave warner brands, so might give them a go, ?Never heard of them before.
  11. As a matter of interest is chem-clarity offline just now? This info has not come as a surprise to my supplier, supplier assures it is top notch. But there is the problem, its all a numbers game, we all use different suppliers who also use different suppliers, I know my supplier is GTG. Perhaps this is not much help.
  12. Awaiting reply, I have used their Test250 a lot and found it to be very very good, used their dbol, tren and EQ too and found them all top notch. I am over a year ON now so by no means an expert, far from it but I know the gear is good, its been on the block a wee while now, ive not heard of bunk sphinx but it could be getting copied by now which happens all the time,
  13. I can pass this info on to a Massive sphinx supplier and get some feed back for this thread. I use it and very happy with it.
  14. 1 or 2 is fine, your in the club.