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  1. You'll never be totally happy, I always said that 15 stone was my ideal weight and I'm 15.5 stone currently and wouldn't mind a bit more size. Not interested in being super lean, as long as I have shape and a bit of size I'm happyish, too old to be that bothered!
  2. Yeah they would cut out if you went through a deep puddle as the distributor was sensibly right on he front of the engine behind the grill. The later ones had a plastic splash cover, my last one was a 1992, last of the carb models before they went to fuel Injection, got that in 1996 so it was 4 years old and that was rusting on the front panels already!
  3. I've had three of them, they're great if you like constantly having to fix stuff! That said the 1275 Cooper was probably the most fun car I've owned, not quick by todays standards but the grin factor was mmense.
  4. The problem with a lot of vegans is that they're so vocal about it as it's generally a decision they have based on the fact they they don't like animal cruelty, so it's something they feel strongly about. We all know vegans who constantly post animal cruelty videos on their Facebook feed and little else, people get bored of it, like the gym bores who post up multiple videos of their crappy workouts that no one is interested in. It's funny though, whenever people find out i'm veggie they always question me on it and immediately try to justify meat eating which i find odd, I don't try and convince people to be veggie, they can eat what they want, but it's almost like people feel guilty about eating meat and have to justify it to themselves. Had some woman recently saying that she doesn't buy meat from shops as it's cruel, she buys stuff like deer that has been shot in the wild, as if that makes it any better for the animal that has been killed to be eaten, but in her mind it's justified.
  5. I've heard about that Seitan stuff, there's a vegan takeaway in Hackney that's just opened up that uses it for all their food. My missus is veggie too which makes life easier, we're moving to Oz end of this year though and there is very little variety of food for non meat eaters over there so that's bound to make things a bit tougher.
  6. I have a good life but it could always be better.
  7. I think the dairy bit would be the hardest as i love cheese and milk and the vegan cheese just isn't up to scratch, and a lot of the meat substitute foods aren't vegan either. One of my mates is vegan and she gets by just fine, she's cooking me lunch today so will no doubt be trying to sway me the whole time i'm there.
  8. I don't understand why more people don't just use the self scan facilities and then use the express checkouts. We just scan it all as we go round and put it straight into the bags in the trolley and then go and pay at the express check out, never have to queue and it's the quickest way. Fvck queuing unnecessarily.
  9. I've been veggie for six months, vegan would just be too much hard work.
  10. Yeah, we'll be doing it in Oz anyway not here in the UK. Not a mad spicy food fan though
  11. You can't say that, how do you know he's not Indian?
  12. It's an Indian wedding so the bride's parents pay as far as I'm aware!
  13. You really 71? I'd be taking up boules mate.
  14. Buckfast? Only in Scotland