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  1. Thread about collecting things. Everyone ends up talking about sh1tty old cars.
  2. Fvck driving a car round London. I ride a big Honda, it's got large panniers and a top box, about 100 litres of storage in total. Got a YZF 600 for high speed weekend fvckery too.
  3. I've been at Luminosity festival in Holland for the last 4 days, blinding trance festival. Saw ferry corsten, oakenfold, menno de jong and just about every other trance DJ you can think of!
  4. I find it easier going calves to ham strings, dunno why but it just seems more natural to me.
  5. Done some 2cb tonight, was the first time I've taken it, was a nice addition to the coke, pills Mandy, meth and booze. Been dancing like a motherfucker since 2pm.
  6. There's some odd people on this forum, why wouldn't you open your door to see who it was?!?!
  7. I got stopped and had my entire car searched a few years back, they cited the anti terrorism act as their reason. I'm a middle aged white guy and was driving an Audi S4 at the time, not exactly your stereotypical terrorist.
  8. Nope. I'm 41 and have been a heavy user/abuser for most of my adult life. At a 4 day trance festival as we speak, today I've smoked meth, done pills, coke and Mandy. Never felt better
  9. I'm 41, I need a little break every now and then! At a festival in Holland as we speak, this fvcker is a 4 dayer, gonna be ruined by the end of it.
  10. I couldn't think of anything worse, staying in a tent for 4 days while constantly hungover
  11. Rates can depend on what you do for work too. My basic salary is about a third of what I earn in a year and the rest is commission, a lot of lenders see me as a big risk as my salary is the only money I'm actually guaranteed.
  12. I've never used them but why not use straps? Sure tour grip won't improve but you'll still work the muscle.
  13. Your mate is lying. If I boxed 5 days a week and lifted 4 days a week I'd have the body of a greek God.
  14. I'm veggie and have about 100-150g a day protein and get by just fine. I don't think being vegan has anything to do with it, you just don't need as much protein as the companies selling protein powders would leave you to believe. Cut your protein intake and see what you think. I'm not a body builder or someone that is in amazing shape but I'm 96kg and if you saw me in the street it's clear I train and you'd class me as a big guy, I eat a lot less than most of the guys on here and still look OK though.