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  1. Met a few nutters on Tinder but overall i found it to be good, it's just a way to meet people, no better or worse than any other dating app really. There was one app i paid £30 a month for that was good though but i forget the name of it. Met loads of older women on there who were an easy target and up for a good time and the younger birds were professionals so generally a lot easier to interact with.
  2. They sound like bunny boilers, would definitely avoid!
  3. The ones that try the hardest with makeup and hair are usually the fatter ones too. If they spent as much effort not eating KFC and drinking Starbucks then they might lose a bit of weight and look better anyway.
  4. I noticed that there was tons of stunners in Krakow, most of the birds in some strip club we went to were 8/10 plus.
  5. Oops. I went out a couple of times with a bird i met on Tinder who worked for KPMG and their office was pretty much opposite mine, she was OK but i sacked her off after two dates as i wasn't feeling it. A couple of weeks later i went out for lunch with a bird who also worked for KPMG as it turned out, about half an hour after i got back to the office i had a message from this bird asking if i knew the bird that i had been out with previously, she must have walked back in the office and told her colleague she'd been on a date and showed her my pic, would have liked to have heard that conversation. Needless to say that one didn't go any further.
  6. If it's local and it gets good feedback from people you know then that's more reliable than a load of people online you don't know. I've bought from labs that a lot of people on here have slated before and they've been fine, as i said you pay your money and take your chance.
  7. Computer game characters could be an idea? I went as Ryu out of Streetfighter and there was a few related outfits when i was looking about online.
  8. We went to a music weekender at Butlins last weekend, there was a group of lads dressed as a SWAT team who looked pretty good, doubt you'd get through customs with toy guns and flak jackets etc though.
  9. You pay your money and take your chance with UGL. It could be amazing, it could be cooking oil, if no one on here has even heard of it i'd steer clear personally, especially if you're already using what is generally known as a solid lab.
  10. Might give those lentil and beetroot burgers a go, still need to get that smoked tofu from there too, think i'll go down and get some this weekend. I've been loving Oatly dairy free chocolate drink lately, awesome stuff.
  11. Of course you'll get no recognition for that either! Where my missus works some bird has been off "sick" for 3 months with depression, basically she split up with her boyfriend 3 months ago and is just upset about it, the silly cow. It amazes me how people have the front to get away with some of the crap they pull off.
  12. I came off my last one at about 2mph doing a U turn in the road, swung close to the curb so i could use all the road and there was some wet leaves and the front wheel just went sideways. Lucky i didn't get run over as i just ended up lying in the middle of the road, must have looked like a right t**t! Fvcking thing weighs 240kg too, trying to upright it was a job, had to put the wheels against the kerb and manhandle it upright, stood there for a minute at first just looking at it just wondering what i could get hold of to right it.
  13. Bird i work with who is hot has basically plucked all her eyebrows off and now draws them back on, she's ruined herself. Just do not get it at all, it's like a bloke drawing a beard on.
  14. So fvcking true. I've been on quite a few forums over the years but the level of bullsh1t on UKM never ceases to amaze me.
  15. That's public sector all over, and nobody wants to be the person making the decisions, drives me bonkers.