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  1. Messy cow isn't she, look at the state of that room.
  2. I look half decent for a hard living 40 year old.
  3. Fella on the right looks like he's about to teabag him.
  4. Whitechapel more likely.
  5. It was Katy Perry actually, but thank you for your condolences at this difficult time.
  6. Getting bored of hearing about it, updates between every song on the radio!
  7. Glad i'm working from home today, traffic will be a nightmare.
  8. Regardless of AAS or training the fact that i spend 8 hours a day at work is gonna have a big impact on how much energy i've got, depending on how hard i have/haven't worked that day. Some days it takes me an hour each way on the bike, sometimes it's an hour and 20 minutes through sh1t traffic and rain, again this will massively affect my mood and energy.
  9. I'd just run a cable. I have Lync/Skype for business on my work laptop and use it as my phone, bloody thing never works on the wifi properly and i'll have full reception one minute and then zero the next, it's so annoying. I've just ended up plugging a cable into the router run it across the room when i work from home. Something to do with packets of data dropping or something, that's what our IT support say anyway, they're probably lying and just can't be fvcked to look in to it for me though. Does it make a difference if he's trying to use it for video etc?
  10. Big rents, tons of other overheads, for such a small niche market it's gonna be cheaper to have an online store. There's very few shops that sell motorbike gear in central London, have you seen how many motorbikes/scooters there are in central London, absolutely tens of fvcking thousands of them.
  11. It's easier for us guys to do that, women wear open back dresses and stuff so it's harder for them to cover them up. My missus has 8 or 9 tattoos, on her wrist, arms feet and one that goes up her upper arm and shoulder to her neck, being Indian she's dark skinned though and it doesn't show up as much as on white skin and could get mistaken for mehndi due to the single colour of them.
  12. Went past the Royal Courts of Justice the other week and there was a load of protesters out the front waving placards for this guys, can only imagine some kind of decision was being made in there about his fate. It's a tough one, on one hand we could probably all imagine doing what he did in the heat of the moment, but he shouldn't be getting banged up for it, especially when people who actually commit cold blooded actions on the street probably get treated more leniently.
  13. The difficulty is that as you get older fashion changes and your views on things change too. I'm 40 and know tons of people that regret tattoos they had when they were younger, particularly women that had them done in their late teens or early twenties and now have corporate jobs (legal, finance etc) where they have to go to functions and can't wear the dresses they want to cos it will show off their back/shoulder/arm tats that they now hate. Of course this isn't true for everyone, but who knows what you'll like in 20 to 30 years time?
  14. Seems everyone has a sleeve tattoo nowadays, even quite a few women. Can see a lot of people who have had them done now cos it's trendy regretting it later in life, particularly the women, a lot of them look proper trashy.
  15. Well you've paid for it now so you'll have to make the best of it!