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  1. I ran it EOD and I'm not very good at remembering to pin, was a bit of a waste really.
  2. I ran it ages ago, was acetate and came in a 20ml bottle. Was only 50mg per ml so a real ball ache.
  3. How long have you been running it for?
  4. I'm not aware of that, but the Stuxnet malware which was written to target nuclear power stations was installed via a USB drive, those kind of networks will not be connected to the internet for obvious reasons so via USB is the only way to deploy it, assuming the ports aren't locked down.
  5. No way of telling as it seems Dhacks used the same press for all their pills I had ddol that shape.
  6. Whatever security measure comes up some bright spark finds a way round it. Keeps me in a job.
  7. Me personally? No. Could our guys? 100%, it's what they're paid to do.
  8. Companies get hacked because people work in them and we aren't perfect. Most hacks start off with simple phishing emails tricking the recipient to open a doc or click on a link to download malware, stealing credentials is also an easy way in to a network, someone could call you at your desk pretending to be from IT support and you could give them info without realising it's an imposter. We do pen testing on companies, ethical hacking, to show them how weak their networks/staff/physical building security is and them help them to keep secure. We have a saying in the industry "You can't stop stupid".
  9. I work in IT security and no amount of security can protect anyone with an internet connection, if big banks and governments who spend millions on IT security can get hacked then anyone can. What if I spoof an email from your best mate or mum with a link in it or a weaponised document with a zero hour threat in it that Kaspersky etc doesn't have a signature for and you click it? Happens every day.
  10. Once you talk to someone and have some sort of relationship (even if it's just stopping to talk about the weather or whatever) then they will see you as a person and it will be easier to deal with them. Try it mate, what harm can it do?
  11. Invite him round for a cup of tea and just have a chat and explain the situation. Tell him that you can hear him sometimes too but have never complained because it's to be expected living in a semi detached house, ideally get him to make his missus shut some doors etc while he's at yours so he can hear what it's like from the other side. You'll be surprised how much people can change once they know you, he probably does look at you and think you're a yob, most people do when they see me too cos i've got a shaved head and muscles.
  12. I live in a block of apartments and you just have to accept that sometimes you will hear your neighbours. People slamming the occasional door or having the odd late night and making a bit of noise is par for the course, the only time i ever complain is if it is excessive, have you tried speaking with your neighbour? That would be my first port of call.
  13. I reckon i drink about 3 litres of teas a day. Not even exaggerating.