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  1. Is pulsing 10mg Sd pre workout very toxic?
  2. Ripped by name, ripped by nature! Quality
  3. What's the m1t called on there I can't find it ?
  4. Got a voucher for an online pro hormone store and need some dbol so thought would try a "designer steroid" to use up voucher So any similar products?
  5. Finished blast at 97kg so gotta cruise now unfortunately (hate cruising!)
  6. I request you film yourself reliving and episode of Dale Winton's Supermarket Sweep
  7. Mine started off a good dad then my mum left him when I was 12 I think, so I took my dads side, then not sure if it was me being a c**t of a teenager or if I saw the real him at last but we fell out. I left home and realised the s**t my mum had to put up with etc We didn't speak for years then I tried to sort things out and he came and met my wife, was awkward to begin with but was going ok, then next thing he's just gone! I haven't heard from him since! Think he's living in France with his Romanian wife, who tried to pull him away when we were breaking bread again. Haven't heard a thing in 3 years! The weird thing is I've been dreaming about him loads so hope he's ok, I wouldn't know if he'd died as the Romanian wouldn't tell me. Very bizarre. My step dad however is a legend! My daughter knows him as grandad which is nice that she has one and as he loves her so much, my real dads never met her.
  8. Liam Neeson?
  9. How much sleep is enough in terms of growth and recovery in your option mate? I know everyone is different, I'm getting around 6 lately as my daughter is being a pain in the bum lol, I feel tired a bit but fine but I noticed more doms lately (then again could be I've had a slight cold etc)
  10. Who's house is it? Or was it? Unreal, it's like a hotel!!