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  1. What a Cnut mate least you're through it now and even more determined to smash next blast
  2. Mate you look like you've got a show tomorrow!! Incredible! Didn't stop training them for like a year as well?!!!
  3. Do you use slin whilst u cruise mate?
  4. You'll feel and look back to normal in say a week? What ya reckon?
  5. Ahh you big softy!! Glad u had a good trip mate, nice n relaxed to smash the body upon your return (insert muscle emoji)
  6. Are the people nice over there mate? All ways wanted to try Mexico.
  7. Hacksaw ridge was amazing watching source code tonight from 2011, must of slipped through the net
  8. This would of been some lovely arm pit sweat patches if I didn't vest up today
  9. I'm not talking a nice evening restaurant scenario but popping into a country pub for some lunch etc? Not to show off but it's baking hot! Anyone wear a vest?
  10. Incredible!!! Great benching mate!! Good spotter too
  11. What's spiciest sauce you've tried mate?
  12. Did u puke cause u were so full mate? Did it just come out naturally? I had that today, went out for lunch, felt so stuffed and s**t then when got home puked, felt well better! c**t tho wasted all my beef! Just glad I chewed properly!!!
  13. Ditto the above, did one sat night and ate nothing yest! Managed to get more less on track today and squeeze in an arm sesh but won't be 100% till tomoz! Gotta be done tho lads, these memories are what we'll remember rather than the early nights it usually makes me really want smash training and diet for next couple of months also