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  1. Bet you don't look half as good tho
  2. Can't beat a good puke now and again! haha don't get on it mate let the immune system heal up, get fcuked up next weekend instead:D
  3. Ah mate it's a fcuker! Has illnesses affected diet/training or just sleep? Looks like everything is spot on! Do you think it's the immune system taking a battering hence the recent infections?
  4. Hopefully not the nv bug goin round mate? U got $hits?
  5. Incredible mate!! What week of blast u on?
  6. You're diets normally relaxed tho mate? Do you mean you're not getting in enough cals/protein?
  7. And biceps!! :-o
  8. Ah mate busted! Is the mum a milf? Ive been sent home from work due to vomiting in the bin, now pi$$ing out my ass, so many fookin bugs around. Will be out of gym for a few days. The head fcuk that comes with it is annoying (gonna loose everything I gained) on plus side blast starts next week
  9. That's true mate, I guess Oxys give a little extra water weight as well
  10. U get much strength off winny mate?
  11. That's mad, never associated Winnie with strength! Hearing more around the forums lately tho
  12. Will be running test and tren as well.
  13. Dem roid head compliments!
  14. I'm same as u mate, all or nothing lol! When you're appetite gets the better of u/ eat junk etc do u still get protein in or just start again next day? All seems to be going well, I'm 4 weeks into cruise and this log is making want my blast to hurry the fcuk up!
  15. Looking fookin awesome mate!!!