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  1. What's spiciest sauce you've tried mate?
  2. Did u puke cause u were so full mate? Did it just come out naturally? I had that today, went out for lunch, felt so stuffed and s**t then when got home puked, felt well better! c**t tho wasted all my beef! Just glad I chewed properly!!!
  3. Ditto the above, did one sat night and ate nothing yest! Managed to get more less on track today and squeeze in an arm sesh but won't be 100% till tomoz! Gotta be done tho lads, these memories are what we'll remember rather than the early nights it usually makes me really want smash training and diet for next couple of months also
  4. What's plan mate? Comp this yr?
  5. Love this journal! How do you feel walking around at your size mate, ever feel lethargic etc?
  6. Don't be jel, ask nicely and u can join in
  7. Admit it you just want a threesome to be in bed with DLTBB
  8. Bet you don't look half as good tho
  9. Can't beat a good puke now and again! haha don't get on it mate let the immune system heal up, get fcuked up next weekend instead:D
  10. Ah mate it's a fcuker! Has illnesses affected diet/training or just sleep? Looks like everything is spot on! Do you think it's the immune system taking a battering hence the recent infections?
  11. Hopefully not the nv bug goin round mate? U got $hits?
  12. Incredible mate!! What week of blast u on?
  13. You're diets normally relaxed tho mate? Do you mean you're not getting in enough cals/protein?