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  1. And then driven off in the lambo to fcuk the super model mrs
  2. Still looking in really good nic mate
  3. I really fancy buying a waistcoat now, what times George open?
  4. Only thing I can think of then is as omen and ultrasonic have said...posture i had back pain a while ago and as a result of dealing with it rather than getting in seen to it left my pelvis out of alignment (which is easily corrected) but still could cause muscles overcompensating on one side etc
  5. What grip do you use for deadlifts? I used the mixed grip for years and sure that's why my left trap was bigger than my right!! I could be way off but when I switched to double over hand things evened out, needed straps as grip was weaker mind.
  6. No, especially the mother in law, wouldn't force that on anyone let my child
  7. Love that song, quite a scary quote when u think about it
  8. That poor guy, Evans obviously a big dim to let Christie talk him into leaving baby behind and hiding wife's body etc, gotta feel for the guy tho, makes me feel sick this actually happened. Christies wife knew what he was doing and said nothing, Christie was a little weasel so must have been very manipulative etc
  9. I agree mate
  10. Any body watch it recently? Christie was a sick fcuk, feel so sorry for the lad Tim also.
  11. The Accountant best film I've seen in a while