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    fusion xtreme mass cycle suggestions

    Hi all,

    My next cycle im looking into is going to be 4 week cycle of the above, the xtreme mass (T-bullet clone) as opposed to the parabolin i was considering.

    I'm aware of the dangers of the above product if a proper pct isnt in place, as well as clomid or nolva,


    You guys are the experts and was just wondering if you guys had any input and or reccomendations? As everyone knows, you guys are THE guys...

    Cheers in advance!!!

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    Re: fusion xtreme mass cycle suggestions

    Our advice is to run a cycle support supplement, also keep cycles down to 3-4 weeks MAX. Aim for 2g of protein per pound of bodyweight and drink lots of water. Expect to gain 10-20lbs on a typical cycle.

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    Re: fusion xtreme mass cycle suggestions

    A few comments...

    It's a serious stack, and as such I would recommend some cycle protection, Cycle assist/support or n2guard are all excellent all-in-ones and 1 bottle should last the duration of the cycle. Preload with hawthorn berry 1g/day for 2 weeks prior to help with BP

    PCT. A serm is pretty much necessary here since you're choosing to run 2 of the most powerful steroids at once. Don't skimp on pct! Once you have a serm, you could add a testbooster to help with mood and libido, at the cheapest is tribulus which doesn't boost test, or something fancier like Testforce or Bridge/HCGenerate which boost libido and also test levels... just not in the same league of test boosting as a serm

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    Re: fusion xtreme mass cycle suggestions

    Cannot argue with m118 advice there.



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