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    Re: [Muscle] Getting lean (NO OTHER OPTION)

    Quote Originally Posted by Muscle View Post
    100mg ED for either 8-12 weeks
    Your gona love it man.

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    Re: [Muscle] Getting lean (NO OTHER OPTION)

    Sorry guys about me not posting but I had no internet due to moving to a new house but don't worry I have stuck to my diet and training like I promised

    I am currently weighing 15.7 stone from 23 stone and still have a lot of work to do! It seems like it will take forever for me to see my abs!!!! but at least I got rid of my bitch tits



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    Re: [Muscle] Getting lean (NO OTHER OPTION)

    nice one mate defo getting there, inspiring keep it up just never give up, be consistant.

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    Re: [Muscle] Getting lean (NO OTHER OPTION)

    Good progress mate. Well done!
    Official Rep. Here to help and advise where I can!

    Bakit kailangan nating huminga tupa?

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    Re: [Muscle] Getting lean (NO OTHER OPTION)

    Yes mate real good progress there well done!

    As for tips I just make sure I eat clean as possible and time my carbs! I'll have about 70% of my carbs for the day preworkout! And zero carbs before bed! So it usually just a lean meat stake at night well ok with a liitle bit of coleslaw and veggies but only a lil bit lol! When u start to find ure gains I.e fat loss is staring to plataue then there's no harm in looking into a bit of eca/clen cycles to give u that extra boost!

    Keep it up and good luck

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    Re: [Muscle] Getting lean (NO OTHER OPTION)

    Lets see if you have any cheatdays then cut em out like cancer idk if you have any cheat days? But if you do then like i said eat clean 24/7 your diet looks good whats you current weight in kilo? You may want to up your protein intake some more and watch how much olive oil you cook your food in etc... Those transfats can me unforgiving if not watched, as for carbs like i said keep em clean. How much carbs are you currently eating ED? How is your cardio?

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    Re: [Muscle] Getting lean (NO OTHER OPTION)

    Just keep doing what you're doing if you want to continue to lose the bf.

    If you start using test you'll be able to get rid of some more bf plus build some muscle.
    Find the sweet spot calories wise that allows you to build muscle slowly and hit it daily, cleanly.
    As a first cycle you should notice some great gains.

    It's easy to get impatient, especially when the weight has been falling off you so quickly, but you just have to stick to it.


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