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    Newbie Diet Advice

    Right, where do I start. Just a bit about myself and what I would like to to achieve over the next 5 months. This is my first post on this forum, on any forum really. Im 24, 5ft 8 and weigh 196llbs and would like a couple of you guys to advise me on the diet I've come up with below. I've no idea what my body fat is, but if someone really needs to know to give me help/advice I will get it calculated. My goal is to get down to 175. I've given myself 5 months to hit the target as im new to this and im expecting to have to do a bit of trial and error. I've only been doing this training for the last week and a half. Before that I've not relly done a great deal just the odd weight session a week. Im training 3 nights a week with weights with 20mins of Cardio after, usually 10mins HIIT on the rower and 10 mins of HIIT on the stepper. I then do 3 cardio sessions on the other days, usually 45 - 60 mins on the cross trainer. I am new to the ins and outs of nutrition and different weight training ways and having read through thousands of threads on this site realise not only is there enough information and opinions to make it near impossible to know everything but, also, makes it really difficult as a newbie what to try!! Anyway I'd really appreciate any ones view on my diet and any guidance that can be given. Like I said I'd like to get to be at 175llbs (at first maybe lower when I get there).

    45g Shreddies 150ml skimmed milk = Approx cals=213 P=8.5 C=38 F=2.9
    2 boiled eggs= Approx Cals=160 P=14 C=0 F=10
    Reflex Instant Whey (50g)= Approx Cals=190 P=39 C=6 F=?

    Reflex Instant Whey (50g)= Approx Cals=190 P=39 C=6 F=?

    Wholegrain bread (2 slices), Low-cal mayo (10 grams), Tuna steak in brine (200-gram tin)

    Chicken Bites = Cals=111 P=16 C=1.5 F=4.5

    Post workout
    Reflex Instant Whey (50g)= Approx Cals=190 P=39 C=6 F=?

    Last meal
    Salmon fillets (200 grams) or Chicken breast (200grams), mixed vegetables (250 grams), new potatoes (200 grams)

    I take a Multivitamin and fish oil tablet everymorning.

    Im happy eating the same diet everyday, I know it may seem boring eating the same everyday but I've found it easier the last 4 days doing the same. Any comments are gratefully recieved. Also, Im not thinking of taking any supplements other that Whey but, if there are any that you think I should take please advise. The one thing I've realised reading threads on this site is that people are honest here, they say what they think. So, please feel free to be brutally honest!!


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    Re: Newbie Diet Advice

    Hi, welcome to the forum.

    Before I start, is there any chance you could reduce the size of your text, it's too big

    Diet doesn't look too bad TBH, however I'd have oats with a shake (or eggs) for breakfast. Lunch, try & have chicken, rice, pots, beef, tuna etc, pasta. Bread is ok if your bulking, but too much will cause unnecessary bloat.

    What are chicken bites? Possibly have another solid meal there instead.
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    Re: Newbie Diet Advice

    Thanks Chris, Hope the writing is better!!

    The chicken bites are just a bag of Mattersons Chicken Bites, apparently made from chicken breasts. Found them in Tesco the other day so thought they mite do for a snack.

    I'll take your advice on the oats and as for lunch, any ideas on serve size? say 50g of brown rice, 200g chicken breast?




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