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    For me mental sides are Wanking. Ugly birds look beautiful. Bang old lady's. Expose myself in public. Watch porn on public transport Ask for nudes at any opportunitie
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    Nope, just an open forum for real men to discuss stuff without fear of criticism by closet cases who are afraid of their feelings, like it makes them less of a man. I cried my eyes out watching my two girls being born and am proud of it. I had tears in my eyes watching my beautiful wife dressed like a princess walking down the Isle towards me - yup, proud of that too. If that makes me less of a man in your eyes, it's okay, I can deal with it.
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    Thought I'd pop up a few pics from competitions over the last few weeks. Did the Nabba NW show, came third in a very strong line up and qualified for the Brits this weekend Then did the PCA Cumbrian classic, won my class and the ladies overall and qualified for the PCA Brit finals the week after
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    Get Bigger My Nigger by 5% coming soon
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    so youre against corbyn but liked blair? The mass murdering sociopath? Centre left? Not even once Whats wrong with being against shoot to kill. Only a fu**ing moron would prefer shoot to kill over shooting to not kill and apprehend the suspects to enterigate and then trial by jury. Supporting shoot to kill is dangerous territory. It leada to all sorts of lies and nonsense. Like the supposed death and sea burial of the worlds most wanted man bin laden. Jeremy is about the only politician in the history of politics that actually talks logically and is a nice honest bloke. If you hate logic and honesty you should probably keep your political views in a dark cupboard where they cant be shared, like most other mongoloid englishmens views. Seeeeyaaaaaaa P.s. anyone that replys to this comment is a homo.
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    If you think having a child is only going to be disruptive for a couple of months I fear you're in for a big shock...
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    Both work long hours, so when i get the chance, i unleash my 2 inches of hell on her for about 45-60 seconds, then walk off like a boss, leaving her in a pool of my sweat and semen and disappointment
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    He says "how can you kiss a nigger, that's fvcking disgusting". If anyone can say that is not coming from the mouth of a racist then they're deluded.
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    i work alone so 100%
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    Done my first show on sat PCA first timers and placed 5th out of 13 guys was a really tough class and got an invite to the British finals on Sunday. I'm happy with the result considering I got a chest infection at 4 weeks out which had me out for a week and a few days That class got class of the day which got £500 prize money. Was a really good experience and really enjoyed the day not sure on the finals might be a bit too soon but will defo consider competing again. Need to work on lagging bits.
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    I love it. Loved training in Afghan, top off getting the tan gains and pure sweating! This was my home made squat rack and power shower! No need for central heating the water in the solar shower was roasting
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    Pmsl would rather walk around starkers than buy any of the 5hite on there. Look at the state of this guy, but he weren't expecting his modelling career to turn out like that
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    Are you just here to push referral links For all of those wanting to stick two fingers to wheyman, the direct link is: https://www.everything5pounds.com/
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    @ElChapo @ghost.recon It's been said many times throughout this thread, but just wanted to add my thanks too. I've been a member on here 10 years and these A.M.A. threads have been the most informative I've ever come across. Everybody really appreciates the info that you guys put across so well. I will, in fact, be contacting the Queen this afternoon and recommending you both for knighthoods. Arise, Sirs.
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    You want to see this s**t? Please don't support animal cruelty.
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    You forgot the referral link mate
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    So before, you ran and after, you did best man speeches?
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    Just give me balls and face a wipe over with a wet wipe once a day (yes same wipe).
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    In the event of an Islamist attack Here are the steps 1. This has nothing to do with Islam and he does not represent Islam 2. Claim to be the religion of peace 3. It's blowback for the West being in the Middle East. 4. The perpetrator was a mentally ill 5. It was a ''lone wolf attack''. 6. It's just part of living in a big city 7. Claim Christians do these things too 8. Those who object are racist bigots. 9. Change Facebook profile to flag of inflicted country. 10. Light some candles, hold a vigil and go on a peace march. 11. Claim Muslims are the real victims. 12. Wait for the next Islamic terrorist attack to happen. 13. Go back to 1. Repeat as needed.
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    Does giving yourself a serious seeing to with a hoover attachment count? Asking for a friend.
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    cool man, ill be sure to avoid test e
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    I don't even think @Wheyman even lifts, he just hopes to get rich by pushing referral links. Most stuff he tries to push is shite.
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    A Week? I'm married ffs. Birthdays, Christmas, and if her indoors needs owt new or wants decorating done.
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    Haven't posted in here since about 2014 as I've hated how I've looked since then. Got 8 and a half weeks left till Thailand wedding/holiday. Much happier with how I look but still loads to do.
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    Neither since the yolk of an egg is yellow.....
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    Nah, I think that was just a coincidence mate, could happen to any of us....
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    Assessing the situation as in assessing how many civilians would be killed in the strike? It is a sad day in society when assessing a situation before dropping bombs is seen as a bad thing. This world is truly f**ked.
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    Bit of a spin-off of the withheld numbers thread. Do you answer the door when it knocks and you're not expecting anyone? I don't. If I'm not waiting for a parcel and someone knocks unexpectedly then I pretty much don't answer it. People also know now that if they're gonna visit me then ring or text me first or I won't open the door. Otherwise, if I know it's not someone visiting or not the parcel bloke then I don't wanna talk to them.
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    Don’t knock at the door, if he is a member of this forum he probably will not answer the door.
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    I last for ages, but my wife's an ugly Kunt so I put it down to that Only kidding in case she reads this haha, want a bit later
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    Not really, they do it for all the nutty jihad attacks as well. What you're doing is the equivalent of saying all Brits are like Tommy Robinson.
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    Yeah because setting fire to s**t is the way to show your grown up approach to dealing with a tower block fire!
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    I think I saw Skye666 in there, she would have been in her mid 40's then.
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    Not nearly as impressive as others but still a change. Not bad for 12 weeks.
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    UKIP I can't vote Muslims into power it goes against the grain. Labour has Muslim among them, One being the mayor of London (khan) A Labour councilor gave good character references and buried their heads in the sand regarding the Rotherham Muslim gang who sexually abused 1400 children https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/2769601/rotherham-sex-abuse-gang-allahu-akbar-jailed/ http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2939129/Two-local-councillors-corrupt-police-officer-accused-having-sex-victims-Rotherham-abuse-scandal.html This country is f**ked and we need to do something about it. Corbin is weak as piss. The torys are cu**s and will have us all skint while they get fat Wee jimmy is on a self distruct crusade to break up the UK The limp-dems have no spine or backbone and will side with who ever has the majority.... wishy washy bunch of cvnts UKIP
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    they where a genuine set up the thing is they came about to help people test what they were using and the service got abused by many members who were biased towards certain labs. it did make me laugh though before they came about many complained that there was no testing service to make sure labs did the right thing, when people had that they decided to believe the stories the labs themselves told when they were found out has no one cottoned on that when chem clarity were up and running every lab was sending their products either by themselves or by board members (unbiased of course ) to other testing labs costing hundreds of pounds/euros but now no one is doing that lol i am sure its because the labs are all doing the right thing now LOL
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    Nah probably the Jehovas lot this time
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    Hope you're adjusting to life outside the cave pal.
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    My Mrs let me suck on her tits and wank myself off once cause she couldn't be f**ked. by the time I came she was well game and I just rolled over and went to sleep. I felt like a winner that night.