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    Anyone help with legal advice, re car damage?

    Ok here's the scenario.

    Girl parks car in driveway every day. It's a shopping car.

    Bloke parks bike in garden every day - not a massive bike, as it happens.

    One day, girl decides she's not happy about some dents in said car. Tiny little tap dents on rear wing and a paint graze on the plastic bumper. This was in March, and she accuses bloke 2, who owns a pushbike, which has to be pushed past the car every day.

    There were intermittent complaints about it, but just general grumblings.

    Last week, girl commented about another scratch on the car to Bloke 1, no accusations made. Mother and sister of girl appear and accused bloke 1 of damaging the car and told him he'd have to pay for the damage.

    Yesterday, bloke was confronted with girl saying she had proof bike caused the damage, including details from a Suzuki dealership saying damage was caused by a particular make and model of bike matching his, and she'd taken measurements to back it up.......she then started demanding money for repairs....£350....

    On many occasions bloke had offered to repair bodywork himself but girl insisted it needed a respray...

    Today, girl and sis demand payment by end of following week and presented him with an estimate (not a bill) and a load of abuse.

    Obviously there's no proof the damage was caused by that particular bike, and she hasn't furnished any. That route past the car is used by everyone who goes to and from the house.

    My thoughts are that she's trying to get the cash, otherwise surely she'd have gone through her insurance company? And besides, she failed to report the damage at the time it occured......I'd also think she needs to get at least 3 quotes otherwise she's taking the p1ss.....
    Actually I know she is - the phrase 'snakes with tits' was made for her......

    Does anyone have any legal advice?

    As much as I'd like to stove her face in, it's not really possible lol

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    Re: Anyone help with legal advice, re car damage?

    don't admit that u damaged the car and tell her to run and jump, (jump under a bus). lol
    She'll have to prove it with a witness or cctv.

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    Re: Anyone help with legal advice, re car damage?

    Tell her to fk off

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    Re: Anyone help with legal advice, re car damage?

    Obsolutely nothing she can do

    Even if she saw someone do it, its her word against theirs

    tell her to fck off..

    LMFAO at dealership comments ha ha ha

    Next time she starts talking to him, tell him to charge her £100 per hour for his time and bill her

    Record the abuse on phone, and call police get her done for harassment

    Who needs superman when you got ME!!

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    Re: Anyone help with legal advice, re car damage?

    Give her the FOXTROT OSCAR TABLET big fella

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    Re: Anyone help with legal advice, re car damage?

    She's talking a lot of crap, and sounds like she watches too much CSI.

    Tell her to f*ck off or infact why not twist it and tell her you have scratches on your bike which has been proved to have been damaged by her car and ask for the cash to have the bike re-sprayed.
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    Re: Anyone help with legal advice, re car damage?

    agree with jw, my friend is a loss adjuster and he tells me stories like this all the time. tell your friend to record all harrassment and file a case against the woman.
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