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Thread: iPhone problem!

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    iPhone problem!

    Literally had my phone for 2weeks now and the top button is loose and god dam irritating as it rattles. I've got an appointment booked for Saturday to go into the apple store to see them about it. (yes you've got to book an appointment to see them)

    Read up loads and most people just get given a refurbished replacement. I will pie the c*nt in the gums if he gives me a 'refurbished' handset. I want a brand new phone!

    Surely i'm entitled to new phone after just 2weeks?. I will not be happy being given an old one.. should have a warranty with it and it is also insured so if they don't give me a new one I will be selling this one to some pikey for some £££ then claiming a new one on the insurance..

    Anyone ever had problems with apple stuff? I'm dissapointed as this is my first apple product and it's falling apart already

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    I'll buy it off you pal.

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    Re: iPhone problem!

    Most likely you will get a Refurbished phone that is still covered under warranty.

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    Re: iPhone problem!

    They fix it in store, I thought.

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    Mine broke after 2 month n got a new one from the store. I'll be going back for another 1

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    Re: iPhone problem!

    When I went in to the Apple store on Oxford Street, they just took mine and changed it over for a brand new one!

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    Re: iPhone problem!


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    Re: iPhone problem!

    They will give you a brand new phone.



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