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Thread: my diet

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    my diet

    I am currently doing the following:


    3 x boiled eggs
    3 x wholemeal toast + peanut butter spread
    5 scoops of weight and muscle gainer + 500ml of milk

    Just before i leave for college:

    4 weetabix
    half pint of milk


    full plate of pasta

    Once i get home:

    1 jacket potato + cheese + beans
    1 chicken breast
    1 cod fish
    glass of orange juice


    3 scrambled eggs
    2 wholemeal toast

    1 pint of muscle and weight gainer before I go bed.

    AGE: 16
    WEIGHT: 115 lbs
    HEIGHT: 5"7

    I cant afford to buy these foods every week, as i am still at college so what could be an cheaper/alternative to what I am currently eating.

    and i have finished my protein shake of weight and muscle gainer, so looking to get a new one which would give me a better advantage.

    so any suggestions would be great.

    So im looking for a cheaper diet as right now its costing me about £25.00 weekly which i think is costly for a dude my age at college
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    Re: my diet

    My advice is to eat every 2-2,5 hour.
    Make sure every meal will have 25g of proteins and min 60g of carbs and about 10g lipids.

    Dont waste money on gainers. (you can have 60g of gainer + 30g of WPC pior after workout) but during the day blend 60g of oats with 20g of chocolate spread.

    Instead of having a shake before the bed time have some quark cheese with milk and olive oil.

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    Re: my diet

    A bit more protein there, less scoops, and more good fats.
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    Re: my diet

    if thats not a typo and there is no protien at lunch you defo need to add some here even if its boiled eggs



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