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  2. I'm interested in this too, would like to rather support companies that care.
  3. hcg mimics LH, hmb improves FSH, fsh is somehow associated with spermatogenesis, so the combo is used for pregnancy if you are shut down.
  4. And? your problem is?
  5. As I've already explained in the following earlier post, that graph doesn't show what you think/want it to:
  6. Anything that gets your heart rate up is sufficient
  7. Today
  8. Daft question... would this do as this was 11 or 12% by dexa, many people think that's single digits and calipers would probably say it was, it's Jamie alderton by the way in leaned up condition after a few months of prep, so he doesn't walk round like that
  9. still got a few left
  10. Do whatever you want. Very few people will care what you look like
  11. My old Norton is garage kept and although we really only get rain in the summer time here, if there's a dark cloud out there, my baby ain't going out
  12. Used a few of their compounds was very impressed !! not cheap but would def use again , used different test esters and tren A and E strangely at same strength 100mg/ml
  13. Kinda what I'm planning on doing. Been cruising on 250mg since January and going to cut for 4-6 weeks before I blast again.
  14. Basically this. I have a hard enough time gaining quality muscle mass in a surplus now, nevermind eating at maintenance and hoping for the best.
  15. If it was effective no one would bother bulking.
  16. Price would vary massively depending on the specifics so you would have to expand on that.
  17. I just stick with the following; For breakfast - scrambled eggs with grass fed butter or boiled eggs with Bacon. Lunch - just cooked chicken with asparagus or broccoli. Evening meal - cooked mince with spinach and broccoli or 100% steak burgers with Cheese and green veg or spicy chicken with cheese and veg. cooked all my meats with coconut oil and had full fat organic cream in my coffee instead of milk. I also found some organic pork scratchings that where really low carb but can't remember what they were called.
  18. You need to add cooked weights or uncooked for rice and chicken so we can check cals for you as from past experience your under also adding salt to meals will add weight from water and throw consistency out of the window... again... sorry but you don't do yourself any favours with your issues, find something else to eat if you have no tuna, some whey is as good as anything for extra protein, aim for figures and stick to them, your weight tomorrow will be pretty meaningless as you've not had any steady cals or exercise with runs, walks and the like sonyou wont know where to go, if me or any one else on here can't tell you how are you meant to work it out? Look I'm or having a go, just stating a fact, to grow you need an excess, to get an excess you'll need constants to work out what level that excess comes at... set carbs, protein and fats and work around that even if it means using whey and milk to get there
  19. using triumph test tren dbol and rate it highly .
  20. Where you have blood test done ?
  21. Cool. There's always berberine too I was hoping to get a thing or three answered there before it tumbles headlong into threadlock/ teminal apathy/suicides/other ?!?
  22. come on guys, this isn't the 'how much money would you go gay for' thread
  23. Well... Totally done in but overall im happy with how the day went. Ill copy and paste the FB write up cos im burst lol. First ever powerlifting meet today, competed in the GPC Scottish Open at 90kg. Finished with a 632.5kg at 90kg and came 2nd in my class. Would have loved the 1st but was blown away by a lad hitting 730 lol. Going into this comp I had a couple of goals. 1) Qualify for the British 2) Hit a 600kg total in my first meet 3) Go 9 for 9 I achieved the first 2 and went 8/9. Overall a fantastic day and experience.
  24. I see no more difference than genetics will cause, your trying to correct something you can't correct if I'm reading right, they aren't that different and if strengths the same there's not a huge difference if I'm honest @Quackerz how would what you say correct this been as strength is the same?? He doesn't want more mass, just more on one side, which I don't think he'll be able to do unless you know something I don't, if I'm honest I can't even see which pecs bigger by any margin to the op if it's symmetry look how many pro body builders abs are symmetrical... what makes you think your chest is any different?? Nature decides as far as I'm concerned
  25. You are telling me I don't understand the scientific method... hilarious really. Ah, so you don't have it. The graph is very clear: it depicts which nutrients are consumed during a long fast. Subjects were overweight, male and female, of various age. Chapter 14, PP 326-328. The purpose of the study is to demonstrate that the majority of weight lost during fasts is water, rather than fat - but at the same time, it demonstrates that fasting consumes a relatively small amount of lean mass, and several times the same amount in fat. However, the authors also say that athletes over weight standard should lose no more than 1kg per week- But all of this is extra. Fact is the study made on the sample shows that fasting works, and works well, for burning fat - in fact, they did it for 30 days and no one died. Well you must have broken all of them when passing by because you're a living turd and don't know it.
  26. I've never used this stuff but others swear by it. You may be like myself in that you just ride and move on and have no interest in wasting your time with this and washing bikes.
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