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  2. Cheers Lee I appreciate you're feedback mate
  3. no and yes, I had severe RC issues when i first started, which stopped me pressing for a while, in the front of my shoulder and incline bench pressing actually solved that problem for me. Stretching and warming up has 99% solved this issue for me in the rear part of my shoulder. I have 2 main problems = 1. pretty sure i have subscapularis inflammation from overhead pressing (possibly impingement) but currently cant OHP at all and even incline pressing is painful, although not diagnosed, just icing and nsaids atm. this is suspected because of the acute pain when raising my arm above shoulder height with palms up. I imagine this will go away with rest as it doesnt feel "serious". 2. the big one - i think i slipped a disc when someone banged into me while doing OHP about 2 years ago, took months off, felt better. however now when i shrug, or deadlift i have an acute burning sensation along my leading to behind my shoulder. What is more worrying about it however is my lateral head on my tricep and my side delt are severly underdeveloped (almost non existant) compared to the rest of my body and my strength is down big time. I suspect slipped disc hasnt got better ever or i have a trapped nerve - waiting on GP appt to request an MRI.
  4. I did but I also was a hell of a lot tighter than even my trainer expected. If you can take the pain you will look amazing.
  5. so you've never sent a rude pic?
  6. plucked 3 hairs when he was sleeping i can send you my least favorite if you want
  7. I was ill, wasn't directly altitude related. In essence, I was vomiting the entire trip, lost my voice on several occasions which wasn't because of the altitude, but due to the altitude my body couldn't fully recover. Appetite is also greatly reduced because of the altitude, and your heart is beating over 100 times a minute at resting. just to list some of the difficulties.
  8. Nope, cos they will come back just the same as before and although you have very, very, low T for your age - the NHS consider you to be normal You need Mike to sort this for you - he saved my health. Why don't you have photo I.D!? Passport!? Driving licence!? Student card!? Would he not accept multiple non photo ID's in Lieu!?
  9. Balkan, primus ray, alpha pharma, geneza , it, but I am asking about they reliability. Every knows that a UGL is a UGL, but we also know that certain compounds are more likely to be falsified or under dosed than others. Primobolan is the number one. cheers!
  10. heavy night 2g+ of white, nearly finished a gram of high quality amp powder , 30mg doses, some shatter I got from my mate to try, which is too strong I'm a lightweight when it comes to dope and I smoke regularly but it f**ks me hot knifed it different all together than any other cannabis experience way to strong ,3mg xanax, litre of Jack, two bottles of wine and 4 cans and not finished...
  11. It looks legit, I will say yes it's good, compares very well to uk humatrope features. I can't see it possible to get the all fine details correct which it is.
  12. RC problems? If so incline is your best friend mate.
  13. Your homepage makes 135 server requests to load which can slow things down considerably, as your site uses wordpress there are plugins that will group your javascript requests together and speed up the site. I've just run a google pagespeed score for the site and your score is horrific! work through the bits on there - a poor score WILL effect your google ranking. Your site also shows a Google Maps NoApiKeys warning for me Check if you need to register with the ICO as well (if you haven't already)
  14. I like them, hardly break the bank and its better than a snickers with my Greggs meal deal
  15. Very tough one to call. I'm going to have a few quid on Brook stoppage in 4-8. Will be a good fight, I like Kell, will fight anyone. There have been a couple of good documentaries on Sky this week about him and Brendan Ingles gym.
  16. erm very helpfull thanks for the broken english trolling
  17. TM? I know what you mean mate but I can guarentee you if you were in my shoes panicking you'd also be searching for active members help on boards of steroid users. Just because someone is a healthcare professional does not mean they know best... I've learnt a lot from 'broscience' to what actually doctors and medical professionals would say or do. I had a friend that went to doctors with a sterile abcess, they assumed it was an infected abcess, told him to take antibotics and then when he did and it still didnt go down, he went back, they drained it, and then that sterile pocket got infected...the antibiotics given then didnt work, and he ended up having to have further surgery to remove a chunk of his leg and just about beat septicima. Point im getting at is, they can say anything to get you out of the office. I was looking for similar expereinces of this puffy redness with no pain - which I wasnt going to get in a doctors office
  18. Think I tried the honey one. The strawberry one I definitely found too bitter to be enjoyable.
  19. Eating one of the ARLA Quark things just now. Really good.
  20. 17.25 for me. Gutted. They were 18 8n March. Lost nearly 2 stone since then though.
  21. The vagina picture wtf??? Girls who send these pics are sad bints..also red polish is so out these days ..looks like pissy fingers got himself a 'shameless' type.
  22. You have a Thai wife?
  23. Next to nothing when I can I hate strap marks!
  24. Use the skyr honey yoghurt with my granola in work just now. It's 2 for £2 at Asda just now and I was getting sick of Aldi zero fat Greek yoghurt. It's like an extra 5-10 G protein so it's hardly making much of a difference in that respect.
  25. Maybe allergic like u say, as I didn't get the slightest bit of pip from it.
  26. Today
  27. Was that due to the bodies or the altitude?
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