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  6. Thanks mate, that's very detailed, I appreciate that. I could say "it wasn't me on CCTV" but then him and his girlfriend will both say it was, and he'll probably find someone else to side with him, as it was his normal hangout. The officer on the phone said they want to interview me and discuss bail conditions for the safety of the other guy, and said it would last "only 2-3 hours". Not quite sure what that entails. Is it worth bringing my own solicitor? Court is risky as I don't want to get a criminal record over some little s**t.. He's a posh little pretty boy doing a degree in environmental science or some sort of faggotry, whereas I look like a meathead. What happens if I don't decline the caution?
  7. Currently tapering off tramadol too. It's not nice to quit, i've done it before at my worst I was on about a g (20 caps) a day, this time round though I've never done more than 6-8 so should be easier hopefully. Quitting tramadol is a double whammy. Opiate w/d which will cause body aches, insomnia, etc, but also SSRI w/d which will cause the "comedown" feeling you describe low mood/depression, lethargy, no motivation etc. If you really struggle and you can get your hands on Lyrica (pregabalin) it totally kills all w/d symptoms for me, however it makes me extremely tired so I can't use it unless I have nothing that I need to do for a day or 2.
  8. You need criminal law. Your be offered a duty at custody, this could be in a form of legal rep or solicitor free of charge. Some complain legal reps are crap but imo they are specialised for criminal cases. Just a case of getting a good one on the day. Good idea to get one though as they will be given a disclosure that you wouldn't have got any other way. They would get to see the footage, and find out any questions the police will ask. In your consultation with the solicitor you might want to ask him all the questions they are going to ask you. It will help because what they say they will ask in disclosure they can't just change it in interview. Grabbing on to him is a form of assault. They will arrest you for an offence of possibly affray/common assault and charge or caution you for it. You can say it was self defence but that is admittance of assault. Do you think it would look that way on CCTV? Solicitor will tell you your options but i think you'd need to know someone as a solicitor for them to give you some sound advice. My advice, CCTV isn't that great, that could have been anyone grabbing on to him. If it looks like your banged to rights just go "no comment" If they offer you up a caution and you decline it could still be NFA'd at CPS. If it doesn't your go to court for it. Your be given a bail date set by the court for your case to be heard (sometime within 6 months as its summary) He might not show up. Mags might see your side of the story. The above advice though is just what i would do. Doesn't mean its full proof but, if you have a clean record id say your golden. Good luck edit: common assault is summary, affray they may try for but that definitely isn't
  9. looks to me good Norma but it is so often faked
  10. What kind do I need?
  11. Call a Solicitor for advice.
  12. I just got a phone call from a police officer, he politely said that he needs to come to my house tomorrow evening and arrest me. I asked him what's going on, and apparently some guy that I got into an argument with at a bar, back in December, is saying that I assaulted him. Anyone have any idea what I should make of this? The good news is that I didn't actually hit him, but I may have grabbed him and got really close and he freaked out and went running behind his girlfriend. CCTV will show this.
  13. I've read it doesn't degrade but I believe otherwise. I've used old dhacks that I previously got great results off and barely had any sides or fat loss. Had been kept in the tub, in a tupperware box, in a rarely opened cupboard. Anyway switched to newly bought stuff, think the new stuff was Crystal Heat, and weight fell off me again.
  14. I would go for both but if u want to choose one go for tren but atleast 300mg coz 200mg is bit low imo and you shouldnt feel much side effects on such a low dose I was on tren for few months and my lipids were ok, its not that harsh for the body as ppl think, mentals sides, sweating and breathing could be bad on high doses but thats all
  15. Ps know what costs as a fortune. Fat people. 18 billion to be exact.
  16. Had bloods done on 125mg test a week, was Monday as jab Friday, and had got 34nmol/l reading. Taking 250mg a week Friday and bloods done Monday I got 69nmol/l. This using pharma test - thankfully got enough to last me a life time!
  17. They did a study / you can find it online as I've said. 8 patients with brain cancer. All 8 died. Until I see such a study where they live, I'm not believing people on YouTube. If it does cure cancer. They will bring it out. Make it illegal to grow and charge a fortune for it.
  18. Good to see the old maxiraw range is back. Chocolate caramel casein was the boss. Sad to see your bars are no longer vegetarian though - how come the change?
  19. Well tell everyone to stop mentioning and tagging me in comments I have said my piece but nobody let's it lie and keeps having a go at me for fcuks sake what's to do with you all have you double dosed on your pre workouts give it a rest
  20. Calcium magnesium vit D and K are important for strong bones and for recovery and healing cissus is quite good. Most of supplement are waste of money... heard GH is good but cant say never tried
  21. Was the first thing I thought!
  22. Lower SHBG by using 25mgs proviron
  23. It could be the beginning of a PM game, spot bonzo lol that’s the only way he can keep posting trolling entertaining as last time probably was not the brightest idea do the game in gen con section.. (although plenty of people jumped on the wagon)
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