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  2. Go on now , dont get lazy , come up with a new one
  3. Hahaha .. wacko .. by the way the males in my family are meeting up with the village mayor to consider your offer of a sack of salt and a donkey . Hope you're not expecting a receipt for that , cause we dont know how to issue that @Sasnak
  4. This has always been my understanding of it as well. Thanks for the info.
  5. So would you recommend shifting the excess weight first then concentrate on building muscle?
  6. I would assume that Leetflex deleted them. I'll just add a couple of thoughts I'd been mulling over... When someone is glycogen depleted during a cut and then refeeds in excess of their current maintenance I believe it does makes sense to do so whilst keeping fat as low as possible. This is for two reasons: maximising the increase in leptin and minimising fat gain. This is because in this state excess carbs will be stored as glycogen. This is different to a prolonged calorie excess when 'bulking' where I believe glycogen levels will easily be refilled from one day to the next unless someone is going very low carb. At the point glycogen stores are full the body has nowhere else to store excess energy than fat, so this is what happens. This is slight speculation on my part but what I know is that the consensus amongst all the evidence based coaches I trust is that there is nothing magical you can do by manipulating macros to minimise fat gain, but rather it is the size of any calorie excess that is the factor to focus on. I'm thinking of likes of Lyle McDonald, Alan Aragon and Eric Helms here.
  7. You need to get your facts right He fought at 220 lbs @ 5' 10" 178cm I'm 5' 10.5" and 16 stone around the 15% mark which has been built naturally. His stats are easily attainable for a top athlete who's has the best training and diet techniques.
  8. I couldn't give a toss who knows if someone asks I tell em its nothing to be ashamed of, I also like to educate people about AAS use as so many are clueless. Ive just persuaded my wife to jab my rear delts for the first time as I cant reach should be interesting lol.
  9. Why? What difference does being in your 20's make? I'm in my 50's and I'm not pure lard.
  10. Okay my first serious post here. I am 5ft 7" I weigh 111.7kg that's 17 stone give or take. My diet is above average, I do cheat now and then but all in all pretty clean. I've started incorporating circuits at the end of weight training 3 times a week for 20 mins. I bench 150kg 1 rep max, deadlift 200kg 1 rep max, shoulder press 100kg 2-3 reps at max, and do 10 reps 50kg rows 3 sets, squat 160kg 2-3 reps max. Of course I do other exercises that's my max on each body part trained. Thing is I can't lose the belly!! I know im no spring chicken any more having just turned 40 in January but I keep getting heavier. Currently in running 40ug clen alternative days, anavar 50mg daily and test prop every other day. Only on 4th week of this particular cycle but not getting thinner... Any advice out there? All appreciated.
  11. Registration is now imminent for drones over 250g.
  12. think @liam0810 trains at that gym mate.
  13. I get pip from all gear to varying degree, ive got sis sust and triumph test e 300 here the triumph is slightly thicker and gives a little more pip but nothing bad. Worst pip ever was hacks T400 its left me with black marks even today and this was like 2 year ago or something.
  14. 140kg bench at 83kg
  15. Haven't taken anything more than trt test due to us trying for another baby. I have ran test, hcg, hmg , proviron last year. This year it's just been 200mg test and hcg. Im not one for taken a s**t load of gear. Happy enough with 200mg test per week.
  16. Once a year All clear
  17. Do you get blood work bro or jus do whatever the fack you feel like ha
  18. You have to do what you have to do to survive Enjoy your holiday mate
  19. Don't use DNP, you don't need it. You've got legit willpower and stickability and you're doing fine without it.
  20. I'm in Greece atm. Most of them don't pay taxes on their first job so it's no wonder they are in such a mess. Car hire - 40 Euros a day, "I can do it for 30 if you pay cash" ok, what about 25? "Yes fine" The mrs wanted some locally produced honey and balsamic vinegar for gifts, 10 euros total. I wave my card in front of them, "7 euros if you pay cash"
  21. You are at such a level now, that you know very well the reason behind your box squatting. So why am I here then? Am I here to discourage you from performing the box squat? No, I wouldn't do that unless I felt a need to do so. Great, so what exactly do I want to achieve through this message of mine? I would like to see if I could convince you to get rid of the bench that I see in the above photo/video, that is my one and only aim. OK, why is that? Because I hate nothing more than to see Champions and potential Champions introduce an element into their training regime, that would pose a threat to their lifting career through potentiating an unnecessary and avoidable injury. And how is that? It would take only one single rep (and not two, please never forget that), to place such a tremendous amount of disk compression on your lumber spine to cause the unforgivable disk damage that I'm referring to here. In plain English now please... Please note that I have not said a single negative word about box squatting, only that "bench", correct? Why is that? It's because by having a bench there, you would be afforded the ability to sit. And it is in that sitting position that the critical spinal damage I'm referring to can occur. So why risk it right! Remove the bench. Now use your imagination as to what you could replace the bench marker with, because after all, you're only using the bench as a height marker and nothing more. In other words, you are not placing the bench there in order to sit on it. I've learnt over 30 years ago whilst squatting, that the safest way to avoid injury during this mighty exercise (should something go wrong), was to completely drop the bar, with no ifs and no buts about it. More often than not, the worst injuries occur whilst trying to save face and save the weight from falling onto the lifting platform. I say screw that bud, it's you above all else that matters here, and if the bar needs to come off your shoulders, then so be it! So in a nutshell then: the concept/the intention of the bench/box squat is great, however the execution method of placing a solid tool underneath your lower back, is potentially very dangerous indeed. That is all my message is aiming to convey to you Sir. Thank you for reading. Fadi.
  22. if I ever do 700mg I will kill someone 300-400 max Test I go to 1g
  23. Yea but only tren e or both?? Whats the lowest dose u run?? Im curious coz Im not having any sides on tren even on 700-800mg so I was thinking to keep it all year round together with t3 and I could be in shape all the time w/o much dieting
  24. I don't pay taxes on my second job
  25. Thats true it svcks and doesnt look like it gonna be better anytime soon...
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