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  2. I'm just shocked that somebody likes a My Protein flavour tbh
  3. My last cycle I jabbed once weekly is that 1ml test e and 1.5ml npp on a monday then the same Wednesday then again on Friday bud
  4. $4 billion dollar net worth and the president of America Hes doing alright for himself isnt he
  5. You have a plate? No need to rub it in pal
  6. Just the one, might try and spilt one and just pack the left others into empty paracetamol caps and no mate, the capsule is transparent, the others you couldn't see the yellow inside and they were strong even on 1cap.
  7. Not my area then - ignore my earlier comment. I think @herc is a fighter but I can't tag him properly from my phone.
  8. 46 this year, and similar goals, little bit more size and shredded.
  9. Or even half ml test e/1.5ml npp
  10. OK, so I'm gonna assume sphinx label is just sphinx lol. I'd do Monday, Wednesday, Friday jabs. 1ml test e/1.5ml npp
  11. WTF?! That must have been insane!!
  12. I've had a Golf R mate and believe me, as standard they aren't fast, they're pokey verging on quick. They can be made to go very, very fast - like 3.3 0-60 and mid 8.x 100-200kph but that involves significant cash, tuning and mods. Mine was 470bhp. I'd say it was quite fast
  13. Extremely unlikely mate. Not even worth worrying about.
  14. Sorry, I should have said, I wouldn't use any of these apps to 'calculate' what you should eat, just to plan/track your diet.
  15. As most really, pretty content. I have almost everything I want in life (realistically) i have been able to work all over the world so was able to see and experience a lot and get paid for it. I have a few regrets but they have only become regrets as I have got older and realised I should have done things differently. So maybe not regrets, more like 'life lessons'.
  16. I was vegan for about a year before I started to eat fish again, I still don't eat eggs, meat or dairy and as long as you get enough calories in it's perfectly adequate for making gains. Admittedly I turned into one of those militant vegans for the first 6 months and I thought I could save the world. Now I just do my own thing and don't push it on anyone. Out of all my mates, I'm the healthiest (Don't get sick) and I have the best physique so I guess I have the moral high ground when they try to pick apart my life choices.
  17. Anddddd today's macros, all planned out already.
  18. Not too sure of the exactly details, I'll dig in to it and try to find out.
  19. It's not as black and white as my post came across I agree. I love my car and various other items but what I meant was if that's all people strive for that's where they'll become unhappy. A lot of people go their whole lives just searching for the next material possession, the next holiday, the new piece of clothing that gives them that short term happiness. As I've got older I've realised it's about finding that longer term, internal happiness that can't be affected by possessions or circumstances. A balance of both is good of course
  20. 60 days straight on DNP? That surely has the potential for some serious sides maybe even pernmanet ones? I've done a few dnp cuts but I've never went over 14 days I've always been warned 21 days should be max so I keep to 14 to be safe do you know what supps he ran along side like t3 and test? 60 days he must of got some cravings on it that long unless full of sib am and pm everyday
  21. still middle of the cut itself. was just planning ahead as taking a lot of effort and continue to do so to get to 10%. wanted a plan in place after the cycle just so i know what i'm doing and don't regain it all again.
  22. Looks quality there, he's bigger now and had a few injuries so doesn't look as sharp as he did back then.
  23. Squats tomorrow. Going to do more mobility work tonight in preparation. Feeling fresh so not going to deload squats, will be a lighter week for bench and deads this week though. Also going to get cardio in after each session as been finding myself short of breath lately at the slightest things
  24. The powder must have been taken off eBay now, it'll still be available on Ali Baba but you'll be waiting ages. Alternatively, I've used these brands: TUDCA NAC
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