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by , 08-03-2009 at 12:01 AM (1226 Views)
1000 meter row
45 pound Thruster, 50 reps
30 pull-ups

Worked out with gerg today

Today's deceptive looking WOD: "Jackie"
- 1000m row
- 50 thrusters (20kg/45lb)
- 30 pullups

Greg: 10:45
Finn: 17:03
Previous times:
Greg: 11:11
Finn: 12:23

Very deceptive looking workout. I was in slight disbelief that the thrusters were only 20kg (just the bar). However they feel a lot harder after a 1000m row. Greg set his machine wrong and was on my way to doing a 2000m row, Also had one of the blinds get stuck to the fan, so lost precious time getting that off. We need to push through the pain, and stop resting for air as much. 30 pullups should be easy, but again are made harder by the rowing. Originally started on a 1:40/500m pace on the rower then slowed it down a bit to 1:54ish, and tried to work on technique.

I really suffered with this workout, thrusters, rowing and pullups are some of my most hated exercises. I made the pullups harder by not using much of a kip for many of them, so they turned into almost dead hang pullups.

Afterwards we were thoroughly fatigued, PNFed each other then had a sword fight in the showers. We did get some funny looks though.

Here is my sweat angel

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  1. Joshua's Avatar
    Great stuff mate!

    DB thrusters can be deceptively knackering, and loading before hand makes any workout tough.

    What does PNFed mean?

  2. steelicarus's Avatar
    hi mate, thanks for the comments. Pnf stands for proprioceptor neuromuscular facilitator, basically stretching further and more efficiently with the aid of someone else, it looks weird ,like being anally benetrated on the gym floor but it's really helpful gaining back my hamstring flexibility
    My ****ing butt hurts this morning tho;op
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