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by , 11-03-2009 at 10:11 AM (1794 Views)
We did some handstand work, kicking up into them and some negative HS presses. Then we moved on to box jumps. This is quite a test of self-belief, being able to jump onto a high object from standing. We both broke new height pbs with this

Then some l-sit practice, and soem pullups and skipping.


we went for a nice leisurely run in the blizzard/high winds/hailstorms. we have welts on our faces from where the stones hit our pwetty faces, also greg was wearing skimpy shorts and a tshirt.

we originally planned to run 5k but went over it looking at the attached map. with the weather being so ****ty we ended up covered in mud and slip sliding all over the place. we may have stopped along the way to naked wrestle in said mud.
we also found a heavy log on the third of our journey which weighed approx. 50kg,

grabbing both ends we performed alternative shoulder presses (1x10) and finished back at the car park where we commandeered the monkey bars and did 'threes'. facing each other perform three pullups as fast as possiblke, rest for ten seconds and repeat ad nauseum.

then we went home and had a group shower - YAY


  1. Joshua's Avatar
    Nice mixed workout chap!

    Hailstorms in march in manchester - wtf?

    Congrats on the PB - I agree with the box jumps being a challenge - mine are pitiful. They are a very popular training method stateside (basketball specific training I believe).

    Do you use a GPS logger for your runs mate?
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