What a FAB week and weekend!

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by , 05-06-2011 at 11:22 AM (641 Views)
Yep, I did it! I finally found a recipe that not only gives me a low cal, low carb pizza base but also tastes great with a crispy crust! And here's the pic to prove it...

Yum yum, looks good eh?? And it came in at only 274 calories! But saying that, it was only a small 6" pizza as didnt want to attempt to make a huge one incase it all went wrong and I ended up wasting my ingredients!! But it was delish and now I know it works i'll definately be increasing the inches and adding a few to my food diary!

My pizza triumph isnt the only event of the past few days- this morning I finally conquered the horribly steep and long hill that I've been trying to reach the top of! Yep, I jogged uphill into a head wind for about 4 miles and it took me just 34 minutes! (very proud! )

This acccomplishment probably had something to do with the HUGE 5 course meal me and my sister indulged in last night! Lots of carbs + lots of fat + lots of cals + lots of champers = lots and lots of energy this morning!!

Not only that but yesterday morning I also decided to do something brave (or stupid depending on how you look at it!) ....

... I stepped onto the scales again - just two weeks after the last and very traumatic time!

And why did I decide to do this? To give me kick up the butt! Yep, with my diet being less than 100%, I thought the best way to help me stick to my "one naughty meal a week" rule was to shock myself by seeing just how many lbs my extra, and normally very calorific, meal is adding!

And the result...

...wasnt quite what I expected! In the last two weeks i've managed to shred 1lb with my bodyfat decreasing by .1% - thats nearly the same amount that I lost in 4 weeks when I was trying a hell of a lot harder!

So, there you have it... eating more calories (and being slightly naughtier!) isnt sooo bad afterall if your exercising hard! In fact, its better! I now realise its all about balance and making sure your eating enough calories to fuel your workouts and keep your energy and metabolism high! So, thats what i'll be focusing on for the last two weeks of my plan- eating more calories (preferably "good" calories - not takeaways and biscuits!) so that I have plenty of energy and can give it my all when exercising!


  1. Al n's Avatar
    That there Pizza looks pretty damn tasty.
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