How not to train.....

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by , 30-12-2008 at 10:37 PM (3266 Views)
Well today, I made a spectacular tit of myself...right in front of a forum member lol....

Was chest press - I got a spot for my heavy sets, and didn't actually count the number of reps, just until I couldn't do any more. Was fine for the first heavy set, but on the second, about 6 reps in, my left wrist gave way and the dumbbell just missed my face ...said spotter (I am a total twunt I don't even know his name, I think it's Gary ) grabbed it before I had my eye out but then I overcompensated for the other one and it fell on my chest...luckily there's plenty of padding but it still hit my sternum with a thump
This is my lesson to EAT ENOUGH. I felt bloody weak today
Anyway, many thanks to my gallant spotter and I'll eat more next time.....

Warm up 10 mins

Dumbbell bench press
14kg 1x8
20kg 1x6
26kg 2x failure and droppage

Incline barbell press
40kg 3x8 (wrist still felt a bit weak)

Pec deck
40kg 3x8

BW 2x5 (wrist still felt iffy )

24kg 3x8

Reverse one arm pressdowns
5kg 2x10
7,5kg 1x8

Think I will be incorporating some forearm work from now on - don't want that happening again!!! Seems to be a problem due to having small wrists - if the dumbbells aren't balanced perfectly, it's all bad......


  1. mark44's Avatar
    Why not wear wrist straps if your wrists are to weak. It may help. It makes them Feel like they are in a plaster cast when wrapped tight.
  2. DarthMaulscle's Avatar
    I dont consider myself to have 'weak wrists' but I used to have a really bad ache in my left wrist. I used to use those tight bandage type things during training, it seemed to ease the pain.
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