Was thinking of doing something like this for my routine for say 6 weeks.

Monday: Chest/Biceps (reps 12-10-8-(6) )
Flat bench
incline dumbbell
Decline bench
pec flys
bicep curl (barbell, cable, rotate each week)
Preacher curl dumbbell
cable curls.

Tuesday: Cardio & abs

40 mins stepper (hard intense) swim + steam room

Wednesday: Back & traps & calfs

wide grip pull ups
one arm rows
close grip pulldown
shrugs barbell
calf raise

thursday: cardio and abs

40 mins stepper (hard intense) swim + steam room

friday: shoulders and traps

Reverse flyes (cables/db rotation)
military press
Behind Neck Press
side raise

Saturday: Legs and triceps

Leg Extension
Lying Leg Curl
Calf Raise
Tricep pushdown
Dips (weighted)

Sunday: Rest day

How does this sound? Some points is my main goal is to add lean mass whilst building some strength. I wasn't sure how to base things round? I was considering working my back once per week but working the lats twice per week? trying to build that big v-taper. Cheers.