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    Proportional Question...

    Hi i've been a little worried about my training as of late, Because my right bicep is developing faster than my left. Although i'm lifting the same weight, with the same amount of reps etc...

    In an attempt to try and force more growth in the left i have been lifting slightly heavier weights with my left, and also using it as my starting arm for a certain set (IF that makes sense). 6 months on and still no change, I'm getting a little worried now... Is there anything i can do to fix it.. I don't want to be a freak :P

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    Re: Proportional Question...

    Few people are really symmetric mate, so first of all don't start to worry that you are a freak!
    I wouldn't really advocate starting to train your arms seperately, try if you can to use the same weight and reps.
    Have you ever damaged that arm or shoulder?
    You may have a physical issue with a nipped nerve, basically reducing the nervous stimulation of growth which comes from your cns. A physio would be able to help you ascertain if this is the case and help treat it.

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    Re: Proportional Question...

    Nothing mate, Never injured any part of my body. I've always been as stringent as possible with my form.... Which has really helped with my injury prevention and i usually do static stretching too.

    I'll just carry on then as i am.. And see what can happen. Maybe it's just lagging due to genetics?



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